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Revisiting an old favorite
bboguhn26 August 2005
The DVD release of this show has allowed me to go back and visit an old favorite. I had not seen the episodes since their very first run, so I was curious if I would still like the show and still derive the enjoyment from it that I remembered the first time through. Well, good news: the show was just as good as I remembered it, and had held up well for being 20 years old. Pierce Brosnan displayed the charm that made him one of my favorite TV stars, and his chemistry with Stephanie Zimbalist was still excellent. The shows themselves are extremely well-written. Unlike shows on TV today, this show didn't talk down to you; the characters were sophisticated and spoke like they were well educated, not like they hung out at the bar all the time. The wit hasn't been lost, either; I laughed through many of the episodes I watched. This was like catching up with an old friend. I can't wait to see the second season!
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Overall, Remington Steele was a first-rate light comedy/drama/romantic series.
epiphany-56 September 2000
Here's a little known fact. Remington Steele obsessives, like myself, cannot bear to even mention the unfortunate 5th season of this series. To cut a long story short, male lead Pierce Brosnan was on the brink of being officially declared the new 007 (replacing Roger Moore) but NBC ordered more Remington Steele episodes and Timothy Dalton got the licence to kill instead. Brosnan returned to TV for a shortened, unsatisfying 5th season.

So, if we ignore the fifth and concentrate on the previous four seasons, what do we have? An excellent series, very much of its time, with a premise that just wouldn't stand up today! Can you imagine a show in these politically-correct days where a woman invents a male boss to attract business? Stephanie Zimbalist starred as Laura Holt, the woman behind the man – an attractive, spunky, fiercely independent private investigator. Pierce Brosnan played the handsome and mysterious thief-with-no-name turned eponymous super sleuth. The sexual chemistry between Laura Holt and Remington Steele was the driving force of the show but it had so many other plus points too. The first episode (License To Steele) sets the tone which future shows followed: an exciting mystery, tight plotting, fine script, a stylish feel and explosive sexual tension between the two protagonists. This was an absolute pre-requisite in the 1980s. Everyone was either doing it, or nearly doing it, or talking about doing it: Cheers' Sam and Diane, Moonlighting's Maddy and David, Scarecrow and Mrs King's Scarecrow and Mrs King(!) and Laura Holt and Remington Steele were no different! The writers of Remington Steele delighted in torturing their audience, keeping us guessing as to when the two would finally consummate their on-again, off-again rocky-romance as they ran around solving crimes. The series finished in 1987 but the plethora of websites dedicated to it and fan fiction inspired by it, is testament to its enduring appeal. Remington Steele? 100% pure class.
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Best Romantic Detective Show Ever!
KatWoman14 November 2005
Detective shows with male/female partners were big in the 1980s ("Scarecrow & Mrs. King," "Moonlighting," "Hart to Hart," etc.), and of all of them, "Remington Steele" was the absolute best. I was totally hooked on this show in high school, and for good reason! Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan are both not only terrific actors, but they had the best on screen chemistry ever. The premise of the show was clever, the writing was intelligent and the characters were real. An episode could bring you to tears ("Red Holt Steele") or keep you laughing throughout ("Steele in the Chips"). Above all were the romantic episodes ("Steele Away With Me," "Steele At It," "Love Among the Steele," etc.), where the writers would keep the audience guessing -- will they or won't they *finally* get together? Oh, and Doris Roberts was great as Mildred Krebs, even when she was FOREVER interrupting Steele and Miss Holt at the most inopportune times. I'm totally thrilled that this series is finally coming out on DVD. I'll even buy the Fifth Season, even though it was totally disappointing, as I *have* to have the complete set! I highly recommend this show to everyone.
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the best and the brightest
blanche-210 February 2001
