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Dree Hemingway Covers "Elle"

Actress/model Dree Hemingway ("Starlet"), the daughter of Mariel Hemingway ("Star 80") poses for the December 2019 issue of "Elle" (Spain) magazine, wearing Paco Rabanne fashion, photographed by Xavi Gordo:

The great-granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway, Dree first played 'Jane', the lead in the feature "Starlet" (2012).

She was a 'Playboy Playmate' in the first 'non-nude' issue of Playboy magazine (March 2016).

Specializing in independent features, Hemingway had a supporting role in "Listen Up Philip" (2014)...

...and leading roles in "The People Garden" and "Live Cargo".

In 2017, Hemingway appeared in "It Happened in L.A.", "Love After Love", with upcoming films including "7x7", "In a Relationship"...

..."Wanderland", "Run With the Hunted", "The Unicorn" and "Violet".

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Dree Hemingway...
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Runaway Train: From Russian Arthouse to The Cannon Group

Tom Jolliffe takes a look back at one of Cannon’s finest, Runaway Train…

If you’re not familiar with the output of a certain iconic independent studio that were prolific in the 80’s, then chances are, of a certain age you probably saw or heard about a number of their films. It might be Masters of The Universe, or Superman IV: The Quest for Toilet (known as The Quest for Peace in some territories).

If you are familiar with the studio then the hazy memory of their logo appearing before your inputted VHS film began, would warm the cockles. They were renowned initially for skin flicks and low rent horror before ploughing more and more money into producing and distributing large numbers of genre films (especially action). Suddenly Messrs Menahem Golan and Yoran Globus were utterly prolific, upsetting a few apple carts along the way. Fans lapped up films like American Ninja,
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First Look at Godzilla Mockbuster Monster Island Debuting on SyFy This Weekend [Exclusive]

Can't get out to see Godzilla: King of Monsters this weekend? Don't worry. The Asylum's Monster Island is coming to SyFy this Saturday. And it promises to bring all the Kaiju action and giant monster battles you crave. Today, we have some exclusive images from this clash of the titans. The movie was written and directed by Mark Atkins. Here's what we can expect to see.

As the world tries to stop a giant Kaiju bent on destruction more and more monsters appear - each one more terrible than the last - leaving mankind defenseless until our heroes reach out to a specialist versed in monster lore.

Directed by Mark Atkins from a script he wrote himself, Monster Island stars Toshi Toda, Eric Roberts, Chris Fisher, Adrian Bouchet, Meghan Oberholzer, Natalie Robbie and Donna Cormack. Atkins is responsible for such heavy hitting cult favorites as 6-Headed Shark Attack, Empire of the Sharks,
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The B-Movie With The Oscar Powered Pedigree – Best of the Best

Tom Jolliffe revisits Best of the Best…

We’ve all seen those trailers before. You may see them predominantly around the time that Oscar baited films begin popping up, in readiness for an Autumn and winter push for Academy recognition. A principal cast loaded with calibre. They get announced on screen. Starring Academy Award winner…, Academy Award winner…, Academy Award nominee… etc. If you look at some films historically, we’ve seen films with four or more cast members who’ve all had some form of Academy recognition in the same film. It affords the film a little gravitas, and the marketers fall upon it with great relish.

Ordinarily these films will be big studio productions. They don’t always turn out brilliantly it must be said. Occasionally these people are brought together in something where clearly, every one of them is after an easy paycheck and the studio itself
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Rushes: Cannes Honors Agnès Varda, "The Rise of Skywalker," Claire Denis

  • MUBI
Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveries. For daily updates follow us @NotebookMUBI.NEWSThe Cannes Film Festival has announced its official poster, a tribute to the late Agnès Varda. The poster depicts Varda on the set of her very first feature, La pointe courte (1955). We are saddened by the news that the brilliant Swedish actress Bibi Andersson died at the age of 83. Best known for her remarkable turns in The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, and Persona, Ronald Bergan provides a thorough obituary of the timeless artist for The Guardian.Recommended VIEWINGThe first teaser for J.J. Abrams conclusion to the new Star Wars trilogy, Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker. We published an extensive 5-part dialogue conducted last year that wrestles with George Lucas's much contested prequels.Kino Lorber's trailer for the re-release of Frank Simon's The Queen (1968), a documentary about the Miss All-America Camp Beauty Contest,
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Looking Back at the ‘Fosse/Verdon’ Dancing Legends That Inspired FX Series

  • Variety
On April 9, FX debuts “Fosse/Verdon,” about two people who may not be household names, but are certainly in the Pantheon to those who love musicals.

