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Can anyone ever really get enough?
BRBTVcom11 June 2005
OK, I'm a junkie. I just can't help myself. I watched the "Dukes" episodes when they originally aired, built a website for the show in the 1990s, watched the show again on TNN (when it was the NASHVILLE Network, you understand), wrote a book companion to the show, and now, as the show is airing again on CMT, I'm STILL watching the episodes again!

Was there any other TV show like it? I don't think so. "The Dukes of Hazzard" was a one-of-a-kind. You can watch these episodes over several phases of life and maturity -- and still find value in them! Holy cow.

I was always, of course, impartial to Flash, Rosco's hound, as well as the rarely appearing brother of our dastardly Boss Hogg, Abraham Lincoln Hogg, the "white sheep" of the family. And you could always appreciate the country values the Dukes always espoused ... be good to your neighbor, thank the Lord before meals, don't lie or cheat or steal.

"The Dukes of Hazzard" is not rocket science, it's not deep or profound or socially redeemable or whatever else. It's just plain heckin' fun!!!!
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One of the best!
Skeletors_Hood17 June 2004
A lot of people view this show as cheesy crap, full of stereotypes and short shorts, however, it is a great example of people making a show that is just plain fun.

I was very young when this show was on in prime time, and my memories of this show aren't just watching the car jump a creek, blaring the famous "Dixie" horn, but it was a show that I enjoyed watching with my father every Friday night (and when the President was on, we were both ticked off). The plots seem a little too complicated for rural Georgia, but this was never meant to be high drama, only an hour of fun and escapism.

I haven't watched the Dukes in years, but I am still affected by how much this show had an impact on me. My dog breed of choice is a Bassett hound, I always like to gun the engine of my car a little, and my eyes are always drawn to the color orange. Aren't yours?

My friends and wife question my ongoing love of the series, often saying the show is crap. It isn't, it's just very dated. My fondness of the show however, isn't just the show itself, but remembering the good times that revolved around it between my friends and my father. It represents a time in my life when I was as carefree as the General Lee on the back roads of Hazzard. Call it what you will, but it still feels like home.
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That's just a little bit more than the law will allow....
richardmaitla8224 November 2000
'Just some good ol boys, never meanin' no harm - they been in trouble with the law since the day they wuz born...' So began the classiest of all hicksville county roadchase shows, where each week those loveable two modern day Robin Hoods, Beaureguard "Bo" Duke [John Schneider] & Lucas K. "Luke" Duke [Tom Wopat] would pit themselves against some ner do wells, probably from Chickasaw county, and inadvertently manage to rub Sherriff Roscoe P Coltrane [James Best] up the wrong way to boot. Cue slo-mo shots of an airborne General Lee [1969 Dodge Charger]flying down leaf littered byways with Roscoe's cruiser once again in hot pursuit.

This was a fantastic early Saturday evening kid's classic, mainly because of the shows hugely appealing basic premise -Bo & Luke are on probation for running moonshine, and they have the fastest motor in the county. So they're basically outlaws with hearts of gold who never really do anything particularly anti-social, they're just fighting the system that's run by corrupt town official Jefferson Davis Hogg, AKA "Boss Hogg" [Sorrell Booke]. He's fat, he's greedy and he wears a ridiculous white suit. And to make matters worse he's always trying to aquire the deeds to the Duke's farm, managed by his long time rival Uncle Jesse [Denver Pyle]with the help of Daisy Duke [Catherine Bach]. Show me a ten year old boy who, in 1981, didn't have a major Daisy Duke fixation - I mean, her legs were insured for two million dollars. Crikey.

So our renegade heroes would have at least a couple of car chases each week, they'd hang out with Cooter in the garage, take the p**s out of the educationally sub-normal deputy Cletus, stop some really bad guys from doing something dastardly and probably blow up a barn or something with a stick of dynamite fired from a bow and arrow. And that's just before lunch.

