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Season 1

19 Feb. 1978
Sighting 4001: The Washington D.C. Incident
A woman on a Virginia farm reports a strange object in her yard and a robot-like creature that communicates with her; a U.S. Air Force pilot chases a UFO and dies.
26 Feb. 1978
Sighting 4002: The Joshua Flats Incident
Prominent citizens of a town report seeing a UFO, but investigators cannot get information from them and turn instead to an eleven-year-old boy.
12 Mar. 1978
Sighting 4003: The Fremont Incident
Major Gatlin and S/Sgt. Fritz travel to Fremont, NV to investigate a series of UFO sightings. One of them included a sighting of alien beings and another claims to have fragments of alien spacecraft..
19 Mar. 1978
Sighting 4004: The Howard Crossing Incident
Ranch owners in Cheyenne, WY claim they were attacked by alien, prompting Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz investigate. In another case, a woman wants them to investigate a flying saucer factory that her husband invested all their savings in.
26 Mar. 1978
Sighting 4005: The Medicine Bow Incident
After two airline pilots report a UFO, Major Gatlin and S/Sgt. Fritz look to a scientist for answers. Then they travel to Medicine Bow, WY to debunk claims of a sighting, but find a young man who corroborates the airline pilots sighting.
2 Apr. 1978
Sighting 4006: The Nevada Desert Incident
Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz go to Nevada to investigate an Air Force Lieutenant's claim of a UFO sighting in the desert. What they don't expect during their investigation is that the man's own father-in-law is working to discredit him.
9 Apr. 1978
Sighting 4007: The Forest City Incident
A group of teenagers believe they saw a UFO while they were out parking in the wilderness. Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz decide to pursue an investigation into their sighting despite warnings of their youthful imaginations..
23 Apr. 1978
Sighting 4008: The Desert Springs Incident
Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz encounter a woman who was visited by two men from Venus who say they can reunite her with long lost husband for $40,000. Later, they investigate a more credible sighting in the mountains of California.
30 Apr. 1978
Sighting 4009: The French Incident
Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz travel to France where they go undercover to investigate the alleged alien abduction of an American diplomat's son.
7 May 1978
Sighting 4010: The Waterford Incident
Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz go to a Military Academy for boys in Waterford, IA that was left covered with a spider web like substance by an alleged UFO. Then they travel to Wisconsin to see a man who says he shot arrows at an alien robot.
20 May 1978
Sighting 4011: The Dollhouse Incident
Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz investigate a UFO sighting by an emotionally troubled man who lives on the estate of a scheming politician who wants to use the incident to further his political aspirations.
27 May 1978
Sighting 4012: The Rock and Hard Place Incident
Major Gatlin and S/Sgt. Fritz investigate a UFO that was seen in the night sky by numerous people (including themselves) and at different locations, all in the same night. As their investigation progresses they begin to suspect a hoax.
4 Jun. 1978
Sighting 4013: The St. Hilary Incident
Major Gatlin and S Sgt. Fitz go to the St. Hilary Catholic Observatory in Arizona to investigate a sighting by two nuns. One of the nun's wants to leave the order for a career in astrophysics also claims to have communicated with the UFO.

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