In the Jan. 25, 1950, issue, Variety reviewer Hobe Morrison lamented the stage revue “Alive and Kicking,” but gave one of the few positive mentions to newcomer Gwen Verdon. (Among others in the cast: Carl Reiner.) Variety’s first story about Bob Fosse ran on July 24, 1952, when he signed as a performer with MGM. The two met in 1955, when she starred in Broadway’s “Damn Yankees,” which he choreographed. In the May 6, 1955, review, Morrison had problems with the show, but high praise for both of them. For the 1958 film, they reprised those duties and he also appeared in the “Who’s Got the Pain” mambo number.

The teaming of director-choreographer Fosse and star Verdon was unbeatable for years with such Broadway shows as “Redhead” (1960), “Sweet Charity” (1966) and
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"Galaxina" TV Series

  • SneakPeek
TV series sevelopment continues on the Crown International Pictures reboot of director William Sachs 1980 comedic science fiction feature "Galaxina" (1980):

" the year 3008, the crew of the 'Intergalactic Space Police' cruiser 'Infinity' is on patrol duty in deep space. The ship is captained by the incompetent 'Cornelius Butt' (Avery Schreiber) and his crewmen including first officer 'Sgt. Thor' (Stephen Macht), pilot 'Pvt. Buzz McHenry' (J.D. Hinton)...

"...the alien 'Maurice' (Lionel Mark Smith), 'Sam' (Tad Horino) and the female android 'Galaxina' (Dorothy Stratten)..."

Stratten, 'Playboy Playmate Of The Year' was killed in a murder/suicide shortly after the film's release and became the subject of director Bob Fosse's feature "Star 80" (1983).

Besides its homage and parodies of "Star Trek" (1966), "Star Wars" (1977) and "Alien" (1979), "Galaxina" is noted as having won the 'Audience Award' at the 1983 'Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film'.

Click the images to enlarge and
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King of the Gypsies: 40 Years of Eric Roberts

Tom Jolliffe looks at the career of Eric Roberts after 40 years on the silver screen…

I’ve long championed a certain cinematic underdog. An actor who burst onto the scene full of promise. A character actor with an edge and the ability to play tightly wound and/or complexly simple-minded characters with aplomb.

The other day as I sat and watched King of the Gypsies for the first time in well over a decade, it dawned on me that the film, which marked Roberts first foray into film, was now 40 years old. Perusing his CV and the sheer number of credits to his name, some may actually assume he’s been making films since the dawn of time but let’s say that since the digital age and the ease (and cost effective way) of which films can be produced means that he’s been more prolific. Roberts doesn’t
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"Galaxina" TV Series

Crown International Pictures will reboot director William Sachs 1980 comedic science fiction feature "Galaxina" (1980) as a TV series:

" the year 3008, the crew of the 'Intergalactic Space Police' cruiser 'Infinity' is on patrol duty in deep space. The ship is captained by the incompetent 'Cornelius Butt' (Avery Schreiber) and his crewmen including first officer 'Sgt. Thor' (Stephen Macht), pilot 'Pvt. Buzz McHenry' (J.D. Hinton)...

"...the alien 'Maurice' (Lionel Mark Smith), 'Sam' (Tad Horino) and the female android 'Galaxina' (Dorothy Stratten)..."

Stratten, 'Playboy Playmate Of The Year' was killed by her loser boyfriend in a murder/suicide shortly after the film's release and became the subject of director Bob Fosse's feature "Star 80" (1983).

Besides its homage and parodies of "Star Trek" (1966), "Star Wars" (1977) and "Alien" (1979), "Galaxina" is noted as having won the 'Audience Award' at the 1983 'Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film'.

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Jared Leto Will Star in Brett Ratner's Hugh Hefner Movie

Hugh Hefner, who passed away last week, had a huge influence on movies. There's the work he did in film preservation, helping to restore prints of The Big Sleep and Pandora's Box. There's the pop cultural presence his publication had in such movies as Apocalypse Now and of course The House Bunny. And he's been a figure worth portraying on screen, from James Franco's brief role in Lovelace to Cliff Roberton's performance in Star 80 and even Stan Lee's cameo in Iron Man.  Now Hefner is going to finally get a proper biopic of his own. Brett Ratner, who has been trying to get the project made for at least a decade, has announced Jared Leto will star as the iconic Playboy mogul. Quoted by...