It all went pretty badly wrong in about '83 when the the boys were replaced by some pseudo Duke-lite wannabes named Coy and Vance. Their names alone speak volumes. This kind of signalled the beginning of the end, and I'm not sure the show ever quite recovered. Still, it's better not to dwell on this shamefully duff period in the show's history, instead it's better to fondly remember the Dukes in all their glory - flagrantly disregarding the law, and only ever climbing into and out of the General Lee via the windows, as the doors were soldered shut. Yee-haww.
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The Car Wasn't the Star
Sargebri4 October 2003
Eight years after Fred Silverman's infamous "rural purge", this show burst on the scene and instantly became a hit. Even though the show did get a lot of heat for the outlandish plots, simplistic characters and scantily clad women, especially Daisy, this show struck a chord with the American public during the late 70's/early 80's. Also, you could tell that this show was done very tongue in cheek and that the cast had a lot of fun doing it. The only bump in the road that hurt its momentum was when John Schneider and Tom Wopat left the show due to a contract dispute. When the producers thought that those two could be replaced by a pair of actors that were almost identical to their predecessors. However the show went downhill during this period. Also, the producers thought that it was the car and not the two leads that everyone turned in to see. However, when the ratings dropped and soon the producers were begging Schneider and Wopat to return.

Even though this show wasn't Shakespeare, it still was one of the highlights of C.B.S.'s Friday night lineup.
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I Liked All Five of Them!!
dataconflossmoor17 May 2007
Tom Wopat and John Schneider were, of course, tremendous, as Bo and Luke on "The Dukes of Hazzard"!! What can you say about Catherine Bach (Daisy)? Every man's dream, we won't say what kind!! Also, Chip Mayer and Byron Cherry were really good as Bo and Luke's cousins!! I liked this show!! The "Dukes of Hazzard" exemplified the term, innocuous, and interjected humorous predicaments with a g-rated sex appeal, and hilariously classic car chase scenes!! The recent release of the '2005 movie only fortified American's interest in the original series!! Many people have a yearning to reminisce about the days of the Duke Boys of Hazzard County, and their naive chicanery!!...All of the ossified, pork barreling buffoons that tried to incarcerate the Duke boys and their cousins, contributed to the comical twist in this series as well!! I liked "Dukes of Hazzard", it was indicative of a bygone era in television which garnered a particularly fond remembrance to it!! Tom Wopat and John Schneider have an immense amount of talent, as their singing voices are spectacular!! It is an undeniable fact that both of them definitely fall into the category of Hollywood superstars!! Chip Mayer is a former super model, and Catherine Bach has been voted the seventh sexiest woman EVER!! on television. Accolades like this make "Dukes of Hazzard" very noteworthy in the wonderful world of hour long adventure comedies on television!! The creativity of this series manufactured a familiarity with the television audience in terms of the rural association we have always cherished for prime time to display every once in awhile!!
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What kid didn't like the Duke Boys?
baumer23 August 1999
I remember being eight years old when I started watching this show. I would anxiously await the Friday line up that included The Incredible Hulk, Dallas, Falcon Crest and this one. That was a great Friday line up, highlighted of course by the Dukes. What was so appealing about this show to so many people was it's virtue. I'm sure parents wanted their kids to watch it because you couldn't have a better show for their kids to watch. It was safe. The Dukes were polite, virtuous and church going. How could they not like that? How could a parent object to anything like that? But of course as kids we liked it for different reasons.

Stunts, fast cars, Daisy, Boss Hogg and Roscoe. The Dukes of Hazard was so absurd sometimes but it always entertained you and more often than not it made you laugh. Could you imagine what the script must have looked like when they first pitched it to studio? Could you imagine how silly Roscoe must have looked on paper? I mean how do you write in his ridiculous laugh? How do you write all of his idiosyncrasies? Or was that all James Best? I don't know, but it sure was funny.

TV is different now in the 90's and beyond. Shows are more gritty and real and there is nudity and foul language and talk of homosexuality and alcoholism and a plethora of other issues. And that is fine. I like shows like Dawsons Creek and Friends and such, but Dukes of Hazard is a throw back to a simpler time. It is a time in television history when innocence was combined beautifully with humour, fast cars and lots of scenes of the General Lee jumping creeks. This was so much fun to watch and even when Coy and Vance came on the show, it was still okay.

