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Season 5

28 Feb. 1981
Gene Kelly
When Gene Kelly was first booked for the show he said to the writers that he didn't just want to do, 'Singing in the Rain'. The writers turned Gene's request into a running gag for the show, and much to Kermits dismay, Gene Kelly insists on just passively watching the Muppet's do their "thing" from the wings of the stage. But of course, the Muppets get their way in the end, and Gene Kelly performs a few numbers while backstage with Kermit and the gang, including the song 'Singing in the Rain'.
15 Nov. 1980
Loretta Swit
Miss Piggy finally pushes Kermit too far, leading to the frog firing and replacing her with Loretta Swit.
25 Oct. 1980
Joan Baez
Beauregard misinterprets his orders to get rid of Rizzo and the rats so completely that they plot to take over the show.
20 Sep. 1980
Shirley Bassey
The Muppet Theatre gets ahold of a supply of real gold for props, but it is protected by a violently paranoid security guard.
27 Sep. 1980
James Coburn
James Coburn tries to encourage Animal to embrace serenity through Zen Buddhism, but it proves a hopeless task.
4 Oct. 1980
Brooke Shields
Teen actor Brooke Shields stars in the Muppets' version of Alice in Wonderland.
8 Nov. 1980
Glenda Jackson
Guest star Glenda Jackson becomes a pirate and hijacks the Muppet Theater as her ship.
18 Oct. 1980
Paul Simon
With the Muppets performing only Paul Simon's songs for this show, Gonzo is inspired to emulate the musician's musical ways.
11 Oct. 1980
Tony Randall
Tony Randall is causing accidental trouble with a book of spells, especially when he turns Miss Piggy to stone.
22 Nov. 1980
Mac Davis
Beaker makes several copies of himself and throws the show into chaos as they continually all chase Dr. Bunsen Honeydew around for revenge.
13 Dec. 1980
Carol Burnett
There's no show today, almost; the theater is turned into a dance marathon hosted by Gonzo.
2 May 1981
Gladys Knight
The entire roof of the Muppet Theater has to be taken to the shop for repairs, exposing the show to all sorts of inclement weather.
29 Nov. 1980
Hal Linden
Statler and Waldorf accept the dare from Kermit to run the Muppet Show themselves and find it a chaotic challenge.
23 May 1981
Marty Feldman
The Muppets put on an Arabian Nights themed show with Marty Feldman as Scheherazade.
31 Jan. 1981
Chris Langham
With the intended guest star declining to appear, a messenger boy, Chris Langham, is hastily recruited to substitute.
11 Aug. 1980
Johnny Cash
The Muppet Show is broadcast on radio station WOAG which leads to havoc in the muppet theater.
16 May 1981
Buddy Rich
Thanks to Gonzo, the Muppet Theater's electrical system is damaged, throwing the show into continual power failures.

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