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8 Jan. 1985
Gourmet Steele
A restaurant critic for an haute cuisine magazine is missing so the desperate publisher hires the Remington Steele Agency.
15 Jan. 1985
Stronger Than Steele
A former TV actor, obsessed with the superhero that he once played (the very one whose virtues Ms. Holt used to create Remington Steele), has been accused of killing the arrogant young producer/director of an upcoming movie in which he will not be playing the hero.
22 Jan. 1985
Have I Got a Steele for You
It appears that a man is being swindled out of a half a million dollar nest egg by a doll company scam, so his suspicious wife hires the Remington Steele Agency to expose the fraud.
29 Jan. 1985
Springtime for Steele
Rocky Sullivan who is now a singer and her concert is sold out. She invites Steele and Laura. Her managers are not happy about her success. When an accident almost kills her, Steele and Laura try to find out what's going on. They eventually learn that her managers have oversold her and were hoping that she would flop and none of the people who own her would care. Later one of the managers is killed, Steele and Laura try to find out who killed him.
5 Feb. 1985
Steele in the Family
Mildred's nephew asks Steele to help him. It seems he and some prostitutes have invested in a company and the company's CEO is one of their clients. He is killed while with one of them. Now a major deal is about to come down but if his death is ever revealed it could jeopardize the deal, so they've been hiding his body. At the same time the assassin is being told by the ones who hired him that unless the public sees him dead, killing him is meaningless.
12 Feb. 1985
Diced Steele
The agency has been hired by an insurance company to recover some jewels that were stolen. So Steele learns who the thief is and invites him to play poker and hopes to clean him out so that he has to get the jewels to pay Steele. But the man cleans Steele out. So while Mildred follows him, Steele has to explain to the insurance company that he lost the prop money they provided him for the poker game that he told them he would return. Mildred eventually tells them the thief is in Vegas. So Steele and Laura head there too. In the meantime, Norman Keyes the insurance ...
5 Mar. 1985
Now You Steele It, Now You Don't
Ms. Holt is hired by an antique dealer to recover items taken by a kleptomaniac, leading to the death of an importer.
12 Mar. 1985
Illustrated Steele
The recent "accidents" of an inking artist are following the adventures of a Remington Steele-like comic strip detective on which he has been hired work.
19 Mar. 1985
Steele in the Chips
The creator and prototypes of a no calorie chocolate chip cookie are missing. The Remington Steele Agency is hired by three different people to locate them.
7 May 1985
Steele Trying
Remington invents a case as a ruse to whisk Laura off to romantic San Francisco, but the trip turns treacherous when they witness a murder.
14 May 1985
Steele of Approval
Steele and Laura have been hired by some men who want to run a background check on William Westfield, a man they're considering supporting for Senator. Someone takes a shot at Laura. Horton Earhart, one of their clients, wants them to declare Westfield OK but Laura after getting shot thinks it might have something to do with a brief period of time in Westfield's life that's unaccounted for, wants to continue with the investigation. Laura continues her investigation and is joined by Westfield. Steele tries to track down the shooter.
24 Sep. 1985
Steele Searching: Part 1
Laura and Mildred head to the U.K. to look for Mr. Steele who has disappeared looking for his mysterious father. Steele discovers his father may be an Earl - and a modern day Jack the Ripper.
1 Oct. 1985
Steele Searching: Part 2
Remington is accidentally confused with a hit man and given the job of assassinating a British royal, who just might be Steele's father.
22 Oct. 1985
Steele Blushing
A couple of Feds comes to the office looking for Laura. But she's not there so they tell Steele and Mildred that they're looking for a photographer who took Laura's picture which is now in skin mag which they show them. Mildred decides to play hardball. Later Steele searches for Laura. Steele goes to the photographer's studio and is attacked by a man. The photographer calls the office looking for Laura and Mildred goes to where he is. When Mildred goes there the Feds follow her and pull their guns, Mildred knows they're not Feds so she knocks them and makes off with ...
29 Oct. 1985
Grappling Steele
A professional wrestler hires the Agency to prevent someone from killing him.
12 Nov. 1985
Forged Steele
Steele wakes up with a hangover. He then goes to the office and learns that he has been missing for a few days. Later a man goes to the office claiming that he and Steele had a bet which Steele lost and what was at stake is the Agency; which he is now coming to take possession. When Steele doesn't have any recollection of that, the man shows a note that Steele signed. Laura's upset with him. Later Steele goes into the office and discovers that someone burrowed into the office below which is a diamond merchant and made off with several million dollars worth of diamonds...
19 Nov. 1985
Corn Fed Steele
Laura and Steele are approached by some people who want to hire them to locate some missing hogs which are part of a corporation's new product. And when they initially refuse they learn that they're investors in the pigs too because Mildred invested most of the agency's funds in the corporation. And Steele who's in the process of buying something needs some cash fast. So they go to the city where the pigs are being kept. They see that the local farmers are being attacked because the corporation wants to buy their land and accuse them of trying to force them to sell. ...
3 Dec. 1985
Premium Steele
A man hires the Steele Agency to find out why his obituary is in the paper. Remington and Laura soon discover his isn't the only one prematurely declared dead.
10 Dec. 1985
Coffee, Tea or Steele
A high-end airline hires the Steele Agency to find out why a dead body was found in an airplane's passenger luggage before the news leaks out and ruins them.
17 Dec. 1985
Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele
A Christmas party at the office ends up being a hostage situation when some Santas pull a gun. The guests and the Santas are a bit odd.

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