Of all the man-woman detective adversaries that came up in the '80s - and yes, I'm including the "Moonlighting" team - Remington Steele was the best, the best written, the best acted, with the best chemistry. Unfortunately for Pierce Brosnan, there aren't a lot the debonair, light comedy Cary Grant roles being written today - this was Brosnan's milieu and his role as "Mr. Steele" deservedly made him a star. That Stephanie Zimbalist, because she committed the unforgiveable crime of turning 40, is no longer considered a star is pathetic. Where Moonlighting suffered from writer changes, problems on the set and a certain amount of disorganization and had to depend more and more on ad libs, techniques like talking to the camera and often started filming without a script, Remington Steele delivered a tight, well acted script week after week and, as the years went on, only got better and better. Glad to see it in re-runs and probably garnering more and more new fans but I miss the show. As Mr. Steele said to his secretary when he began his biography, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." She then interrupts him and says, "Excuse me, Mr. Steele, don't you think it's better to say 'it was the best and worst of times'"? Whatever it was, Remington Steele was a part of it.
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Reasons to still love Remington Steele
lclr24 January 2005
I loved Remington Steele back in the 1980s and videotaped many of the shows. I recently found those tapes again and have been watching them more critically this time around. I still love most of the shows, but now I think I understand why. Where else can you find a show nowadays where the star of a show is a bright, independent-minded entrepreneurial woman who finds a bright, warm, sensitive, and gorgeous man that pursues her more for her mind than her body? Where else can you find a show nowadays where the female lead deals with feminist issues and doesn't allow herself to be sexually exploited or even to take issues of sex and commitment lightly without being naive or a prude? Looking back on it, there was more romantic comedy than mystery or drama in most of the shows, but the main characters were very appealing, as was their dilemma. I'd love to see more shows like it on the air today.
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Don't Forget the Music
djoyjr30 August 2005
Not only were the mysteries satisfying and the characters both intriguing and likable, but the smooth jazz of the theme and soundtrack were unbeatable and the best since Peter Gunn. Beyond that, the dialog and banter was intelligent. Sometimes, you actually have to think about the reference and connect the dots to get to the laugh. Heaven forbid that should happen on TV today )which probably explains why I don't watch much original TV). I started watching the Season One DVDs and it was like meeting an old friend I hadn't seen for years. I've introduced my 18 year old son to "Remington Steele" and he finds them as entertaining as I do. New we have to wait until November for Season Two!
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A clever classic
Suzie True19 September 2000
The 007 films are no doubt fun, but their attempts at comedy (which are admittedly not their focal point) are sad compared to the physical comedic ability and the facial expressions Brosnan exhibited on "Remington Steele." And Zimbalist was a great co-lead, as opposed to in other shows, where the female played second string. I believe this show's premise would still work today, tweaked a bit to satisfy those people still fighting for that one amendment - what was it? The main things that wouldn't work would be the hairstyles and the clothing - but those will probably come back in a decade or two. At any rate, this show is a classic.
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11 out of 10, it blows away the scale
TeenSteele30 June 2004
Remington Steele was a mixture of mystery, comedy, romance, and so much more. i wasn't born when it originally aired, but i watched the reruns on some obscure television network. it was all magic. the way the show carries itself, the way it goes through each episode. there is always an air of mystery about Steele, which we don't actually find out until the very end. there is also the never ending question that always comes up, no matter how 'bleak the situation,' does he or doesn't he love Laura? Of course we all know, but Holt herself won't admit it. As the episodes and seasons go by, the characters develop even more. All in all, this show really does blow away the scale, and i give it a 11 out of 10. although this show did have some weak moments, what show doesn't? i know I'll be first in line when they release the DVD(if they ever do...).
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Love this series!!!!
sleuth-spy3 July 2004
Remington Steele is one of my favorite TV series. It had everything: fun, romance, mystery, suspense, and three great leading actors, Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan and Doris Roberts. They were a winning combination. I would love to have the entire series on DVD. Although, I have some complete episodes on video tape, tapes wear out, and I'm hoping for a DVD set to preserve such a wonderful series for posterity.

Stephanie Zimbalist played Laura Holt beautifully. She was a character I admired, a woman striking out on her own, even though she initially had to use deception to get her business on track. Pierce Brosnan was charming as the mysterious con man. Who can forget the wild antics of Doris Roberts as Mildred Krebs, especially the time she was involved in the Steele, Inc. scheme to open a chain of Remington Steele agencies without the knowledge of Laura or Steele?