The Dukes of Hazard was classic TV. My generation looks at this like my parents generation looks at Leave It To Beaver. Has twenty years really gone by?
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Based on 1974 movie
mazumdar19 August 2001
I just realised that this series was based on the 1974 movie "Moon Runners," which didn't have the Duke family, but it did have characters named Uncle Jesse, Cooter, and Waylon Jennings as the Balladeer. The main characters, Bobby Lee Hag and Grady even had a stock car which they raced. The car wasn't named "General Lee," but was named after Robert E. Lee's horse, Traveler. They significantly cleaned up the story to make it family-friendly for television. In the movie, the main characters were involved in the illegal alcohol business. Uncle Jesse was a moonshiner who was in trouble with other local moonshiners because of his insistence on quality. Bobby Lee was a rum runner, who used his big old Chevy to outrun the local sheriff and the revenuers (tax authorities).
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The Dukes of Hazzard: Classic Slapstick, Satire, and Stupidity
jrm23july@aol.com24 February 2006
"The Dukes of Hazzard" is- I reckon- one of TV's classics from the 1980's. This is a show with great stunts and stunt people pre-CGI special effects and some well-drawn out characters.

The problem with this show, is not that it is poorly written. Some of the plots are actually very good, and "The Dukes" is a better show than some of the other idiot sitcoms of TV's post Golden era, namely "Batman", "Gilligan's Island", and of course "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" of today.

Adventure shows like "Charlie's Angels", "Wonder Woman", and "Smallville" of today have camp elements. But The Dukes of Hazzard is not just from time to time intentionally goofy, it is almost always intentionally stupid. The stupidity of the show smothers some tender moments between Uncle Jesse Duke (Denver Pyle), and his family, niece Daisy (Catherine Bach), and nephews Bo and Luke played by John Schneider and Tom Wopat.

Occasionally there is some serious drama like when Uncle Jesse is almost in tears when he's about to lose his farm to the thoroughly underhanded Boss Hogg, or lose his boys to a bounty hunter who wants to put them away for life, or Bo and Luke trying to protect a beautiful young witness from the clenches of a rogue U.S. senator. But if these tender moments give the show any credibility as a real drama, it is abruptly smothered by lots of slapstick, stupidity, redneck humor, the dimwitted Sheriff Roscoe P. Cotraine (James Best) and the antics of the totally corrupt, bloated Boss Hogg.

Long time character actor Sorrell Booke, unknown to most, but carrying credits from "All in the Family" among others plays the conniving, scheming, bloated, and thoroughly corrupt lawman of Hazzard County in the "Dukes of Hazzard". "The Dukes" was this actor's claim to fame, and Booke WAS "The Dukes of Hazzard." After Booke's untimely death in 1994, the cast members got together for three reunion specials on CBS. It was clear the Booke's presence was sorely missed. These reunion shows were lamer than the General Lee at The Battle of Gettysburg and Custer's hope of defeating the Union army. Booke's absence proved that he was the center and most irreplaceable piece to this classic 1980's comedy/adventure.

Some people down South like the "Dukes" for its fast cars chasing and colliding for half of every episode, or the hot chicks like Daisy Duke, or are intrigued by the luscious women that sometimes draw Bo and Luke into a trap. But none of that matters if you don't have an enormous presence like Booke's Boss Hogg in the middle to stir up trouble in ol' Hazzard County.

Bogg Hogg is not a demon, but he is a devil. he is cunning, conniving, shrewd, and very avaricious. He has this wrongful vendetta against Jesse Duke and is always scheming with yankees and no-gooders to rob Jesse of his farm and land. Yet Boss Hogg is not seen as a mean character, but as a buffoon. He has a monopoly over Hazzard County, and still has this obsession with foreclosing on the Duke farm, and getting Jesse Duke's two nephews "thrown permanently in the clink".

