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Season 2

5 Oct. 1982
The Father Figure
When Murphy accidentally kills an abusive father whose son is at Gold Hill, Murphy has trouble coping with his grief.
16 Nov. 1982
The Reluctant Runaway: Part 1
Murphy and Mae start out with the excitement of knowing they have a baby on the way. Keeping it a secret, Murphy starts to build an extra room on the house they live in. Will confronts Murphy, and gets the wrong idea that the room is for him. He gets jealous after finding out there is a baby coming, and even more jealous after the baby arrives. Murphy does not help by not realizing that Will feels hurt. Will decides that he would be better off by heading to St. Louis.
14 Dec. 1982
The Witness
Matt struggles when he is a witness to a robbery, when one of the robbers is his friend.
21 Dec. 1982
Blood Right
A gunfighter rolls into Jackson, who is bent on changing his ways and visiting his son, who is housed at Gold Hill. Adults and children alike are excited by the idea of a famous gunfighter in their town. But can the gunfighter get people to leave him alone? Should he tell his son that he is his father?
28 Dec. 1982
Sweet Sixteen
The Gold Hill folks help an unmarried 16 year old who finds herself pregnant and the father has disappeared.
1 Jun. 1983
The Rockets' Red Glare
Garrett ruins Gold Hill's benefit Fourth of July show by stealing all the fireworks from Murphy'''''''s barn. He puts them in his saloon safe. A comical old safe cracker, an escaped convict, befriends Murphy and the kids and liberates the firecrackers.
18 Sep. 1983
The Matchmakers
Three of the kids kids decide Moses needs some romance in his life, so they send away for a mail-order bride. Her arrival brings about joy to everyone except Moses. By the time Moses realizes she's a perfect woman for his wife, she goes back to her old boyfriend back east after she receives a letter from him stating he wants to marry her.

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