This is a series that MUST find a place on DVD shelves everywhere.
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A Deep Dark Secret (Contains Spoilers)
Lady Jasmine16 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I am an unashamed Remington Steele-aholic. I have almost every episode on video, including the marathon that A&E ran several years ago.

I have constantly tried to pin down what it is that I like so much about this show. Perhaps it is that I just happened to stumble into it at the right time, perhaps it is because I am a hopeless romantic. I have never really been able to come up with an exact answer. To me it has just always had the perfect combination of romance and mystery that created a nice kind of tension in the show as a whole. You couldn't really separate the two elements, the mysteries seldom stood on their own without the subplot of Remington and Laura, and their romance thrived on the mysteries. I have heard that PAX tried to air the series and cut out all the romance scenes, I've never quite figured out how that would work.

For those who are not Steelites (and I realise that RS is not really that well known a show), the stories of each episode centre around the characters at the Remington Steele detective agency. At first glance it's just your normal PI Office, bullets flying, phones ringing, femme fatales wandering through the door every afternoon and a head man to keep it all under control. But there is one minor difference, that headman is a Remington Steele by name...though none know if that's his real name.... who takes all the bows while the real head of the office, Laura Holt, does all the dirty work. Add in their unlikely, and constantly challenged desire for each other...and you have Remington Steele.

One of the shows that unfortunately got lost in the 80s, RS is worth checking out if you like mysteries and/or simple romance...before everything became graphic and over-explicit. And if anyone out there has a copy of the Steele Threads episode that they are willing to part with, please let me know :)
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Steele the One
MCL115016 May 2008
Remington Steele is back on TV! I must have seen every single episode back in the 1980s, but luckily my memory of the details has faded so I can see it again for the first time. It last aired over 20 years ago so I haven't had the pleasure since. Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist were simply terrific together. Ms. Zimbalist alone, as they say, was worth the price of admission. A simply gorgeous woman who still looks fantastic 25+ years later. Sure, the producers played the then emerging "Sexual Tension" card, but they had more chemistry between them than formula. I can't remember if they ever hooked up and I can hardly wait to see it all again with fresh eyes and fresh expectations. So far, those expectations have been met. It's every bit the great detective show I remember it to be. It runs second only to TV's immortal great "The Rockford Files" as Best Ever Detective TV Series. One comment about the carbon copy "Moonlighting". Good show. Pale imitation. The pilot should have been titled "Steeleing from the Best". Cyble Shepard needed gauss over the lens for close-ups and Pierce didn't have an annoying smirking habit like Bruce Willis! As for Stephanie ... wow! Sharp as a tack visually and mentally all the while delivering the fantastically crafted dialog. Pierce was great too, but I didn't have a crush on him. Catch the re-runs on the American Life TV Network.
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Steele steals the scenes!
Sylviastel14 October 2007
The casting of Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele, private investigator, and Stephanie Zimbalist as Laura Holt, the private investigator who conjured up the name in order to get her business moving. After all, a woman private investigator did not fare well in the world. Remington Steele pops up and there is obvious chemistry between the two characters. Steele is charismatic, charming, and seductive while Holt is more straight and lacks a sense of humor at times. There is no question that Steele steals the scenery right out from under her. Anyway, the two cast mates do have chemistry. The addition of Doris Roberts before she was known as Marie Boyle on Everybody Loves Raymond gave her a supporting role. This show was light but not as a feather nor dark or too serious. It had a comedy and drama mixed in together which was why it worked for 5 seasons in the golden age of television.
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They don't make TV like this any more!
ArizWldcat26 November 2008
Heck, they don't make MOVIES like this any more. This series was patterned after great mystery movies of the 30s and 40s. I love the look of it! Starting with the Remington Steele Detective Agency's office, Remington's art deco apartment, Laura's loft...those sets were classic and fun to look at. Kudos to the set designer, whoever he was. Also, the look of the series...from the way the scenes dissolve to the freeze frames at the end of each episode, it brings back the Nick and Nora Charles type mysteries. The creators of the show were smart enough to keep things platonic between Remington and Laura until the very end. They knew exactly why viewers kept tuning in week after week, and if they'd "consummated" things, then they would have lost their audience. The dialog was witty, the scripts well done ( there was actually a mystery, at times quite complicated,to be solved during each episode!). I even like the first season, with Murphy and Bernice, but after Mildred Krebs was introduced at the beginning of the second season, the show began to hit its stride. Remington Steele aired during the 1980s, starting in 1982, and ending basically 4 seasons later (they made 2 "made for TV" movies after the end of the 4th season, which they call the "5th season") still with the high quality of the earlier shows. I am glad they wrapped things up in the "5th season," but I can't help wishing they'd been given more chances at a real 5th season.

