Christine (1983) Poster


Robert Darnell: Michael Cunningham



  • Michael Cunningham : Your mother and I have decided to buy you a new car.

    Arnie Cunningham : [to his mother]  That's what everyone wants isn't it? Well, fuck you. I'm going to fix up Christine.

    [walks away, his dad gets up and confronts him and grabs him by the shoulder] 

    Michael Cunningham : Listen, mister me and your mother have taken disrespect from you once too many times! Now, you go in there and apologize right now!

    Arnie Cunningham : [grabs him by the neck]  Keep your mitts off me, motherfucker! I'm hittin' the sack.

    [walks upstairs] 

  • Regina Cunningham : How could you have let him do this?

    Dennis Guilder : I didn't let him. I mean he wanted the car and he bought it. I tried to talk him out of it, in fact.

    Regina Cunningham : Mm, I doubt that you tried very hard.

    Dennis Guilder : Yeah, well I'm going home.

    Regina Cunningham : I think you should.

    Arnie Cunningham : OK that's it, I'm getting the fuck out of here!

    Michael Cunningham : Oh, Arnie, now what kind of language is that?

    Regina Cunningham : WHAT did you say? What did you say?

    Arnie Cunningham : Look, you wanted me in college courses, I'm there. You wanted me in the chess club instead of the band, OK, I'm there too. Now I managed to get through seventeen years without embarrassing your bridge club or landing jail! Now I'm telling you, I'm gonna have this, this one thing!

    Regina Cunningham : You are not keeping any car at this house!

    Arnie Cunningham : Fine!

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