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  • Four college coeds, virginal Jennie, outgoing Carole, wealthy and spoiled Southern belle Sandra and horny Laurie, travel to Fort Lauderdale for their Easter week of Spring Break, and become involved in a series of adventures and misadventures, which include the naive Jennie being pursued by musician drifter Scott and Sandra's snobbish musician cousin Camden. Meanwhile, Carole is seeking a break in her relationship with the jealous Chip who follows her down to Florida. Sandra pursues a romance with local policeman Ernie who arrests her on the first night for being drunk and disorderly, while Laurie just seeks any man she can get her hands on.


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  • Four friends from Penmore College, Carole Singer (Lorna Luft), Laurie Jameson (Lynn Holly-Johnson), Sandra Roxbury (Wendy Schaal), and Jennie Cooper (Lisa Hartman), plan to spend spring break in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Carole wants to take a separate vacation from her long-time boyfriend Chip (Howard McGillin). Laurie hopes to have a fling with a handsome man. Sandra, the elitist of the group, would rather visit Bermuda than join the "debauchery" in Ft. Lauderdale, but agrees to go with her friends and introduce them to her famous cousin, Camden Roxbury III (Daniel McDonald), a successful composer who will be performing a benefit piano concert there. Although Jennie has a term paper due for her classical music major, she is a fan of Camden Roxbury and decides to go.

    On the drive there, the women pick up a good-looking hitchhiker named Scott Nash (Russell Todd), who is traveling to Ft. Lauderdale to promote his band, Scott Nash and the Ramblers. Arriving in the city, the group navigates through the young crowd swarming the streets as one of them puts it "a supermarket of sex". Scott thanks the women for the ride and gazes fondly at Jennie, before leaving to rendezvous with his band mates.

    Checking into a low-budget beachfront hotel, the four girl friends are appalled by the lack of amenities and filthy room, but try to make the best of it. Sandra leaves a message for her wealthy aunt, Barbara Roxbury (Louise Sorel), who lives on an estate in Fort Lauderdale. Barbara, meanwhile, is at the airport to pick up her famous son Camden, who reminds his mother that he will be returning to St. Tropez, France, as soon as the concert is over.

    On the beach, police officer Ernie Grasso (Asher Brauner) flirts with the four young women, and Sandra advises her friends to concentrate instead on dating bankers, doctors, and lawyers.

    That evening, the foursome plans to see Scott and his band play at the City Limits nightclub. Sandra invites Barbara and Camden to join them, but the pretentious composer complains about the crowded rock scene as soon as he arrives. When the four friends see Scott waiting tables instead of performing on stage, he explains that the club owner canceled his band's gig at the last minute. Scott is annoyed when Jennie is dismissive of him in front of Camden. As she discusses piano concertos with the composer, Camden is intrigued and invites Jennie to be his guest at the benefit concert.

    After Barbara and Camden make a brief appearance at the club and leave, the four friends are determined to have a good time and order more drinks. Jennie apologizes to Scott, and he offers to walk her back to the hotel after his shift. As the women become more intoxicated, Sandra jumps on a table and begins taking off her clothes to the applause of the crowd. Laurie pulls Sandra from the club, but on the way back to the hotel, Officer Grasso arrests the two for reckless driving and disorderly conduct.

    At sunrise, Jennie and Scott walk on the beach and enjoy a brief kiss before Jennie returns to her hotel. Soon, she discovers Laurie and Sandra need $200 to post bail. To raise the money, Jennie persuades Carole, a former ballet dancer, to enter a "Hot Bod" dance contest. Carole's boyfriend, Chip, who has arrived in Ft. Lauderdale to spy on her, is shocked to see her gyrating on stage in a swimsuit. Although she tries to explain about the bail money, Chip suggests they break up.

    Amidst the scantily clad girls wearing bikinis, Camden arrives dressed in monogrammed boating attire and invites Jennie and her friends to a cocktail party the following day. Jennie gladly accepts, making Scott jealous. Carole's second place raises only enough money to bail out one, so Sandra and Laurie flip a coin to decide who leaves jail. When Laurie wins and walks out, Officer Grasso is sympathetic and releases Sandra as well. He tells her to call him Ernie and asks her out for coffee. After spending the day with the police officer, Sandra returns to the hotel room and tells her friends she has fallen in love, but with a married man. While smoking marijuana in their room, the friends laugh hysterically as Sandra practices kissing by using an inflatable life-size male doll named "Dave."

    The next day, the friends attend the Roxbury cocktail party. Meanwhile, Laurie arrives for a date with a gorgeous man she has nicknamed "Conan," after seeing him on the beach in a leopard-print swimsuit. However, she storms out when she discovers he is a male prostitute. After Scott advertises the location of the Roxbury party throughout Ft. Lauderdale, young party-goers ambush the estate. Scott searches the house until he finds Jennie upstairs, sitting at the piano with Camden. As the composer plays one of his works-in-progress, Scott offers advice and Camden is impressed. However, the two men argue when Camden asks to be left alone to work on his music. Scott calls him rude for dismissing Jennie as if she was the hired help. Annoyed by the behavior of both suitors, Jennie leaves the party. Scott runs after her to declare that he cares more for her than the arrogant Camden.

    The following day, the four friends convene on the beach, and Sandra is pleased after spending a passionate night with Ernie, while Jennie appears unsure about Scott and Camden. At the benefit concert that night, Barbara proudly introduces her son. Instead of joining her friends in the audience, Sandra stays at the hotel, waiting for Ernie. When he does not call, she drives to his house and learns he has "temporarily" reconciled with his wife. She ends their affair and arrives at the concert teary-eyed.

    After playing one of his familiar piano pieces, Camden introduces a new composition, "Suite for Jennie." However, in the middle of the performance, Scott appears on stage playing a synthesizer and also dedicates a song to Jennie. He and his band drown out Camden and the composer realizes that he has no choice but to accompany them. As the audience gives the performance a standing ovation, Scott runs to Jennie and kisses her.

    After the concert, Chip reconciles with Carole, and Laurie surprises everyone by propositioning Camden. In the final scene, as the four women drive back to Penmore College the next day, they find Scott hitchhiking and bring him along.

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