25 years later, I just bought the DVD sets and I just love them. I had previously purchased the Moonlighting series, because I remembered loving that show, but this one managed to keep its integrity year after year. Moonlighting went downhill quickly after David and Maddie "got together." I have to say this series has the edge over Moonlighting in my book, but at the same time you can see that Glenn Gordon Caron had a part in its first season (Remington and Laura even have overlapping dialog, although Maddy and David did it more successfully) before he had success with Moonlighting.
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Steele The Best
Xenos198123 July 2006
Pierce Brosnan... Stephanie Zimbalist... Mystery... Comedy... Sexual tension.

'Nuff said.

Now go buy this series!

"Remington Steele" -- Seasons One through Three are available in stores and on-line now. Seasons Four and Five will be available beginning August 15, 2006.

("Remington Steele" also stars Doris Roberts of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' fame as Mildred Krebs. It was created by Michael Gleason and Robert Butler.)
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Classy mystery series
beauvallet24 October 2004
In re the previous viewer's comment on the romance in this series, IMHO the romance was always secondary to the mystery. The reason to watch this show is not for romance! Watch it for the homage paid to classic films, the wit, and the charm. The pilot episode alone was a delicious screwball comedy of confused identities. When Steele referenced an old movie I hadn't seen I would rush off next day to the video store to rent it -- although I confess I still have not managed to sit through all of The Yakuza! Michael Gleason's creation was an amalgam of great old movie characters: Cary Grant's John Robie in "To Catch a Thief"; Grant's multiple-named character in "Charade"; a little bit of Bogart and even a touch of Jimmy Stewart. I watched this show religiously at a time when I could hardly stand to watch anything on TV (and other than Foyle's War and the Hornblower series I pretty much avoid the boob-tube altogether nowadays)- so many episodes were wonderfully scripted and directed: Steele Away With Me, Steele Your Heart Away, Steele Belted, License to Steele, Altared Steele, and my favorites with the archvillain Major Descoin. I sure hope that when the show finally makes an appearance on DVD that the ENTIRE series is published, and not just a "best of" set.
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Wonderful Private Eye/Romantic Comedy, with Sparkling Brosnan Performance!
cariart15 December 2006
"Remington Steele" has become such a 'cult favorite' since it's 1982 debut that the show's many fans can recite episodes, plot lines, dialog, even the 'unrevealed' aspects of both Laura Holt and the mysterious Mr. Steele's past, and, amazingly, their futures, as well! For a show that some critics initially brushed off as a "Moonlighting" clone, the series has proved to be far more enduring, and beloved...with much of the credit going to the leads, beautiful and talented Stephanie Zimbalist, and the remarkable future 'James Bond', Pierce Brosnan. The premise of the show was clearly stated in the first season's opening credits; a brilliant young investigator, Laura Holt (Zimbalist), decides to start her own agency, but the era's chauvinistic attitude toward women prevents clients from hiring "a woman". So she invents a fictional 'boss', Remington Steele, brilliant, charismatic, but always busy on other cases, so potential clients would deal with his 'associate', Ms. Holt. The scheme works brilliantly, although, as the client list increased in stature, it became increasingly difficult to fend off their demands to meet Mr. Steele...and then HE appeared! A young, lean, enigmatic Irishman (Pierce Brosnan), initially involved in a smuggling operation (although on the "side of the Angels"), gets out of a difficult situation by declaring himself "Remington Steele", and quickly discovers the status (and available funds!) the 'Nom De Plume' gives him. Although Holt is initially furious at the pretender, an important client happily passes his business to 'Mr. Steele', and his physical 'presence', documented by the press, forces