Sheriff Roscoe's "little fat buddy" also eats, and he eats, and he eats, and he eats, and he takes a cigar break, then he eats. He must consume about 20,000 calories per day. He takes pizza breaks, pigs knuckles breaks, eats ham hocks, and a family size portion of fried chicken in one sitting. A snack for him is a dozen kielbasa sausages with sauerkraut, or a sixteen scoop ice cream sundae with whipped cream, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and butterscotch topping.

And the dimwitted Sheriff Roscoe P. Cotraine, Doesn't Boss Hogg ever let this man eat? Maybe Roscoe can't properly carry out his duties as Sheriff because he's famished. For example Boss Hogg says "Roscoe. Don't ever disturb me when I'm trying to use these here chopsticks, to enjoy me this here Chinese lunch ( a complete course with six egg rolls)."

James Best as Sheriff Roscoe is the king of slapstick comedy, and his deputies are the princes. Roscoe is the perfect foil figure to the Duke boys, and could never catch them to help silence them during Boss Hogg's nefarious schemes. He'll trip and fall on his own shadow, or hit himself in the back of the neck with a shovel. The Dukes always overcome the blustering and deviancy of Boss Hogg to save him and Sheriff Cotraine from the clenches of the real dangerous criminals. Yet Hogg continues to play every trick in the book to swindle old Jesse Duke out is farm and send his two boys "to the pokey". When will he ever learn common decency?

"The Dukes of Hazzard" is a show that thrives on intentional stupidity. This show is actually dumber than "The Beverly Hillbillies", a 1960's CBS classic with a lot of the same redneck silliness as the more modern "Dukes". I mean how many times can you go the right way down a one way street and encounter head on traffic? Unlike "The Beverly Hillbillies", "The Dukes" had charisma, character depth, charm and lots of color, and was very cartoonish. I mean how many people in rural Georgia have a sparkling red & orange car with an eight cylinder engine, and four wheel drive that can easily outrun a Sheriff or jump a river? Them Duke boys' car can do it.
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Unforgettable True Classic Fun for the Whole Family
voicemaster7129 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Second to the Incredible Hulk TV series, I am also outspoken as a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard, though I didn't start off that way. I remember its premiere night. I enjoyed Wonder Woman and was waiting for the Incredible Hulk to air, but instead of the Hulk, this new show aired and I was one upset little boy. The feeling didn't stay that way for long since the Incredible Hulk eventually returned to Friday nights at 8:00. I gradually began watching bits and pieces of the Dukes and by the time the third season was on complete with all sorts of toys and merchandise being sold, I was a converted die hard fan and have remained one ever since.

The Dukes of Hazzard is to me, a great southern series with comedy and adventure. It's actually nice to take a breather from all the dramas and shows where stories take place in either New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. And this show delivered. Tom Wopat and John Schneider were excellent as Bo and Luke Duke and their real life friendship provided the perfect chemistry for their characters, which is why I felt the show was so popular and this friendship was established before they auditioned together.

Daisy Duke is truly a super beautiful girl and very nice in real life, since I've had the honor of meeting Catherine Bach as well as the other surviving cast members. Even I loved Daisy Duke and it's hard to imagine a guy growing up back then who didn't feel that way.

Denver Pyle as Uncle Jese was truly the backbone of the series. I also fondly recall watching him as Mad Jack on Grizzly Adams as well as Pa Darling on the Andy Griffith Show. He was also a good example of a Christian man since he was also the moral backbone of the series as well.

Sorrell Booke was what I call a comical villain. He wasn't even a real villain for that matter. Although he and Uncle Jesse were enemies, they were also old friends. Boss Hogg was hilarious in those ridiculous white outfits and all that eating he did. I couldn't even think about eating all that he had.

James Best. There's not enough complimentary words to describe him. He has to be one of the funniest and most talented actors in history. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane made me laugh more than any other character. His sputtering and all those sayings of his like Cuff em and Stuff em! are now legend. Whoever heard of a stupid sheriff? Watch this show and you'll see him in action. I also loved his Bassett Hound Flash.

