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Season 3

16 Sep. 1980
Carnival of Thrills
Shapely carnival stunt show operator Diane Benson offers Bo the opportunity of a lifetime: Being the star of the headline act. The act involves a stunt driver jumping over a row of 32 cars. Luke investigates Diane's background and learns that several previous accidents involving the car-jumping act were no accidents. When he comes forward with his findings, Bo refuses to believe Luke, leading to a huge fight that could split the Duke family apart.
5 Nov. 1980
Enos Strate to the Top
In Atlanta, Daisy takes a photograph of Uncle Jesse in front of a bank, and inadvertently snaps a pair of criminals making their getaway after a robbery. Enos - fired after he tells Boss he is no longer willing to play his stooge or harass the Duke family - provides the Dukes a crucial helping hand in the pursuit of the bad guys, and his heroics result in a coveted job with the Los Angeles Police Department.
7 Nov. 1980
The Hazzardville Horror
Bo and Luke come to the aid of beautiful Mary Lou Pringle, who is trying to sell her family's estate but cannot due to rumors that the mansion is haunted. A pair of criminals - who have stashed stolen silver inside - stage supernatural events to scare off prospective buyers and the authorities. Bo and Luke eventually turn the tables on Rosco and new Deputy Cletus Hogg, who have been ordered to charge the Duke boys with the theft.
14 Nov. 1980
And in This Corner, Luke Duke
The fate of the Duke farm rests on Luke's ability to defeat Catfish Lee in a boxing match. But the odds are stacked against Luke, since he must also contend with Catfish's crooked partner.
21 Nov. 1980
The Late J.D. Hogg
Boss' dream finally comes true when he forecloses on the Duke farm. Just as he is celebrating his success, he gets a call from his doctor telling him he has only two weeks to live.
28 Nov. 1980
Uncle Boss
Boss and his crooked nephew, Hughie Hogg, conspire to charge the Duke boys with bank robbery by capturing the "crime" on security video. The Dukes ensure that Boss and Hughie's trip to the FBI in Atlanta is detoured ... through a junkyard.
5 Dec. 1980
Baa, Baa White Sheep
Boss' honest twin brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg, comes to Hazzard after their great aunt passes away. In her will, the Hogg brothers are entitled to a piece of land, but if one is dead, the other brother gets full ownership - which works out to Boss' favor, since he had Abraham declared legally dead years ago. The Dukes help Abraham rectify the matter so he can claim his rightful share of the land.
12 Dec. 1980
Mrs. Roscoe P. Coltrane
Bachelor Rosco meets the beautiful Sue Ann Bliss through a computer dating service, and soon their romance blossoms into marriage. The Dukes are the only Hazzard residents not invited to the wedding, making them possible suspects for a bank robbery Boss is arranging to have take place during the ceremony. But Sue Ann's real husband and his crony have planned a heist of their own, and it isn't long before Rosco realizes his marriage is a sham.
19 Dec. 1980
The Great Santa Claus Chase
Boss hires a trio of criminals to hijack a load of Christmas trees bound for Hazzard, knowing that Bo and Luke were responsible for the deliveries and receipt of a $500 down payment. With the community convinced that the Dukes had stolen the funds, the crooks each dress as Santa Claus and break into Boss' safe to retrieve the stolen money. Bo, Luke and Cooter eventually team to give Boss and the bad guys a lesson in confusion. In the end, Boss - who has played the part of Scrooge throughout the episode - gets a lesson in the meaning of the season.
2 Jan. 1981
Good Neighbors, Duke
The Dukes help new neighbors Adam and Esther Veneable evade a pair of crooked bounty hunters, who are convinced that $2 million in cash is hidden on the property.
9 Jan. 1981
State of the County
Cooter's new employee is an underling for a crooked county administrator wanting to take over Hazzard County.
16 Jan. 1981
The Legacy
Uncle Jesse's old flame visits Hazzard, wanting to settle an old debt with Boss Hogg.