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Hugh Hefner Remembered by Friends, Celebrities and Playboy Bunnies

  • MovieWeb
Hugh Hefner Remembered by Friends, Celebrities and Playboy Bunnies
Hugh Hefner, the legendary founder of Playboy magazine, has sadly passed away. Hugh Hefner died on Wednesday night at the age of 91 and now celebrities and former Playboy Bunnies are paying tribute to the legendary cultural icon via social media. Hefner helped to launch the careers of many models and actresses through the magazine including Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, and Donna D'Errico, just to name a few. In addition to the models and actresses, Hefner also helped boost the careers of writers and comedians while fighting for freedom of speech.

Drew Barrymore, Farrah Fawcett and Linda Evans are among those who have posed for Playboy. Several Playboy Bunnies became celebrities, too, including Blondie singer Deborah Harry and model Lauren Hutton, both of whom have good memories of their time with Hugh Hefner and Playboy. Hefner ran Playboy from his elaborate mansions, first in Chicago and then in Los Angeles, and
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Kim Kardashian, Jesse Jackson, Jenny McCarthy and More Mourn the Death of Hugh Hefner

Kim Kardashian, Jesse Jackson, Jenny McCarthy and More Mourn the Death of Hugh Hefner
He was a pioneer of the ’60s sexual revolution, a champion of civil rights and free speech, and created one of the most popular magazines and brand that not only became a playground for Hollywood’s biggest stars, but also changed publishing and pop culture forever.

So it’s fitting that in the wake of the news of Hugh Hefner‘s death, everyone from celebrities to politicians to former Playboy cover models would take to social media to express their condolences and honor Hefner’s legacy.

There were those who admired him and enjoyed time at his infamous Playboy mansion,
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Emma Roberts In "Grazia" (Italy)

Sneak Peek new images of actress Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens"), wearing Chanel, in the latest issue of "Grazia" (Italy) magazine, photographed by Jason Kim:

Roberts, the daughter of actor Eric Roberts ("Star 80") made her film debut as 'Kristina Jung' in the feature "Blow (2001)...

...followed by her role as 'Addie Singer' in the Nickelodeon TV series "Unfabulous" (2004–07).

As a singer, Roberts released her debut studio album, "Unfabulous and More" (2005), which also served as the series' soundtrack.

Roberts then appeared in a series of film roles, including "Nancy Drew" (2007), "Wild Child" (2008), "Hotel for Dogs" (2009), "Valentine's Day" (2010), "It's Kind of a Funny Story" (2010) and "The Art of Getting By" (2011).

Her next films included "Lymelife" (2009), "" (2010), "Scream 4" (2011), "Adult World" (2013), "We're the Millers" (2013), and "Palo Alto" (2013).

Roberts currently plays the character 'Chanel Oberlin' in the Fox TV series "Scream Queens", as well as playing main roles in two seasons of "American Horror Story
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Horror Highlights: 5 Nights Of Fear on Shout! Factory TV, Creepy Co. Pin, Horror Movie Night Podcast’s Fundraiser to Fight Als, Jasmine

Rabid, and Clive Barker's Nightbreed are just a couple of films in the lineup for Shout! Factory TV's 5 Nights of Fear. Prepare thyself. Also in today's Horror Highlights: a new Beistle Cat special edition pin from Creepy Co., details on Horror Movie Night podcast's fundraiser to raise money for FamilyStrong4ALS, and Jasmine release details.

Shout! Factory TV's Five Nights of Fear Details: Press Release: "Scream Factory™ is celebrating five years of fear with the special screening event 5 Nights of Fear airing on Shout! Factory TV. In celebration of the now-iconic horror brand’s fifth anniversary, Scream Factory will present nightly screenings of cult favorite films Nightbreed, Bad Moon, The Exorcist III, Hellhole, and Rabid. 5 Nights of Fear will air from Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 16 each evening at 10 p.m. Et/7 p.m. Pt at, and on Pluto TV Channel 512.

On Monday, the terrifying celebration
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How the Brutal Murder of a Playboy Centerfold Sent Shock Waves Through Hollywood

How the Brutal Murder of a Playboy Centerfold Sent Shock Waves Through Hollywood
Dorothy Stratten had the world at her fingertips in 1980.

She had rocketed to fame as the Playboy Playmate of the Year. Now, Hollywood was calling. She landed guest roles on TV shows such as Buck Rodgers and Fantasy Island.