Sonny Shroyer and Rick Hurst both contributed greatly as the two deputies of the show. Enos Strate is probably everyone's favorite. Enos is the everyman whom many guys can relate to. He is honest, shy, and has a special place in Daisy Duke's heart. I hate the fact that twice they tried to marry and twice it was called off (the second time was in the reunion movie)But let us not forget the comical talents of Rick Hurst as Cletus Hogg. He was a comical genius. Just to watch him crash into the Hazzard Pond was enough to leave you in stitches. Finally, there's Ben Jones who was Cooter. This man truly loves the show and you can see it in him if you visit him when he appears at Cooter's Place, which he opened and draws millions of fans worldwide.

I agree with lots of people and that the General Lee is probably my all time favorite TV car.

The best season of the show was the first one when they filmed the first five episodes in Covington Georgia, giving us a realistic version of Hazzard. I even liked the first two seasons when they filmed on the Disney Ranch. I especially loved the 2 hour episode, Carnival of Thrills. The worst year of the show was when Bo and Luke were replaced by Coy and Vance. Funny thing is, the new movie sucked so badly, they actually make Coy and Vance look good. Even though things improved when Bo and Luke returned, something from the series was lost, so the last two years dragged I thought.

All in all, I love the Dukes of Hazzard and I am anxious for the remaining two years to be released on DVD so the series will be complete. I give this series a 2 thumbs up.
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This was a great show.
rrandy715 July 2004
The Dukes of Hazzard was one of my favorite television shows. But when it first aired, I didn't like it. I resented it because it replaced the Incredible Hulk. But after watching two or three episodes, I saw that it was a great show. I was seven years old at the time. I've seen about every episode. I didn't care much for the Coy and Vance episodes but I still watched them. I liked the two Mean green machine episodes. The Dukes of Hazzard was based on a movie titled Moonrunners. Moonrunners had the Boars nest, sheriff Rosco Coltrane(Not James Best), the Cooter character and Waylon Jennings as the balladeer. Moonrunners also had Uncle Jessie. But not Denver Pyle or Jessie Duke. Jessie Hag. Like on the Dukes of Hazzard, Jessie Hag lived with two nephews who ran shine for him. Sadly the Uncle Jessie character dies near the end of Moonrunners. Duke fans should be thankful for Moonrunners. If Moonrunners hadn't been made, the Dukes of Hazzard wouldn't exist. I've seen both the Dukes of Hazzard and Moonrunners. The Dukes are better.
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Sheer Entertainment!
Sylviastel2 November 2006
I remember growing up and watching the Dukes of Hazzard on Friday nights before Dallas and Falcon Crest. The Duke boys were southern rebels. Of course, I grew wishing to be Daisy Duke. I loved Uncle Jesse played by Denver Pyle. I loved Sorrell Brooke in his white clothes. Of course, Enos was lovable. Who could forget his dog? He was a hush puppy. I remember the auto mechanic who was the friend to the Duke boys. I loved the theme song played I believe by Waylon Jennings, the country star. Who could forget those awesome car chase or the way the Duke boys slid in and out of cars? They never opened the doors but slid in and out. I always wanted to do that myself. I always thought those Duke boys were the sexiest men on television. They made a cinema film but you can't imagine anybody else playing those roles.
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Flying cars and Daisy! - Yee-ee-haaaa
TheUniquePerception23 January 2019
This one has it all. Two cousins always on the run from a hilarious bumbling sheriff and his dog Flash. Such a crazy show generously includes exploding arrows, lots of CB talk and Southern slang. The generations old feud between Boss Hogg and Uncle Jessie is an ongoing gag as well. Most importantly, now the current audience can place a visual with the term "Daisy Dukes"!
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This show Ruled
UW21UCLA169 June 2004
To the "spike network" if you are the so called 1st network for guys, give guys what they want and that is Daisy Duke in those shorts. This show made every young kid wanting to move to Georgia when grew up, but after one visit in college the billboard for Baptist Bible Church and peanut stands on the corner scared me off. The Dukes was one of the last shows you could put your kids in front of the TV and know nothing too terrible was going to happen. I think this is one of the few shows I could agree with my parents on. Sure the plots were numb and all you hope for was a chuckle or two and some car chases. I am off to pick up season one on DVD and when the Coy and Vance years come out I hope it's only available on Beta.
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A kids show!But well done.
mm-3921 April 2019
'A kids show! But well done. Well with today"s P C crowd The Dukes of Hazzard got taken off T V land. I guess the car, the short shorts, and southern stereotypes where laughable in the 70's, but never to be aired on regular t v again. Cable and H B O I would say yes. But back in the 70's Confederate flags, BBQ, short shorts/ tight shirts, male and female eye candy was the norm. Boss hog, and Rosco where two bumblers bad guys and every episode had no social message, but a formulated plot which involved dynamite and high rev gear jamming. Funny the first 3 seasons where more adult oriented with humor, but The Dukes of Hazzard slow became more of a predictable kid's show as the series progressed. Tom and Wil where gone for a season due to a contract hold out, which formulated the series even more. Laughable at times, with some interesting stunts, with funny stereo type humor influenced from the Smokie and Bandit Burt Reynolds 70's make The Dukes of Hazzard a memorable series like M A S H. For the monster truck, and professional wrestling crowd which I love. Ya all have a good time now. 7 stars.
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Crazy, wild, sexy, appealing, fun!
OllieSuave-0076 February 2017
Somehow as a kid, I've managed to catch this crazy show when it aired on syndication. I don't remember much from it, but do remember being entertained by all the craziness and wild adventures of the General Lee, driven by Cousins Bo and Luke Duke.