her to accept the mysterious stranger...on condition he NOT meddle in cases! Of course, the new Steele, whose passion is Classic Hollywood movies (as, indeed, Brosnan's was, as well), simply can't miss the chance to 'live out' the 'Film Noir Detective' lifestyle, creating a constant source of episode plot lines...and Holt and Steele would develop an increasingly romantic bond, as well, which would, eventually become a full-fledged romance. For many "Steele" fans, the first season's episodes are the most fun, with Brosnan less-than-competent as the master detective, Zimbalist displaying great comic timing in her reactions to his "successes", and James Read ("North and South", "Charmed"), providing a rugged sex appeal as her more dependable, skilled associate/'boyfriend'. But the Steele/Holt chemistry was so strong that Read would eventually be written out (as well as the two-dimensional secretary, Bernice Foxe, played by Janet DeMay), and a stronger character, motherly Mildred Krebs (the wonderful Doris Roberts), would be introduced as the new secretary/confidant, in the second season; her presence provided a stability that actually improved the show. So much has been written about the series, and so many legends surround it (the most famous being that NBC, on the verge of canceling the show after four seasons, upon hearing Brosnan had been chosen as the new James Bond in "The Living Daylights", quickly reprieved it for a season of 'made-for-TV' "Steele" movies, to take advantage of the publicity...costing Brosnan the 007 role, for a decade), that "Remington Steele" has achieved a fame that has far outlasted the series' five seasons. Certainly, the warmth and camaraderie of the cast and crew throughout the run made the production 'special' (unlike the frequently explosive atmosphere on the "Moonlighting" set), and there is ALWAYS talk of a 'reunion' show, reuniting Steele and Holt for a new adventure, even after a twenty-year 'retirement'! Not bad for a "Moonlighting" 'clone'!
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Great series.....
rad170131 July 2005
Way back when TV shows actually told good mysteries and didn't just show "reality" we had a little gem called "Remington Steele." Starring Pierce Brosnan (pre-Bond) and Stephanie Zimbalist the show revolved around a detective agency. The twist was "Remington Steele" was a made up character in the show. Laura Holt (Zimbalist's role) invented him because a name like that on the door brought in the business. Of course when Brosnan shows up and sort of "becomes" Remington things get very interesting. The first season really has some great shows in it and the chemistry between the leads is wonderful. I highly recommend the show to all mystery and detective fans who like shows that make you think a little - and are fun too!
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Remington Steele is 15 out of 10 why?
edduay16 September 2010
I watched this show with my first girlfriend since it all started and we love it dearly until now. it got everything, romance, action, comedy, suspense, excellent writers/directors and the plots, you can never guess( even just one of them) what will happen or who done who. that is good entertainment! the show treat their audience intelligently unlike "moonlighting". Pierce is very good so as Doris Roberts but all hands up to Stephanie, her timing is excellent and her portrayal of the character is very inspiring to woman during that time! independent, brilliant, sporty and yet sophisticated cute private detective. i have a huge crush on her! Now here in England, i found out that reruns is on in CBS Action channel, Bravo! even though its 5am i do still watching and enjoying it! God bless this cable channel! too bad the DVD collection is on NTSC format and and only season 1 and 2 on PAL. but still i bought all....the best TV show for me no.1. " Steele in chips" episode season 3 is one of the best..
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Art Deco TV
vranger19 June 2009
As an initial aside, its interesting that one commenter called this a Moonlighting clone. Remington Steele, of course, was around for THREE YEARS before Moonlighting came along. LOL Both series handed us major motion picture stars (Pierce Brosnan and Bruce Willis).