Things got even better for her when she earned a substantial role in the movie They All Laughed, a comedy film starring Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara and John Ritter.

She maintained warm relationships with several Hollywood heavy hitters, including Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

But Stratton’s personal life was messy. Her marriage to her controlling small-time manager, Paul Snider, was on the rocks.
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Slideshow: The Hollywood Show in Chicagoland on Mar. 24-26, 2017

Previous | Image 1 of 23 | NextMariel Hemingway of ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Star 80.’

Chicago – “The Hollywood Show” is an exciting gathering of celebrities and memorabilia for movies, TV and pop culture fans. The latest edition is coming up – March 24th-26th, 2017 – at the Hyatt Rosemont/Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel in Rosemont, Ill. Among the TV and film stars scheduled to appear is Ed Asner (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), Stefanie Powers (“Hart to Hart”), Angie Dickinson (“Police Woman,” original “Ocean’s 11’), Dawn Wells (“Gilligan’s Island”), Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”) and Richard Chamberlain (“Dr. Kildare,” “Slipper and the Rose”). Detail link below the Slideshow.

To give you an example of the celebrities that appear at The Hollywood Show, photographer Joe Arce of took Exclusive Portraits at last year’s Fall show in September. Click “Next” and “Previous” to scan through the slideshow or jump directly to individual photos with the captioned links below.
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Interview: Director Icon Peter Bogdanovich Honored at 52nd Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago – If Peter Bogdanovich had only been a film writer and critic, he still would have made a major contribution to cinema culture. But he also chose to direct, and besides producing arguably one of the best American films ever made (“The Last Picture Show”), he continues to work and fulfill his creative vision.

Bogdanovich was honored at the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival with a Gold Hugo Career Lifetime Achievement designation, which was augmented with a magnificent documentary about a period in his career called “One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich and the Lost American Film.” The film tells the story of “They All Laughed” (1981), a post modern screwball comedy starring Audrey Hepburn, John Ritter and Dorothy Stratten. Bogdanovich was in a relationship with Stratten during the production of the film, and she was murdered by her ex-husband while the film was being edited. The tragedy, the prescience of
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Blu-ray Review: Bad Moon (Scream Factory)

Scream Factory has released Bad Moon to Blu-ray, and they’ve included both the theatrical cut, as well as the rarer director’s cut. I don’t want to oversell it, this isn’t Nightbreed, the director’s cut of Bad Moon actually clocks in at a few seconds less than the theatrical. That I can tell, the only difference throughout the entire film is that transformation scene, which really makes little difference. I know several people who consider this to be one of their favorite horror films, but other than that, it’s rarely one I see mentioned. The werewolf genre is criminally unappreciated in the first place, and a lot of the really good ones are just obscure enough that they never really capture the attention of the mainstream. Bad Moon is a solid werewolf movies. And Scream Factory has released the most complete version to date.

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July 19th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Return Of The Living Dead Collector’s Edition, Bad Moon

Tuesday, July 19th doesn’t boast a ton of new home entertainment choices for genre fans, but as the saying goes, sometimes it’s quality over quantity, and there are a few releases to be more than excited for. Scream Factory has put together a stellar Collector’s Edition release of The Return of the Living Dead and is also bringing Bad Moon home in HD as well.

Mill Creek has two William Castle double features arriving on Blu-ray this week, and Warner Home Video is giving Watchmen the 4K Ultra HD treatment with their new release of The Ultimate Cut, which I know a lot of fans have been looking forward to for a while now.

Other notable titles coming home on July 19th include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (with four separate format releases) and a special edition release of Ken Russell’s Crimes of Passion.
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Contest: Win Bad Moon on Blu-ray

The lunar cycle wreaks havoc on Ted Harrison in Bad Moon. The 1996 werewolf film comes out on Blu-ray this Tuesday from Scream Factory, and we’ve been provided with three copies to give away to Daily Dead readers.


Prize Details: (3) Winners will receive (1) Blu-ray copy of Bad Moon.

How to Enter: For a chance to win, email with the subject “Bad Moon Contest”. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Entry Details: The contest will end at 12:01am Est on July 24th. This contest is only open to those who are eighteen years of age or older that live in the United States. Only one entry per household will be accepted.


“Full, crescent, quarter… each is a Bad Moon for Ted Harrison. By day, he’s a photojournalist visiting family in the Pacific Northwest. By night, he transfigures into a horrific half-human – a werewolf.
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