I've always like cop car chases on TV, so, General Lee being chased around Hazzard County by Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane) is quite entertaining.

This show kinds of remind me of famous car chases movies around the same era like Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run. They're all classic movies of a bygone era where TV can be sexy, appealing, wild but G-rated all at the same time.

I remember this show would drive my mom off the wall, but she did buy me some action figures and a General Lee Hotwheel from the show to play it as a kid. Fond memories!

Grade B+
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funny, excellent acting and those engines
trashgang11 September 2014
I picked up the series again after have seen it as a teenager. And as so many teenagers indeed Daisy Duke was my first television crush. But the reason why I have a closer look is that I do like all those American muscle cars. They still beat all those German cars for me.

35 years after being shot you can see that it was well made especially the stunts. Back then CGI didn't exist so they must do all the stunts and there are a lot here to pick up from major jumps to crashes to speeding and slipping in the centre of the town.

Can you ever imagine that 309 Dodge Chargers were used throughout the whole series. I was lucky to see one of those Chargers at a convention and it's big. No servo at all and still they are driving it like it was a feather. But not only the Charger, there was one episode were the Dukes has to race against a Ford Mustang. Men, this is a dream, two of my favorite cars against each other. There are so many muscle cars to spot, like Daisy's 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner.

This series is pure cult classic. Even the shorts Daisy is wearing became a legend and up to today people refer to Daisy Dukes. And it wasn't intended that she had them on, she came on set with those short on and the erst is history. What a lady.

But back to reality, the stories itself weren't always that strong and it's more a slapstick situation that they created. The Smokeys being the retarded ones and the Bandits always being catched by the Dukes. But the acting is what still makes it watchable. Sorrell Brooke (Boss Hogg) really stands out as did Sheriff Coltrane (James Best) with his special way of talking. To be honest they were all well casted.

If you grew up beginning eighties then you can pick it up without a doubt. If you don't know the series but are a muscle car addict then pick this up without a doubt, and watch...and listen to those how funny are those German cars nowadays.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 1,5/5
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One awesome car
Mr-Fusion26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The beauty of "The Dukes of Hazzard" lies in its simplicity. Boss Hogg gins up some greedy scheme, Roscoe makes funny noises, and the Duke boys slide into the General Lee and jump a bridge to save the day. Throw in the jaw-dropping gams of Ms. Catherine Bach, and you've got yourself one prize-winning formula for success.

