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Bww Exclusive: Ben Rimalower's Broken Records with Special Guest, Bridget Everett!

In this episode, Ben and Daniel talk to actress and singer Bridget Everett about Prince's legendary 1984 album Purple Rain. They also discuss Bread, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, Patti LuPone, Little Richard, Lillias White, The Life, Tina Turner, Kiki Herb, Murray Hill, Allison Janney, Brooks Ashmanskas, RuPaul, karaoke, lowbrow brilliance, and finding solace in music. Bridget talks about growing up with six siblings and how she found her way from Kansas to New York's electrifying downtown scene. Bridget can be seen in a number of TV shows such as Inside Amy Schumer, Lady Dynamite, Unbelievable, and Camping, as well as the upcoming Aj and the Queen on Netflix.
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Stan Lee’s ‘The B-Team’ Being Adapted In South Korea & China Via Studio Invictus & Camsing

  • Deadline
Stan Lee’s ‘The B-Team’ Being Adapted In South Korea & China Via Studio Invictus & Camsing
Stan Lee died earlier this month but his superhero ideas live on. The B-Team, an idea from the Marvel Comics icon, is being adapted by a South Korean production company.

Studio Invictus is developing a live-action TV series based on Lee’s idea of a group of B-list superheroes fighting against the mad scientist that created them.

The series is expected to produce two versions, one for Korea and one for China, to launch in 2020.

The company will work closely with China’s Camsing International, which bought Lee’s Pow! Entertainment in 2017, and Jyp Pictures. The series is being written by Kang Eun-kyung, the writer behind series such as Bread, Love and Dreams and What’s With This Family.

It comes after Camsing vowed to push on with the development of Stan Lee IP. Shane Duffy, CEO of Pow! Entertainment, said, “Through careful planning with Stan, we are confident his
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These Are the Most-Searched for Super Bowl Foods in Every State, According to Google

If you have ever planned a Super Bowl party and searched for “chicken wings” or “bean dip” recipes in Google, you are not alone.

On Monday, Google released their list of top-searched Super Bowl recipes by state (and Washington, D.C.)—and the results were a mixed bag of game-day classics and, well, some oddball dishes.

Several states had “buffalo” flavors (North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin to name just a few) and “chili” (like Delaware and Missouri) on their menu. Game-day dips also topped the list of searches: Spinach-artichoke, bean, buffalo chicken, pico de gallo and even pepperoni dip (creative, South Carolina!
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Butterflies review – Carla Lane’s midlife-crisis masterpiece

Just as Lane was one of the few women to crack the male-dominated world of 70s comedy, so Butterflies gave rare subversive voice to a mature suburban woman

News of screenwriter Carla Lane’s death this week sent TV viewers of a certain age scurrying to the sitcom queen’s back catalogue: The Liver Birds, Bless This House, Bread and especially Butterflies – not just Lane’s masterpiece, but the work which has aged best by far.

Butterflies mined rare subject matter for primetime comedy: a middle-aged woman, trapped in a stale marriage, daydreaming about adultery and a more fulfilling life. Unlike its scouse creator’s other hits, it wasn’t set in gritty Liverpool, but suburban Cheltenham. It took Lane three years to convince the BBC that this unpromising “sit” could be played for laughs. Eventually she did and a winningly wistful “com” was fashioned.

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Carla Lane created funny women – because that was the norm in the 80s | Viv Groskop

In the world of 1980s television, female characters and writers were everywhere. What’s gone wrong?

The first thing you think of in Carla Lane’s work? The characters. Beryl and Sandra in The Liver Birds with their massive, thatched-roof fringes and false eyelashes and puffy baker boy hats (Polly James and Nerys Hughes). Ma Nellie Boswell (Jean Boht) and our Aveline (Melanie Hill) in Bread, with voices that could strip paint and withering looks that could castrate a man at 20 paces. Wendy Craig as the stifled housewife Ria in Butterflies, simmering underneath a page-boy haircut that was so smooth it looked as if it had been polished like a billiard ball. These characters all happen to be women. All Carla Lane’s comedies put the women at the centre of things, and no one particularly mentioned it, or not that you’d notice. Quite right, too.