Remington Steele was a smart and funny romance disguised as a detective show. Although there was a mystery in each episode and it was resolved, the viewers were really tuning in to see the antithetical romance between "Remington Steele" and Laura Holt.

With the premise being that "Remington Steele" was a made up person to front for the female owned detective agency, and that Brosnan's character filled the vacuum almost as blackmail, the series had a unique and enterprising premise that you would expect to find in a motion picture rather than a TV series.

The moment in the pilot when Laura Holt realized what was being perpetrated on her was a priceless scene.

We were delighted when the full series, including the made for TV movies of the last year, were made available on DVD.
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Something worth to grow up with
Thorsten Stichweh6 June 2001
I saw this show first when I was 15 years old. It was a time when German TV tried to bring the newest US shows as soon as possible to fight for viewers against the newly established cable stations. This series was totally fun. Besides from the main characters the character of Mildred Krebs was fantastic. Doris Roberts did the same there what she did in Everybody loves Raymond. With her sarcastic side notes she gives every situation a unique touch. And look at the car Remington was driving !!! My dream car. Sad that Brosnan couldn't accept the offer for the James Bond role at first. Would have been no miserable 5th Season and 3 better James Bond movies.
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One of the best mystery / adventure stories on TV.
cmyklefty21 January 2002
Stephanie Zimbalist plays Laura Holt a private detective who made up a fictitious Remington Steele to more business for her agency. One day a mysterious man comes to her claiming to be Remington Steele played by Pierce Brosnan, then runs the detective agency with her as her boss. Steele uses the plot of movies to solve the cases in each episode. It was an unique show to watch setting apart from the rest, unlike Murder She Wrote or Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
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The best of all detective series ever
Benelli-314 March 2002
We have here the ultimate TV-series. Two splendidly attractive actors in the main parts, Pierce Brosnan and above all Stephanie Zimbalist. Stephanie is certainly one of the most talented, beautiful, witty, erotically loaded actresses in the history of movies. It´s a pity the her career did´t develop as it should have. Add to the extremely talented actors a humoristic but exciting plot and good actors in the smaller parts. In some of the episodes one even could enjoy the art of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
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A well-made, well-written, entertaining show.
willman8520 August 2017
Stephanie Zimbalist is so beautiful in this, and the role of a smart, successful sleuth really suits her. Glamorous, alluring, sexy, sophisticated. Shimmering soft hair, gorgeously pert and pretty features, the voice of a lady. The envy and idol of little girls everywhere. Always elegant and enchanting, a classy leading lady.

Oh yeah and there's Pierce. For the ladies.
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Remington Steele
halldorie-670-75724326 April 2013
I know this is not as fast pace, as what people are use to. It is just a cute series, that is just fun to watch, and it brings back a simpler style of life, and times. I love this series, and other like: Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Miss Marple, The Thin Man. These a quaint and clever shows without swear words and nudity. In this fast pace world we live in, it is nice to slow down and just enjoy an entertaining show once and awhile. It is murder mysteries, and Hollywood rolled into one show, plus a little romance to boot. I think anyone would enjoy this, except maybe the people that like slasher movies, or explosive shows, and that is OK, that is what makes the world go around. It is a nice twist to see a woman in charge behind the man. I am sure there was a lot of truth to that time period. So rent, buy and enjoy.
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Mildly entertaining fun with a good regular cast
shakspryn31 January 2020
The three regulars were all good with strong comic ability. Stephanie underplayed, which was essential since Pierce's character was quite over the top. Doris Roberts amped up the comedy aspect The plots were OK. The premise was rather limiting to me: Stephanie the serious worried type, Pierce the handsome charmer, and how they interact. I have never been a big fan of the "romantic, sparks fly duo" detective shows, but this is certainly one of the better of that group. Interesting to compare this with Magnum PI of the same period. To me Magnum was more entertaining because Tom's unattached, bachelor status (no Stephanie type character in the show) allowed more variety of romantic guest star situations. Both shows are good examples of 1980's American TV.
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