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1 Oct. 1982
License to Steele
Female PI Laura Holt concocts a mastermind male detective so her failing agency can finally attract sexist clients. One assignment that results is the transport of the world's rarest gems, to hype the debut of a new car. Stalking Laura & the shipment is a mysterious charmer who claims he's a South African government agent. The auto's inventor demands that the fictional agency head, Remington Steele, personally supervise the jewels' arrival, putting Laura on the spot.
8 Oct. 1982
Tempered Steele
An electronics company hires the agency to discover who is stealing their research. After Mr. Steele blows all Ms. Holt's hard work on the case, he has the arrogant new owner install a fifty thousand dollar security system.
22 Oct. 1982
Steele Waters Run Deep
Laura and Remington are hired by three video game creators to find their missing partner, who has apparently disappeared with a large portion of the company's assets and their newest video game.
29 Oct. 1982
Signed, Steeled and Delivered
A mild mannered information retrieval agent who is about to be married, asks the help of the Remington Steele Agency when it appears that the CIA is attempting to kill him.
5 Nov. 1982
Thou Shalt Not Steele
Ms. Holt and Mr. Steele disagree on whether to provide security for a cursed painting. Ms. Holt's interfering mother comes for an annoying visit.
12 Nov. 1982
Steele Belted
Mr. Steele is suspicious of an attorney who he thinks is paying more attention to Ms. Holt than to the client who is implicated in the theft of valuable coins and murder.
19 Nov. 1982
Etched in Steele
Mr. Steele's desire to write a book, over Ms. Holt objection, leads them them to the husband of a sleazy romance novelist who fears that a murder is planned for him.
26 Nov. 1982
Your Steele the One for Me
A traffic accident in the Asian community may be a Yakuza murder.
3 Dec. 1982
In the Steele of the Night
Laura and Murphy sneak away to a reunion of former colleagues. After Steele discovers that the invitation was also for him, he shows up at the reunion as well. Soon, the reunion's host turns up dead. With old grievances beginning to surface, the guests turn to Steele to solve the crime. Knowing nothing about how to perform an investigation, Steele secretly seeks guidance from Laura during the investigation.
10 Dec. 1982
Steele Trap
Steele and Laura attend an island party thrown by a wealthy magazine publisher in order to learn why a client recently committed suicide. Soon, the party guests, as well as the host, begin being murdered one by one, until only the leads and the killer remain. At one point, when the situation gets dire, Steele tries to tell Laura more about himself, but Laura dissuades him, telling him that she would prefer not knowing about any crimes he might have committed before assuming the decidedly upstanding role of Remington Steele. The episode ends with Laura, Murphy, and "Ms...

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