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[The alien Enik has made a startling discovery about the temporal doorway that has led him and the Marshalls to this world]

Enik: I cannot leave here. Nothing can leave here, unless an object of equal mass and temporal energy enters.

Will Marshall: Well, that means we can't leave either, unless three other people come in.

Enik: Yes, but there is more. You should not be here at all. Your presence here is the source of my problem. Look...

[Enik opens the time doorway onto a view of the Grand Canyon]

Will Marshall: It's Earth! Enik, if I had a parachute I could jump through!

Enik: Wait, there is more.

[Next Will sees himself, Rick, and Holly]

Will Marshall: That's us, on the river!

Enik: Pay attention now, this is the troubling part.

Will Marshall: That's the rapids we were on.

[The time doorway replays - via stock footage of the show's title sequence - Rick, Will, and Holly being swallowed into a cavern by a monstrous earthquake, descending down underground rapids, and plunging down a monstrous waterfall - but Will notices an anomoly the audience cannot see]

Will Marshall: Enik... where's the mist for the doorway?

Enik: I do not know

[Will now realizes what Enik means by his earlier comments]

Will Marshall: We... we were all killed. Weren't we.

Enik: Obviously. You should not be here now.

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Will Marshall: It's funny - I've walked this way hundreds of times and I've never seen this pylon.

Enik: Nor I, Will Marshall. And I have been in this valley many times longer than you.

Cha-Ka: Cha-Ka think it's *new* pylon!

Will Marshall: Either that, Cha-Ka, or it's been invisible all this time.

Enik: That is not logical.

Will Marshall: Now, Enik, if you've been in the Land of the Lost that much longer than we have, you ought to know by now that not everything here is logical.

Enik: That is logical.

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