23 Jan. 1981
Duke vs. Duke
When Cooter is injured before Hazzard County's annual road race, Luke offers to take the driver's seat of Cooter's car, knowing he will have to race Bo in the General Lee. However, the Dukes learn belatedly that all losing entrants will forfeit their cars to Boss; and they still are unaware that Boss has conspired with Rosco to fill the sheriff's car with a nitro blend of gasoline.
30 Jan. 1981
My Son, Bo Hogg
The Dukes find themselves tangling with a new, meaner adversary in Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big" Ed Little. This, after Bo develops amnesia after an accident and Boss convinces the young Duke that he is actually Bo Hogg, the Hoggs' long-lost son. Boss convinces Bo to drive a shipment to Chickasaw, not telling him that the delivery is moonshine. He then tips Sheriff Little about a rumored moonshine runner, forcing Luke and Daisy to race against time to save their cousin from prison.
6 Feb. 1981
To Catch a Duke
A pair of jewel thieves arrive in Hazzard and, after being spotted by Rosco, make their getaway in the General Lee, automatically implicating the innocent Dukes. Things become complicated when Rosco's basset hound, Flash, retrieves the stolen loot and takes it to Rosco's patrol cruiser. Upset that he was not told about the stolen jewels (so he could take a cut), Boss fires Rosco. Rosco - a new sense of morality instilled in him - offers his assistance in helping the Dukes capture the crooks.
13 Feb. 1981
Along Came a Duke
The Dukes' cousin, Jeb Stewart Duke, assists the clan in helping retrieve a priceless sword once owned by Gen. Stonewall Jackson. Boss had arranged the theft of the sword so he could once again pin the blame on the Dukes.
20 Feb. 1981
By-Line, Daisy Duke
Daisy moonlights as a reporter for the Hazzard Gazette, and is assigned to cover an investigation into a theft ring of tractors from farms across the county, unaware that Bo and Luke -- no thanks to Boss -- have been named the primary suspects. Daisy knows her cousins are innocent, but things become complicated when the editor shows her a picture of Bo and Luke apparently caught red-handed.
6 Mar. 1981
The Return of Hughie Hogg
Good news for Boss: His dastardly nephew Hughie returns with a sure-fire scheme to frame Bo and Luke for illegal transportation of moonshine. Bad news for Boss: Hughie also concocts a scheme to have a phony IRS agent audit his uncle out of everything he owns!
13 Mar. 1981
Bye, Bye, Boss
Digger Jackson, a former associate of Boss, escapes from prison and is out to enact deadly revenge. After committing a robbery and stealing the General Lee (thereby implicating the Duke Boys), Jackson makes good on the first part of his plan to kidnap Boss for a multi-million dollar ransom. Angry townsfolk refuse to come to Boss' aid, leaving Bo and Luke to once again come up with a way to rescue their sworn enemy and bring Jackson back into federal custody.
27 Mar. 1981
The Great Hazzard Hijack
Bo and Luke find a stack of money floating in a river, just a fraction of the $1,000,000 stolen in a robbery five years earlier. Just then, two men & a woman -- one an old Marine friend of Luke's -- show up, volunteering to help the Duke boys recover the rest of the money.
3 Apr. 1981
The Hack of Hazzard
To help out family friend Emma Tisdale when she goes on vacation, Bo and Luke take over daily operations of her taxicab service. The Duke boys' first clients are a pair of men who, on their way to an appointment with Boss, hide a stolen gold certificate in the seat of one of the taxicabs.
10 Apr. 1981
The Canterbury Crock
There's more to widow Partridge's old $25 vase than meets the eye. Bo and Luke purchase what seems to be a worthless, damaged vase, only to learn (upon having it appraised) that it is worth $100,000. It soon becomes a race to protect the suddenly valuable artifact when a crook approaches Partridge for the vase ... and later Boss when he learns of its value. Rosco has the most success retrieving the vase, but his clumsiness ensures that the priceless antique will soon become just a worthless old vase.

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