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1 May 1986
Episode #1.1
The family talks about their dreams and what they hope to achieve in the future. Billy and Julie are trying to defining their relationship. Over breakfast discussions develop about working and what the individual members of the Boswell family do. None appear to have any sort of regular income except Adrian who is in real estate
8 May 1986
Episode #1.2
Joey has to sit down and have a conversation with Billy bout the amount of time he is spending at Julies. As a Boswell, Billy has to contribute to the household like the others. The family is in an uproar after Granddad's canary is stolen. Joey is outraged and goes out on a mission to find the bird and punish those responsible
15 May 1986
Episode #1.3
All the family is pleased when estranged father Freddie comes to visit - except Nellie, who confesses her loathing of him to the local priest. In the course of the day Jack attempts to buy ten stolen radios, only to find there are only three and the weight has been made up with apples. At tea time the kids admit that they miss Freddie, so when he calls they want to ask him in for a meal. Nellie sends him away with the apples and then finds he has stolen their money.
22 May 1986
Episode #1.4
Joey confronts Freddie over the stolen money and learns it was to impress his girlfriend, Lilo Lil, who has now left him. Billy buys a car which is a rust bucket so he turns to busking to raise money but is upstaged by an opera singer. Aveline is asked to pose nude by a photographer so she calls in her brothers, who give him a taste of his own medicine whilst Jack sells a painting for a hundred pounds. At teatime Freddie returns with the stolen money and a lot more. He bought the painting from Jack and sold it on for seven hundred notes.
29 May 1986
Episode #1.5
The family cannot afford the electricity bill so Joey sends Billy to the DHSS to charm the stone-faced clerk into helping but he lacks his older brother's persuasiveness. Freddie's brother Cyril, a ship's cook, dies and the coffin is left at the Boswells' house overnight. Cyril wanted his ashes to be scattered at sea so Joey charters a boat and the family sail down the river on it. However, whilst arguing with Freddie, Nellie accidentally drops Cyril's ashes overboard.
5 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.6
Bad news comes in spades for the Boswells as Adrian is made redundant, Joey meets with two toughs who inform him that Freddie owes them five hundred pounds in gambling debts and Jack finds he has fenced very hot antiques which he hides in his grandma's grave. Fortunately it turns out that he got them from the guys to whom Freddie is in debt, giving Joey very good leverage to help his father out. Now the only bad news is the fact that Billy has got Julie pregnant.

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