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Season 11

27 Sep. 1983
Because It's There
Fonzie shocks his friends when he throws his leather jacket away after finding a note taped to the bottom of the old cookie jar that held the last three cookies his mother baked for him before she deserted him...until he finally tells them why.
4 Oct. 1983
The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi
With too many things occupying Joanie's time, Chachi feels left out. Together, they seek a solution to the problem but they both have very different ideas about a new direction for their relationship.
18 Oct. 1983
Where the Guys Are
After tricking Fonzie into going to a single's camp to help him get over losing steady girlfriend Ashley, Potsie, Chachi and Roger get suckered into a sauna by three con-girls.
25 Oct. 1983
Welcome Home: Part 1
Richie, Lori Beth and Ralph come home. But things are bittersweet for Richie, whose plans are different than what everyone else wants for the Cunningham lad.
1 Nov. 1983
Welcome Home: Part 2
Richie struggles with his emotions as everyone - particularly his mother, Marion - rejects his dream of being a Hollywood screenwriter.
8 Nov. 1983
Glove Story
Chachi trains to fight in the city boxing tournament to prove to Fonzie that he's not a kid anymore.
22 Nov. 1983
Vocational Education
It seems like a bad fit when Yale-educated Roger Phillips is hired over street-savvy Fonzie as the new principal of the George S. Patton Vocational High School, known for it's rampant juvenile delinquency.
6 Dec. 1983
Arthur, Arthur
Fonzie gets a surprise visit from a half-brother he never knew he had; but, although the two share the same name, they soon find that they don't have much in common...or do they?
13 Dec. 1983
You Get What You Pay For
Howard decides the house needs a second bathroom, now that he lives with three females (Marion, Joanie and his niece Kasey). Fonzie offers a way to have it installed and save Howard money as well
10 Jan. 1984
Kiss Me, Teach
Joanie encounters trouble when she accepts a student teaching job at Patton High.
17 Jan. 1984
The People vs. the Fonz
His friends are baffled when Fonzie refuses to speak in his own defense after he is accused of manhandling a student and brought before the school board's disciplinary court.
24 Jan. 1984
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Howard's fear that wife Marion's former college boyfriend will sweep her off her feet when he comes to the Cunninghams for dinner turns to shock when the man instead shows interest in...daughter Joanie!
31 Jan. 1984
Social Studies
Fonzie tries to help his cousin unleash his inborn "Fonzarelli Power" when Chachi decides to start dating again after his break-up with long-time steady, Joanie Cunningham.
24 Apr. 1984
The Spirit Is Willing
Fonzie begins restoring a wrecked 1955 Chevrolet convertible, unaware it comes with more than just broken seats, a broken engine and a rusted shell. It comes with a beautiful young woman, to whom there's more than meets the eye.
1 May 1984
Fonzie Moves Out
A real estate agent barging into his apartment with a client in tow is a surprised Fonzie's first clue that he may soon be hunting for a new home.
8 May 1984
Passages: Part 1
Joanie says "yes" when Chachi pops the question and Fonzie finds that being single is a major snag when he decides to adopt Danny, his little brother from the Big Brother program.
8 May 1984
Passages: Part 2
Joanie primps and Chachi nervously paces as their family and friends gather on their wedding day, while Fonzie and Howard try to convince a by-the-book adoption administrator that some rules are meant to be broken.
28 Jun. 1984
So How Was Your Weekend?
Howard's poker game with the guys unexpectedly takes a not-so-friendly turn and Marion struggles to please her overly-critical mother when the Cunninghams spend a rare week-end apart.
5 Jul. 1984
Low Notes
Suffering from song-writer's block, broke Chachi is too embarrassed to tell his friends when he takes a job as a senior citizen dance instructor to make ends meet.
12 Jul. 1984
School Dazed
Joanie tries to help an angry fifteen year old girl kick a drug habit that threatens to get her kicked out of school.
19 Jul. 1984
Good News, Bad News
Chachi thinks his life is over when he is diagnosed with diabetes on the eve of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour with the Beach Boys.
24 Sep. 1984
Fonzie's Spots
Fonzie, Roger and Chachi soon regret agreeing to help Howard Cunningham save his Grand Poobah position by becoming new Leopard Lodge recruits when they find out their pledge master is prankster Potsie "Sabu" Weber.

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