The Great Train Robbery (1978) Poster

Lesley-Anne Down: Miriam



  • Miriam : Do you ever tell anyone the truth?

    Edward Pierce : The truth? The truth... no.

  • Miriam : All you ever think about is money.

    Edward Pierce : All anyone ever thinks about is money.

  • Miriam : [pretending to be Madame Lucienne]  You are nervous?

    Fowler : No, I just thought we might become better acquainted.

    Miriam : Oh, mon cherie, you are nervous. There is no need to be. I will take care of every little thing - and every big thing.

  • Miriam : It's all very good... unless something goes wrong.

    Edward Pierce : What could go wrong?

  • Miriam : [referring to Pierce's social acquaintances while she disrobes in front of him]  And do they know you take an *interest* in the theater?

    Edward Pierce : Well, an unmarried gentleman must amuse himself.

    Miriam : [smiling]  Must he?

  • Miriam : You like that? - - I can tell it excites you.

  • Fowler : You want this off as well?

    Miriam : [pretending to be Madame Lucienne]  It is best, no? The touch of - flesh to flesh. The warmths of ze body.

    Fowler : It's the French way, is it?

    Miriam : Oui, mon cher.

  • Miriam : Me Mum says a man loves you, he shows you proper - with some little token.

    Fowler : Quite so! If you will permit me, I shall be delighted to give you a - token myself.

    Miriam : [laughs]  Oh, you're a bold gent!

    Fowler : I'm most serious, I assure you.

    Miriam : Right here on the train?

    Fowler : Why not? Have you not heard of the - 50 mile an hour club? I'm told it's beneficial to the circulation.

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