But this show made household names out of everyone involved, and event he show's downright campiness has its own hokey charm. And there's no denying the General's status as a glowing American TV icon. That car taps right into my inner child after spending so many of my formative years watching this. It's informed my love for the car chase movie, and for that, I'll always be a fan.

Even if I can't help but wince at every rough landing they put that car through.

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Good clean fun, thoughts about it being a legend
manitoulinron29 November 2012
The first five episodes were the best, filmed on location in Georgia. This gave the show a very authentic feel and look. The duke farmhouse, barns and outbuildings, along with the scenery, Georgia highway signs, houses, buildings and country roads could not be duplicated in California. The town square in Covington can not be duplicated anywhere. The more adult themed scripts, along with the more serious Sheriff character really hit the nail on the head. The show fit in perfectly, movies such as Moonrunners, Smokey And The Bandit, White Lightning and the popularity of Billy Carter starting to decline the show filled a niche. The writing was toned down as the show was popular with children. This was not serious drama, but just clean fun. It was tame by the standard of its time, and certainly does not contain the sex, violence,political correctness and social,problems of today. It is and was a fun escape for those who can now appreciate it together with our grandchildren. I always had the impression that each episode was presented as a modern day re enactment of a legend more from when Jesse was Bo and Luke's age.
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A Complete Waste Of Time
Rayvyn22 February 2006
I don't know why I ever watched this show. The acting was poor and the show was damned stupid. I mean a car jumping over 100 feet in the air and landing without a scratch. Even when I was a kid I even thought that was stupid. The humor was childish. Dumb as dumb could be. The only two things good about this show was Denver Pyle and Sorrell Booke. They seemed like nice guys and Pyle did some really good Gunsmoke episodes. Pyle was a great actor in many movies. Booke was good in other movies too and also was in Gunsmoke. But the rest of the cast, they were just eye candy. I'm sure they had some talent but it was wasted on the cartoonish humor of the show. Another thing I hated about the show was that damned narration. He got really annoying at times and wasn't at all funny. I think it was Waylan Jennings who is a GREAT country singer. And that leads me to the best part of the show, the theme song. It was cool. Waylan can really sing.

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Perhaps I am biased because they screwed me over personally.
raveninred6 May 2018
This was the hit show when I was a child. I dreamed about these guys, has their posters from Teen Beat. Then I got the idea to write an episode in my crazy-kid's 12-year old brain based on a script I has seen written down: I wrote a whole episode on notebook paper with the fringe edges when I tore it out...I even made sure to put in a paragraph in parentheses that said (you guys can put in a car chase here, you do that thing better than me). My dad showed it to a bunch of his co-workers, all priests, because dad worked at a seminary, so their testimony would be sacrosanct. They've all admitted to me they saw it, fringed-edges and all. A few even saw the episode and congratulated me.

And two years later in 1982, when Jon Snyder and Tom Wopat were in contract disputes so they still had the show but it was Coy, the blonde cousin, and Vance Duke, the dark haired cousin, doing the show while the "real stars" held out for more money...they were doing MY episode. I saw it, and just screamed. I was also pissed, cause I'd written it for Jon Snyder. Episode 4: Coy meets Girl. October 15, 1982 was the day the Dukes betrayed me personally.

All I had asked for in payment was a color tv, cause ours was older and - I was TWELVE and naiive. They never did send me anything or acknowledge me in any way, but the young girl who played the young girl, Bobby Lee Jordan in the episode was Actor Michele Greene. It's on IMDb - look it up!

I figured maybe that was a nod to me, or something, because otherwise they didn't acknowledge my input at all. It was step by step the episode that I had written; me a 12 yr old girl, a budding writer.