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Carla Lane obituary: celebrated writer of TV sitcoms

Comedy writer known as much for her animal rights activism as for television hits including The Liver Birds, Butterflies and Bread

One day Carla Lane saw her cleaner run the Hoover over a wasp that was crawling across the carpet of her Liverpool home. She was scandalised. “How could you?” she exploded. In her 2006 autobiography, Someday I’ll Find Me, Lane recounted what happened next.

She emptied the vacuum cleaner bag on to some newspaper. “And there it was, alive and well – a little blob of dust with legs. I brushed it down and set it on the floor and let it go into a dark corner to recover.” She was so moved by the episode that she wrote an article for the local radio station called Love Me, Love My Wasp. It was one of her first published works. Lane, who has died aged 87, went on to become one
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Carla Lane, writer of Butterflies and Bread, dies aged 87

One of Britain’s most successful scriptwriters, Lane went on from phenomenal success in TV to open an animal sanctuary in Sussex

Carla Lane, the award-winning writer of television comedy dramas including the Liver Birds and Bread, has died at the age of 87.

After blazing a trail as one of British television’s most successful scriptwriters, Lane had also become known in recent years for her animal rights activities and ran an animal sanctuary on 25 acres of land in Sussex before selling it in 2009.

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‘The Amazing Race’ Season 28 Episode 6 Recap: “Let the Good Times Roll”

And we're back! After a few-week hiatus, the social media influencer extravaganza that is The Amazing Race Season 28 returns. But before we get to the action, it's worth nothing during the show's time off, there's something a lot of fans have been wondering:

I guess the #ExpressPass doesn't exist this season. #AmazingRace

Chris M (@CoolHandChris55) February 13, 2016

Is there no #ExpressPass in this season?! #AmazingRace

— Vern Mei (@VernMei) February 13, 2016

@PhilKeoghan @travelocity @colombia_travel When will the #ExpressPass show up? #AmazingRace

— Deven Parikh (@DParikh30) February 27, 2016

For the uninitiated, an Express Pass is used to skip all tasks in a Leg and move directly to a Pit Stop. It's a big deal. If an Express Pass were to show up this late in the game and a team were to use it on this ninth leg, it could really shake things up. And shaking things up seems like exactly what the powers that
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Errol Morris reveals Idfa top 10

Errol Morris reveals Idfa top 10
The festival will screen ten films picked by the Us filmmaker, who will also take part in a masterclass.

Errol Morris, the reverred documentary filmmaker, has revealed his top 10 programme for this year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Nov 18-29).

Each year, the festival invites an important figure in the world of documentary to compile a list of ten important works of factual film, all of which will be screened as part of the programme.

Morris’ selections include Werner Herzog’s surreal Fata Morgana, which is set in the Sahara Desert and features an exclusively Leonard Cohen soundtrack, and Dziga Vertov’s experimental early film Man With A Movie Camera.

Idfa will also show six of Morris’ films including his 1978 debut Gates of Heaven and his seminal investigative piece The Thin Blue Line.

Further screenings of his films will be: Fast Cheap And Out Of Control; Mr. Death: The Rise And Fall Of Fred A
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Bread actor Giles Watling running as Conservative candidate in Clacton

Actor Giles Watling has been chosen as the Conservative candidate in the Clacton by-election.

Watling is best known for playing Oswald in the 1980s sitcom Bread, and is now a Tory councillor.

He was selected at an open primary in constituency, ahead of local councillor Sue Lissimore.

The Clacton by-election is being held after sitting Tory MP Douglas Carswell defected to Ukip.

The vote will be held on October 9.

When asked by BBC News if an actor could be trusted as an MP, Watling said: "Of course," adding that actors have "been around for thousands of years".

His Bread character Oswald was a vicar who eventually married Aveline, the only daughter of the Roman Catholic Boswell family in Liverpool.

Oswald and Aveline's wedding episode was seen by 21 million viewers at the time in 1988.

