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2 Jan. 1981
Good Neighbors, Duke
The Dukes help new neighbors Adam and Esther Veneable evade a pair of crooked bounty hunters, who are convinced that $2 million in cash is hidden on the property.
9 Jan. 1981
State of the County
Cooter's new employee is an underling for a crooked county administrator wanting to take over Hazzard County.
16 Jan. 1981
The Legacy
Uncle Jesse's old flame visits Hazzard, wanting to settle an old debt with Boss Hogg.
23 Jan. 1981
Duke vs. Duke
When Cooter is injured before Hazzard County's annual road race, Luke offers to take the driver's seat of Cooter's car, knowing he will have to race Bo in the General Lee. However, the Dukes learn belatedly that all losing entrants will forfeit their cars to Boss; and they still are unaware that Boss has conspired with Rosco to fill the sheriff's car with a nitro blend of gasoline.
30 Jan. 1981
My Son, Bo Hogg
The Dukes find themselves tangling with a new, meaner adversary in Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big" Ed Little. This, after Bo develops amnesia after an accident and Boss convinces the young Duke that he is actually Bo Hogg, the Hoggs' long-lost son. Boss convinces Bo to drive a shipment to Chickasaw, not telling him that the delivery is moonshine. He then tips Sheriff Little about a rumored moonshine runner, forcing Luke and Daisy to race against time to save their cousin from prison.
6 Feb. 1981
To Catch a Duke
A pair of jewel thieves arrive in Hazzard and, after being spotted by Rosco, make their getaway in the General Lee, automatically implicating the innocent Dukes. Things become complicated when Rosco's basset hound, Flash, retrieves the stolen loot and takes it to Rosco's patrol cruiser. Upset that he was not told about the stolen jewels (so he could take a cut), Boss fires Rosco. Rosco - a new sense of morality instilled in him - offers his assistance in helping the Dukes capture the crooks.
13 Feb. 1981
Along Came a Duke
The Dukes' cousin, Jeb Stewart Duke, assists the clan in helping retrieve a priceless sword once owned by Gen. Stonewall Jackson. Boss had arranged the theft of the sword so he could once again pin the blame on the Dukes.
20 Feb. 1981
By-Line, Daisy Duke
Daisy moonlights as a reporter for the Hazzard Gazette, and is assigned to cover an investigation into a theft ring of tractors from farms across the county, unaware that Bo and Luke -- no thanks to Boss -- have been named the primary suspects. Daisy knows her cousins are innocent, but things become complicated when the editor shows her a picture of Bo and Luke apparently caught red-handed.
6 Mar. 1981
The Return of Hughie Hogg
Good news for Boss: His dastardly nephew Hughie returns with a sure-fire scheme to frame Bo and Luke for illegal transportation of moonshine. Bad news for Boss: Hughie also concocts a scheme to have a phony IRS agent audit his uncle out of everything he owns!
13 Mar. 1981
Bye, Bye, Boss
Digger Jackson, a former associate of Boss, escapes from prison and is out to enact deadly revenge. After committing a robbery and stealing the General Lee (thereby implicating the Duke Boys), Jackson makes good on the first part of his plan to kidnap Boss for a multi-million dollar ransom. Angry townsfolk refuse to come to Boss' aid, leaving Bo and Luke to once again come up with a way to rescue their sworn enemy and bring Jackson back into federal custody.
27 Mar. 1981
The Great Hazzard Hijack
Bo and Luke find a stack of money floating in a river, just a fraction of the $1,000,000 stolen in a robbery five years earlier. Just then, two men & a woman -- one an old Marine friend of Luke's -- show up, volunteering to help the Duke boys recover the rest of the money.
3 Apr. 1981
The Hack of Hazzard
To help out family friend Emma Tisdale when she goes on vacation, Bo and Luke take over daily operations of her taxicab service. The Duke boys' first clients are a pair of men who, on their way to an appointment with Boss, hide a stolen gold certificate in the seat of one of the taxicabs.
10 Apr. 1981
The Canterbury Crock
There's more to widow Partridge's old $25 vase than meets the eye. Bo and Luke purchase what seems to be a worthless, damaged vase, only to learn (upon having it appraised) that it is worth $100,000. It soon becomes a race to protect the suddenly valuable artifact when a crook approaches Partridge for the vase ... and later Boss when he learns of its value. Rosco has the most success retrieving the vase, but his clumsiness ensures that the priceless antique will soon become just a worthless old vase.
8 Oct. 1981
Mrs. Daisy Hogg
Daisy is smitten by Boss Hogg's handsome, rich nephew, Jamie Lee Hogg, who has come to town to purchase his uncle's grits mill. While romance quickly blossoms and a wedding appears to be on the horizon, it isn't long before Bo and Luke confirm their initial suspicions about Jamie's criminal side as a counterfeiter.
