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Season 7

1 Sep. 1991
Episode #7.1
Billy meets a girl called Connie, which helps him erase the memory of Julie whilst Aveline, back with Oswald, is pregnant and Freddie is leaving Liverpool. Meanwhile Aveline, Nellie, Jack and Adrian are taken hostage in Leonora's house by vengeful villains whom Joey helped put away. Fortunately Billy scares them by bringing the police - or rather the police are chasing him for having an unroadworthy car.
8 Sep. 1991
Episode #7.2
Nobody has heard from Freddie since he left the message to say that he was leaving Liverpool and the situation is sufficiently serious that Jack intercepts Lilo Lil, who has come to the Boswells to ask if they know where he is. Billy has found true love at last with Connie but Adrian, on the other hand, finds the cultural gulf between Irenee and himself rather hard to handle.
15 Sep. 1991
Episode #7.3
Nellie visits a fortune teller for news of Freddie but is told to 'watch her back'. Later she is visited by Lilo Lil who suggests they bury their differences and try to find Freddie. The rest of the family plan a summer holiday at a country house but none of their partners want to go with them.
22 Sep. 1991
Episode #7.4
The heavily pregnant Aveline is spotted on the street by two men who want her to play a pregnant woman in their film whilst Jack, after a spot of passion in the allotment shed with Leonora, proposes though she asks him to wait three months for her answer. Adrian has less success when he offers Irenee a ring - which she throws away.
29 Sep. 1991
Episode #7.5
Whilst Adrian tells Jack that he will persevere with Irenee Nellie meets Derek in the park but collapses and he takes her to hospital. Alerted by the police all the children turn up at the ward to find that she has had a hysterectomy. As they are leaving Derek comes in with flowers and kisses her, calling her "My darling Nellie." The Boswells' eyebrows are raised.
6 Oct. 1991
Episode #7.6
The family discusses what they saw at the hospital and decide to act as if nothing had happened. However after Lilo Lil has visited Nellie and told her to put herself first she tells them all that Derek is her 'fancy man'. Adrian and Aveline are less happy, having been turned down by Irenee and the film makers whilst Jack, desperate for paternity, is unaware that Leonora is taking the Pill.
13 Oct. 1991
Episode #7.7
Whilst Adrian stays behind to have sex with Irenee the rest of the family, including Leonora, go for their holiday at the stately home. Its owner Lord Bowford is dismissive of them but his younger wife takes a shine to Joey. Jack is incensed to discover that Leonora is on the pill and they have a huge row, which results in her going home. Oswald also turns up to tell Aveline how much he misses her.
20 Oct. 1991
Episode #7.8
As their holiday draws to a close, the Boswell party increases in number. They make a protest over rabbit-hunting and Lady Bowford takes a shine to Joey. Adrian has a rejection from his music publisher and reaches a crossroads in his life.
27 Oct. 1991
Episode #7.9
Adrian has eloped to Scotland to marry Irene whilst Aveline has a scare that helps her bond with Oswald once again. Meanwhile, Joey has lost patience with his family's problems and decides to put himself first for a change.
3 Nov. 1991
Episode #7.10
Jack has good news from Leonora when she announces she is pregnant and Joey decides to join Adrian in Scotland to marry Roxy. Meanwhile, Lilo Lill has news of Freddie's whereabouts while Grandad dreams about his own calamitous funeral.

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