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2 Feb. 1987
Episode dated 2 February 1987
The challenges of today's dating scene.
23 Sep. 1987
Episode dated 23 September 1987
Snobby, overbearing, or just plain hard to deal with...Rude, obnoxious people turn off their friends, neighbors and co-workers. But are they really as bad as they seem? A psychologist helps us figure them out.
27 Jun. 1988
Episode dated 27 June 1988
Liza Minnelli & Dudley Moore appear to promote their movie "Arthur 2: On the Rocks."
12 Jun. 1989
Episode dated 12 June 1989
The Cast of Ghostbusters II talks about both Ghostbusters movies, their experiences making the movies together, and other stuff.
18 Mar. 1991
Episode dated 18 March 1991
The focus is a woman who was cheated on by her mate, and now her family has gotten involved in the case.