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3 Jan. 1987
Maggie asks the boys to help a friend who's being held captive in her own house by her mobster husband.
10 Jan. 1987
The Magnificent Five are hired by merchants being victimized by local hoods.
17 Jan. 1987
When the guys are strapped for cash, Ice recalls some money he stashed away when he was a gambler in New Orleans before he joined the gang in New Orleans. When they get there they discover Ice's stash buried on property owned by a man whose family owned him as a slave. They meet a woman who is trying to prove that a man's complicity in certain questionable and possible criminal acts. They decide to help her.
31 Jan. 1987
The boys ride to the aid of a TV evangelist, whose life is being threatened by a religious fanatic.
7 Feb. 1987
Grail and the boys end up on opposite sides when a land developer attempts to take over a ghost town.
28 Feb. 1987
An author of Western stories sends for the guys and reveals he knows who they are--that they come from the past. But all he asks from them is that he tags along with them because he says that he's suffering from writer's block. But he's always getting in the way. And at the same time some one appears to be stalking them.
7 Mar. 1987
A man who worked for some criminals, who decided to leave so that his daughter could have normal life hires the guys to bring his daughter to him because he is dying. Jonathan asks him to call her and ask her to come see him. But she doesn't want to. He convinces them to bring her to him. At the same time the man's former's employers still want him so they send someone to get the daughter so they get to her father. Jonathan and the boys arrive just the men arrive. The girl is belligerent and is always trying to run away.
21 Mar. 1987
When mobsters put the squeeze on an independent cab company, the owner's daughter hires the Double Eagle Detective Agency.
28 Mar. 1987
While pursuing a criminal, the guys capture a young Latino boy who was working for him. Maggie tells them that unless someone's willing to take him in, he will end in the system where he could up end being a true criminal. So the guys agree to take him in. And he's very belligerent. But Jonathan slowly gets to him. They continue to pursue his boss who's planning something.
4 Apr. 1987
After doing a job for a wealthy man, he rewards the guys with a trip to Las Vegas. And among the things he provides them are some hookers whom they refuse. Later they learn that the girls are in trouble with their pimp so the guys along with their benefactor's employee try to help them.
2 May 1987
While celebrating Maggie's birthday, some men shoot into the house wounding the detective. John and his partners deduce that the shooters are trying to keep them there so they won't be able to testify at a trial. When Harland and Billy try to go out and are shot. John and Wolfson realize they should take advantage of nature. That's when John tells the guys of how he and Wolfson met and of how they were in a similar situation.

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