16 Oct. 1981
Double Dukes
Double Dukes means double fun for Boss Hogg, and double trouble for Bo and Luke after two men resembling the good-natured Duke boys -- cronies that Boss had dress in wigs and the Dukes' clothing -- rob Hazzard Bank. Bo and Luke spend the rest of the episode clearing their names as they try to apprehend the crooks.
23 Oct. 1981
Diamonds in the Rough
Everyone's after a sack of diamonds that had accidentally been dropped from an armed robber's vehicle driving through Hazzard, and all roads lead to the Duke farm after Bo and Luke get to them first. While the Duke boys are trying to report their find to the state police, they are bugged by the original thief (who poses as a reporter to get at the loot) and later, by a phony FBI agent hired by a greedy Boss Hogg who wants the reward money for himself.
30 Oct. 1981
Coltrane vs. Duke
As usual, Bo and Luke outfox Rosco and cause him to crash his car. Rosco, as always, escapes without a scratch ... but this time, the frustrated sheriff decides to turn things up a notch by claiming he was seriously injured. With Boss Hogg's support and seeing an opportunity to foreclose on the Duke farm, Rosco files a $50,000 lawsuit against the Duke family. Boss -- now turned into Rosco's butler -- hires an actor to play a doctor to support Rosco's claims, leaving Bo and Luke to try to expose Rosco's injuries as fake. Will a judge buy Rosco's story, or will he see ...
3 Nov. 1981
The Fugitive
The Duke boys' beautiful girlfriend, Mindy Lou, learns that Boss Hogg is planning a heist of motorcycles, so as to gain an unfair upper hand in the upcoming Tri-County Motocross. Bo and Luke come up with a scheme of their own to beat Boss to the finish line.
6 Nov. 1981
The Great Bank Robbery
Boss Hogg, unwilling to pay longtime Hazzard County clerk Clarence Stovall a $30,000 pension, fires him one day short of retirement. Stovall gets his revenge by stealing the money from Hazzard Bank (of which Boss is president, natch). Uncle Jesse learns about this and lectures Clarence about the consequences of his actions, while Bo and Luke try to pull off a reverse-bank heist to save their friend from criminal charges.
13 Nov. 1981
Sadie Hogg Day
Daisy's one-day stint as Hazzard County treasurer on Sadie Hogg Day may earn her a trip to jail, after Boss Hogg -- hoping to avoid being arrested for embezzling county funds -- alters the county ledger to shift responsibility ... just in time for the annual audit by the state treasurer's office.
20 Nov. 1981
10 Million Dollar Sheriff Part 1
Rosco's Uncle Hosiah dies, and at the reading of his will, learns that he has inherited $10 million. Rosco, frustrated after years of being outfoxed by the Dukes, hires hard-nosed hit man Jason Steele to track down and arrest Bo and Luke. Meanwhile, Rosco goes on a power trip and schemes to win Boss' fortune in a rigged poker game.
20 Nov. 1981
10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2
Uncle Jesse seriously injures himself as the shaken Duke patriarch learns that bounty hunter Jason Steele is a wanted criminal. Steele eventually manages to frame Bo and Luke on grand-theft auto (by having them drive away in a stolen Dodge Charger painted exactly like the General Lee). Hosiah Coltrane's attorney then informs Rosco that a mistake had been made and that the sheriff had only inherited $10 - leaving Rosco way short of the $100,000 needed to pay Steele for services rendered. Steele eventually blows his top when he learns Rosco doesn't have the money, and ...
27 Nov. 1981
Trouble at Cooter's
A beautiful fur thief named Bonnie Lane, along with her two accomplices, try to exact revenge on Boss (for his shortchanging them), and Cooter winds up in the middle of things when Bonnie tries to distract him with her charms while her two friends break into Boss' storeroom to get their payback.
4 Dec. 1981
Goodbye General Lee
When the Duke boys lose a cross country race to a better car, a discouraged Luke makes an offhanded remark about the General Lee possibly wearing out its usefulness. Boss Hogg picks up on this and hires his hypnotist friend to ensure that Luke really means what he says ... and to make sure the next road the General Lee drives is to the junkyard.
11 Dec. 1981
Cletus Falls in Love
Cletus becomes lovestruck when Daisy uses her charms to get her cousins out of a phony traffic charge. As Cletus does everything to smother Daisy with affection, he also loses his job for bungling an arrest. However, Cletus plays the hero when Bo and Luke are jailed for passing a bad check, as part of Boss Hogg's scheme to frame the Dukes, impress a probation officer and win favor from no-nonsense Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big" Ed Little. And Flash also plays a big part in saving the day for the Dukes.
18 Dec. 1981
Hughie Hogg Strikes Again
Hughie Hogg's latest scheme targets Cooter, whose garage is threatened with eminent domain so the crooked Hogg can build shoddy condominiums at an inflated price.

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