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Alternate Versions

Originally with a straightforward plot about a homicidal sniper acting alone and a SWAT team hunting him down, the network-TV version adds 30 minutes of side story, making the sniper a hired hand for a band of robbers, acting as a cover-up for an art heist. This version was conceived during negotiations between Universal Pictures and NBC in 1978, because NBC refused to air a film centered around a homicidal sniper. This version is sometimes aired on broadcast TV in the USA. In this version, the copyright and legal information titles are left out!
The network-TV version was cut 45 minutes shorter, keeping the 30-minute robbery plot but losing almost half the length of the original plot. This version is the most often one shown on broadcast TV in the USA.
Also, although Larry Peerce's name remains in the credits of the alternate version ("A Larry Peerce-Edward S. Feldman Film"), "Gene Palmer" is credited as director and Francesca Turner a co-screenwriter.

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