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Season 5

27 Sep. 1983
Two Harts Are Better Than One
Follows how Jonathan and Jennifer met for the first time in London, England, even though Jonathan refuses to give journalist Jennifer an interview.
4 Oct. 1983
Straight Through the Hart
An emerald stolen by an Argentine polo player ends up in Jonathan's possession. The thief succeeds in getting it back, but Jonathan foils him in the end.
18 Oct. 1983
Hostage Harts
Jonathan walks in on a robbery in progress at a museum in Paris. But the 2 jewel thieves escape, taking Jonathan with them as a hostage. Jennifer and the French police have to find and rescue Jonathan. Can they?
25 Oct. 1983
Pandora Has Wings
Jonathan serves as a radio operator for a test mission of a top secret new radar system on a flight that has been set to explode.
1 Nov. 1983
Harts and Hounds
The Harts have been invited to England by Sir William Belgrave to participate in a fox hunt. When Sir William is killed when trap shooting, the Harts find themselves looking for a murderer whilst avoiding being killed themselves.
8 Nov. 1983
Love Game
A tennis instructor is using pillow talk with his students to keep make money with a crooked businessman. When Jennifer Hart organises a charity tennis match, she uses the him to obtain the stars and manages to turn the tables.
15 Nov. 1983
Passing Chance
A Greek businessman is planning an unfriendly takeover of Jonathan Hart industries, which is to be done when the Harts are participating in a car rally around Athens. Their race is sabotaged as the businessman is determined to stop them.
22 Nov. 1983
Long Lost Love
Jennifer's father sees a woman who reminds him of his nurse when he was wounded during WWII. However, she is a con woman, and impersonating Jennifer's half-sister to get her hands on the Edward's family trust money.
29 Nov. 1983
Highland Fling
A Scottish chieftain finds an old parchment that shows where a valuable claymore worth millions of dollars is buried he is killed by a rival. When some research shows that Jennifer is eligible to be the chieftain she decides to run.
13 Dec. 1983
Year of the Dog
A jade statue called the Shaolin Dog is being auctioned and Jonathan Hart purchases it for Jennifer. The jade is subsequently stolen during a restaurant robbery and the Harts head to Macao to retrieve it and so stop potential conflict.
20 Dec. 1983
Trust Your Hart
Lisa has been in a coma for seven years after she was in a car accident that killed her parents. The Harts take her in for a few days to help her recover. However, not everybody wants her to remember what happened.
3 Jan. 1984
Harts on the Run
Jennifer witnesses the murder of a mob boss by his rival and the murderer vows to kill her. The police protection fails when there is an attempt on her life so Jonathan takes matters in his own hands and they decide to hide in a convent.
10 Jan. 1984
Whispers in the Wings
Jonathan and Jennifer are to perform again in an annual charity benefit for children. A stage manager who is besotted with Jennifer, thinking she is a long-dead actress, and is prepared to kill to satisfy his obsession.
17 Jan. 1984
Max's Waltz
Max becomes very interested in a very wealthy widow and their relationship becomes serious. When Max decides he is not the marrying type she breaks it off. However, she is also the target of some conmen interested in stealing her money.
24 Jan. 1984
The Dog Who Knew Too Much
The Harts have entered their dog 'Freeway' in a dog show when a stranger asks them to mind his dog and he then runs off with people shooting at him. The dog is carrying stolen industrial secrets and some callous people want them back.
31 Jan. 1984
Silent Dance
The Harts come across an accident where a potential Olympic figure skater and her father are seriously injured. Inadvertently, they had just witnessed the preparation for an assassination and the shooter had tried to kill her.
21 Feb. 1984
Death Dig
The Harts are sailing around the Aegean Sea and berth at the island of Rhodes. They soon find themselves involved in murder and the smuggling of stolen Greek artefacts.
28 Feb. 1984
The Shooting
A criminal that Jennifer sent to prison for fraud escapes and seeks revenge against her. It is up to Jonathan to uncover his plan and save Jennifer.
6 Mar. 1984
Slam Dunk
Max's nephew is one of the top players for Westcliff college's basketball team. Following a tipoff, the Campus Security finds cocaine in his locker. Max contacts the Harts and they go undercover at the college.
13 Mar. 1984
Larsen's Last Jump
The Harts have returned home from a skiing holiday and are viewing a video of their holiday with a married couple they met. They notice something unusual on the video.
15 May 1984
Always, Elizabeth
Max's penfriend pays her first visit to the Hart residence. However, Max embellished his station in life and claimed that he had the mansion and the money. As a favour to Max, the Harts decide to exchange roles and become Max's servants.
22 May 1984
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Max has been taken hostage in order to train two Hart look-alikes to fool some wealthy people at a dinner. In a case of mistaken identity, the real Jonathan and Jennifer turn up, unaware of what is planned for them.

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