That soured my feelings about working on scripts - movie & TV. Never wrote another one. Became a journalist, instead. Still think I'll write the Great American Novel but Coy and Vance Duke and the Dukes of Hazard simultaneously made me ecstatic and broke my little heart in 1982.
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BlackJack_B28 May 2001
A big favorite of mine as a kid, and I still watch it today on TNN. The adventures of The Duke family and their battle with the Hazzard police and their nemesis, Boss J.D. Hogg, is still great fun. The General Lee (a '69 Dodge Charger) was the real show-stopper, a car we'd all want to drive. I can remember many of the episodes, but there was one true classic episode: "Daisy's Shotgun Weapon", featuring Richard Moll. Yes, the storylines were somewhat questionable, as was the logic. Also, Wopat and Schneider's temporary exit due to money hurt the show, oh if we could have seen Bo and Luke in those episodes instead of those frauds. Still, the show is the bomb. Of course, the sexiest woman in the history of T.V. by a huge margin, Catherine Bach, who plays Daisy Duke, is the woman many men still want for a wife.
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Great show
ronbell-2398412 May 2019
Grew up watching this, what a gem. Full on comedy and action. Hilarious in parts. They don't make them like this anymore.
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Memories of the Dukes on Friday nights
landry_john2 December 2012
I remember as a 7 year old or younger that I lived to watch the Dukes Of Hazzard on Friday nights,& it would devastate me whenever I would either get punished from the TV that night or fall asleep before it came on.I was in love with Daisy Duke and always got teased about it too(LOL);I even had a poster of her on my bedroom wall at the time,not that most boys my age didn't.Watching the reruns on TNN several years after CBS canceled it,I realized that the first 2 seasons were much better and less kid friendly than the seasons that followed,& I'm actually one of the few people in this world who liked Coy & Vance,even if they were carbon copies of Bo & Luke in every which way.What people other than die hard Dukes Of Hazzard fans don't realize is that the respective episodes in which both characters Jude Emery & Mason Dixon appeared were more or less pilots for what were supposed to be spin off shows of the Dukes.I personally thought they might have worked out much better than Enos did on his own,even though that wasn't a bad show.
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Memorable, laid back and fun, fun, fun!
george_cherucheril29 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Every Friday night my Dad, sometimes my uncle who lived with us then and my younger sisters tuned in to watch the Dukes. My Mom, a nurse usually worked Friday evenings and missed this show. One word sums up this show and that word is "fun." I loved the action, plots and characters. The writing was excellent and any quality television show begins with excellent writing.

The casting was superb and the actors were excellent. I loved Daisy in her short shorts and enjoyed those lovely legs. The Duke boys were free spirits who lived life to the fullest. Who wouldn't get a kick from driving the general lee and performing all those stunts? I would love to tear around the countryside like they did. How could anyone not love wise old Uncle Jesse? I remember Denver Pyle from other TV shows and he is one example of a familiar face we had all seen before. Sorrell Brooks as Boss Hogg was another example. Also, many of the guest stars were actors we knew from other work.

Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco were perfect as the bad guys and brought the show to the next level. Enis was interesting because he was a nice guy working for mean bosses. Everyone could understand his attraction to Daisy but the poor guy was not too bright.

Finally, Waylon Jennings added a wonderful touch to the song with his catchy theme song and commentaries as the show went out to commercial breaks. All in all this was a superb and memorable show.
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Grew up watching this..
cougarkat31128 July 2011
Yes, I grew up watching this (along with All in the family, facts of life, Diff'rent Strokes, The A-Team, etc) I was born in 72 in Marietta, GA and I remember loving this show (yes, I am a male) I would be sitting in front of the T.V. every time this show came on. It was great back then and I could relate to the scenery, Plots, etc. Georgia really looked like that back then, no traffic, not many people and a lot of the main roads were dirt (Canton road, Acworth, 41, etc, were one lane roads and usually dirt) I miss those times and blame technology on busting us people apart... it's too bad they don't have good shows on like this anymore.. If you have not seen this I would suggest you watch some but you have to have the right frame of mind to understand them... :) This was made when America was a great place to live, we were free and did not live under a dictatorship...
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