Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) Poster

Nichelle Nichols: Uhura



  • [their first look at the USS Excelsior] 

    Uhura : Would you look at that.

    Kirk : My friends, the great experiment: The Excelsior. Ready for trial runs.

    Sulu : She's supposed to have transwarp drive.

    Scotty : Aye. And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon.

    Kirk : Come, come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.

  • Mr. Adventure : Look at you. You're a twenty-year space veteran, yet you pick the worst duty station in town. I mean, look at this place. This is the hind end of space.

    Uhura : Peace and quiet appeals to me, Lieutenant.

    Mr. Adventure : Well, maybe that's okay for someone like you, whose career is winding down. But me, I need some excitement, some adventure... maybe even just a surprise or two.

    Uhura : Well, you know what they say, Lieutenant. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

    [Kirk, McCoy and Sulu enter the transporter room] 

    Kirk : Uhura, is everything ready?

    Uhura : Step into my parlor, gentlemen.

    Mr. Adventure : That's Admiral Kirk, my God!

    Uhura : Very good for you, Lieutenant.

    Mr. Adventure : But it's damned irregular. No destination points, no encoded ID's.

    Uhura : All true.

    Mr. Adventure : So what are we gonna do about it?

    Uhura : I'm not gonna do anything about it. You're gonna sit in the closet.

    Mr. Adventure : The *closet*? Have you lost your sense of reality?

    Uhura : This isn't reality.

    [Turns a phaser on him] 

    Uhura : This is fantasy. You wanted adventure, how's this? The old adrenaline going, huh? Good boy. Now get in the closet.

    Mr. Adventure : All right...

    Uhura : Go on.

    Mr. Adventure : I'll just get in the closet. All right! Damn!

    [Falls into the closet and shuts the door] 

    McCoy : I'm glad you're on *our* side!

    Kirk : [Pointing to the closet]  Are you sure you can handle...?

    Uhura : Oh, I'll have "Mr. Adventure" eating out of my hand, sir. And I'll see all of you at the rendezvous.

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