Watling has also had roles in How's Your Father?, Grange Hill and 'Allo 'Allo.
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Meme: Everybody In Minnesota Responds To Chris Kluwe, Glenn Beck Stands With GLAAD, “Vampire Academy” Looks Insane

Rep Aaron Schock’s Instagram is gay, Charlie Crist apologizes to the Glbt community repeatedly, Navajo Nation moves for marriage equality

In things that I never thought I’d write, Clay Aiken is evidently considering a run for Congress in his native North Carolina. He’s done some polling, met with Democratic operatives, and is said to be seriously considering a run to unseat the incumbent Republican. He certainly has the name recognition.

NHL star Henrik Lundqvist is going to be the new face and body of underwear company Bread & Boxers. Hopefully they don’t shoot on the ice, because, you know, shrinkage.

Rep. Aaron Schock may not be gay, but his Instagram account certainly is.

The Minnesota Vikings have responded to Chris Kluwe’s accusations that he was fired for supporting marriage equality so vocally. “The Minnesota Vikings were made aware of Chris Kluwe’s allegations for the first time today.
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12 British sitcom stars and their surprise movie appearances

Feature Simon Brew 28 Jun 2013 - 07:11

Ever watched a big movie, and stopped with a jolt when a star of a British sitcom pops up? Us too...

This feature is all the fault of the late Richard Marner. As the incompetent Colonel in 'Allo 'Allo, he built a performance that was indelible in our eyes. Thus, when he turned up in a big Hollywood thriller as the President of Russia, we unsuccessfully stifled a guffaw. A big guffaw.

And it got us thinking: what other times has a British sitcom star appeared out of the blue in a big movie, causing a sedentary double take from the comfort of our local Odeon? Glad you asked.

Two things. Firstly, this isn't designed to be a complete list, and also, we've covered films made after the actor or actress confirmed rose to prominence in a sitcom. Oh, and another thing: none of
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Why can't we Brits crowd around the TV and watch crap like we used to?

Even when the BBC screens nothing but the Olympics, viewing figures are a fraction of those devouring Bread in the 1980s

When I was a boy, there were few things to worry about. Gonorrhoea, the over zealous local priest, and the price of diamonds in Rhodesia. It was a happier and simpler time where people knew right from wrong, the righteous were protected and wrongdoers were handed out stern punishments without the need for investigation or trial.

It was an age when tens of millions of Britons would blindly crowd around their humming television sets to watch awful crap like Benny Hill and Mike Yarwood whilst eating meat and two veg and being casually racist. This was a Britain united – brought together by a shared passion for vitamin deficiency, the colour brown and nothing better to do ... But this was a Britain that knew what it meant to be Great.
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Film4 Frightfest Image Explosion: New Stills and Art for Hidden in the Woods, Tulpa, Outpost II, After, Chained, Before Dawn, Errors of the Human Body and More!

We've updated our Film4 Fright Fest line-up story with tons of images. Read on to see what you may have missed and what's brand spanking new! Dig it!

Programme - Screen 1

Thursday Aug 23

Opening Film - The Seasoning House (World Premiere)

Special make-up prosthetics and splatter genius Paul Hyett makes his directorial debut with a harrowing exploration into tense claustrophobia, hard-hitting action and rollercoaster suspense. In a Balkan brothel, where girls kidnapped by soldiers in war-torn zones are prostituted to the military and civilians alike, Angel (Robin Day) is the deaf mute orphan enslaved to care for the inmates. But unbeknownst to her captors, she moves between the walls and crawlspaces of the seasoning house planning her escape. Psychological horror in the nerve-shredding Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polanski style but with an ultra-modern twist.

89 mins Director: Paul Hyett UK 2012

Rosie DayAngel

Sean Pertwee – Goran

Kevin Howarth – Viktor

David Lemberg
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Putting the accent on comedy: why the BBC is going regional

Fired by the success of such sitcoms as Gavin & Stacey, the corporation is launching a new wave of regional comedy

Comedy shows such as The Likely LadsThe Liver Birds, Bread, Rab C Nesbitt and The Royle Family are all widely regarded as popular television classics. Character-based and filmed traditionally in the studio, they let the strong regional voices of British humour into the nation's living rooms.

Now, prompted by the success of the Anglo-Welsh sitcom Gavin & Stacey and the Dublin-set ratings hit Mrs Brown's Boys, the BBC is heralding a return to this kind of regional sitcom as a series of brand new comedy shows set in the north of England and in Scotland go into production.

Last week the corporation announced the commissioning of Hebburn, a show created by the standup comedian Jason Cook and set in the north-east. The sitcom, which will revolve around a cast
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Beastie Boys' 'Make Some Noise': A Vma Cheat Sheet

Video of the Year nominee is packed with characters from the Beasties' past.

By James Montgomery

Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride in the Beastie Boy's "Make Some Noise" video

Photo: Capitol

If they've been anything over the course of their near-30-year career, the Beastie Boys have always been thorough, the kind of band that derives some sort of perverse pleasure from peppering their music with a sundry of pop-culture references, inside jokes and exhaustively sought, expertly placed samples.

And because of that, they've managed to create their own rather insular world, the kind of place where Mantan Moreland hangs out with Ted Danson, where Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" rubs elbows with Les Baxter's "Prelude in C# Minor." And luckily for all of us, each time they release an album, they pull the curtain back slightly, and invite us in for a drink. So it's
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Robin Nash obituary

Producer of Top of the Pops during its 1970s heyday

Top of the Pops was a "must-watch" television programme for Britain's youth at its height in the 1970s, when Robin Nash, who has died aged 84, was its producer. The Thursday-evening programme, a showcase for chart singles acts, featured performers in the studio – miming to their own tracks, specially recorded the previous day – plus videos and the dance groups Pan's People and Legs & Co, with Radio 1 DJs as the hosts. The rules changed later, but in 2006, following a long decline in viewers, the show was finally axed.

During the Nash era (he was producer from 1973 to 1978 and executive producer from 1978 to 1981), sticking to the rules paid dividends. In 1979, Top of the Pops achieved a record audience of almost 20 million as the Police topped the charts with Message in a Bottle.

Nash – who had been with the BBC since 1952 – was a stickler for clinging to corporation diktat,
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Six to watch: family comedies

In with the Flynns is the latest family-based sitcom. We list our favourites of the genre but have we missed any?

If you've been sat at home watching endless re-runs of the punchline deficient Two Pints of Lager and thought: "Do you know what the BBC needs? Another Will Mellor-starring vehicle" then you're in luck. Yes telly fans, gather round as the gag-free Mancunian is back with In with the Flynns, the Beeb's new family comedy loosely based on Us sitcom Grounded for Life. Featuring everyday people who work double shifts to pay for things such as food, holidays and TV licence contributions, it actually doesn't look that bad.

It doesn't look that good either mind you, and certainly doesn't look like it belongs in the same league as some of the fine family comedies that have graced the small screen over the years. But who did it best?
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Gilly Coman obituary

Actor with starring role in 80s sitcom Bread

The actor Gilly Coman, who has died of a suspected heart attack aged 54, was catapulted to national fame as Aveline, Ma Boswell's precious daughter, in Carla Lane's television sitcom Bread, which followed the working-class, devoutly Catholic, Liverpudlian Boswell family as they exploited the social security system in Thatcher's Britain.

Aveline was an aspiring model with red hair who dressed in miniskirts, stockings and high heels. She was cosseted by her mother, Nellie (Jean Boht), and four brothers, who vetted her boyfriends and made her wear a whistle around her neck in case of attack. Coman gave a bit of her own dizzy personality to Aveline, carving out one of the most memorable characters in the show.

When Bread started in 1986, more than three million people across Britain were unemployed. Critics disliked the programme – particularly for its stereotypical portrayal of scousers sponging
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DS Icon: Jonathan Morris

DS Icon: Jonathan Morris
In the 1980s he was watched on TV by over 20 million viewers on a regular basis, he was one of the best children's TV hosts of the '90s and he was doing the whole cool Vampire movie shtick a decade before anyone had even heard of the words Twilight or R-Pattz! Who are we talking about here? Well, it's the one and only Jonathan Morris. Star of Bread, a regular on Channel 5's Night Fever and host of Cbbc series The Movie Game. Morris's wikipedia CV may make for rather grim reading; his last significant TV appearance came on the 2005 series (more)
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