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Season 1

18 Sep. 1987
The Treasure of the Golden Suns
When Donald Duck's nephews are sent to live with their Uncle Scrooge, they discover a model ship that contains a map to a treasure.
18 Sep. 1987
Treasure of the Golden Suns: Don't Give Up the Ship
Part 1 of 5. Scrooge McDuck is forced to take in his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, when their Uncle Donald enlists in the Navy. As they learn to get along, the mysterious El Capitan hires the Beagle Boys to steal a small wooden ship from Scrooge's museum, saying it is a map to a real treasure ship.
18 Sep. 1987
Treasure of the Golden Suns: Wronguay in Ronguay
Part 2 of 5. Having learned about the ship of gold, Scrooge and the triplets follow the map to South America, in a race with El Capitan, this time aided by Scrooge's archenemy, Flintheart Glomgold. Both parties are caught in the region's legendary Monsopies rainstorms.
18 Sep. 1987
Treasure of the Golden Suns: Three Ducks of the Condor
Part 3 of 5. An expert examines a coin from the sunken ship and declares it is from the legendary Valley of the Golden Suns. Scrooge flies to the Andes mountains to find the owner of a twin coin, and one half of the map leading to the Valley. He is aided by his nephew Donald, on temporary leave from the Navy, and pilot Launchpad McQuack.
18 Sep. 1987
Treasure of the Golden Suns: Cold Duck
After Scrooge goes off alone to follow the ocean currents to find the other half of the map, Launchpad and the boys follow his trail to Anarctica, where they are captured by a city of intelligent Penguins. they receive unexpected help from the boys' new governess, Mrs. Beakley, and her granddaughter Webbigail.
18 Sep. 1987
Treasure of the Golden Suns: Too Much of a Gold Thing
Having completed the map, McDuck and Co. finally fly to the Valley of the Golden Suns. From outside they are stalked by El Capitan; from inside they are threatened by Scrooge's increasing greed, which leads him to recklessly risk all their lives against the Valley's booby traps.
24 Sep. 1987
Gyro Gearloose builds a robot that can do anything efficiently and effectively. Then it goes berserk and takes over Scrooge's empire.
26 Nov. 1987
Luck o' the Ducks
Webigail befriends a leprechaun cast out by his people. Scrooge inadvertently saves the little man's life, and, knowing that his people have to grant him a wish, demands that he be given their legendary "Golden Caverns" in return. When the little people scheme to punish Scrooge for his greed, Webigail and her friend must save him.
23 Sep. 1987
Where No Duck Has Gone Before
Uncle Scrooge forecloses on a loan for a movie studio. To improve it, he instructs Gyro to make the set for a space show, as real as possible. When he does, Huey, Dewey, and Louie go to space with their hero 'Major Courage,' where they are captured by aliens. How will they defeat the aliens and return home? Does 'Major Courage' have 'what it takes' when it is not an act?
14 Dec. 1987
Nothing to Fear
On a day when the McDuck family is trapped indoors by a thunderstorm, Magica DeSpell causes each of them to see living versions of their worst fears.
7 Dec. 1987
Duck in the Iron Mask
Scrooge visits his old friend, Count Roy, of the mountain kingdom of Montedumas, only to find that his evil twin brother Ray has usurped the throne, and thrown Roy in jail wearing an iron mask.
14 Oct. 1987
Much Ado About Scrooge
Scrooge and his nephews follow a trail to a remote island to find a lost play written by legendary playwright Drakespeare, followed by super-salesman Filler Brushbill.
25 Dec. 1987
Spies in Their Eyes
Donald is hypnotized into stealing the control module for a prototype attack submarine Scrooge has developed for the Navy.
4 Dec. 1987
Dime Enough for Luck
Magica DeSpell enchants Scrooge's nephew Gladstone Gander into using his supernatural luck to infiltrate Scrooge's money bin and steal his Number One Dime, thus cursing himself with bad luck.
2 Dec. 1987
Jungle Duck
A search for a lost silver statue causes Scrooge and the others to discover a jungle duck. Much to Mrs Beakley's surprise, the jungle duck is a Prince whom she was once a nanny to long ago.
24 Nov. 1987
Scrooge is the servant boy for his evil stepbrothers and evil stepfather. His fairy godmother prepares him for the ball, where he falls in love with the princess. She is kidnapped! How will he rescue the princess before midnight?
15 Oct. 1987
Top Duck
Launchpad is terrified of making a fool of himself in front of his flying-ace family when all the McQuacks are to appear at an air show together. Launchpad is to fly Scrooge's experimental fighter plane, the Mc-X. But when the Beagle Boys sabotage his practice efforts and put themselves forward as its test pilots, the entire McQuack clan must bond together to stop an aerial assault on Scrooge's money bin.
26 Oct. 1987
Bermuda Triangle Tangle
After a cargo ship is lost in the Bermuda Triangle, Scrooge and his nephews travel there to discover the Triangle's secret and find the missing crew.
9 Dec. 1987
The Status Seekers
Scrooge realizes that he is not acting like a rich snob, which makes him unpopular among other rich people. He tries to raise his social status by acting rich, but the price of this turns out to be too high for him.
21 Oct. 1987
Sweet Duck of Youth
Thinking that he has become too old, Scrooge sets out to find the Fountain of Youth.
28 Sep. 1987
Magica's Shadow War
Magica De Spell's plan to magically use her shadow to retrieve Scrooge's number one dime backfires when her shadow overpowers her.
3 Dec. 1987
Launchpad's First Crash
After Launchpad crashes for a hundredth time, he and Scrooge remember how they first met (and crashed).
23 Oct. 1987
Home Sweet Homer
In ancient Greece, evil sorceress Circe accidentally brings uncle Scrooge and the boys back in time, where they help a young king, Homer, to defeat her. Inspired by the ancient Greek epic poem The Odyssey.
1 Dec. 1987
Duck to the Future
Magica DeSpell tricks uncle Scrooge and sends him 40 years into the future, in which she is in control. Scrooge must defeat her and return to his own time.
13 Oct. 1987
Down and Out in Duckburg
Uncle Scrooge is challenged by someone collecting an old guarantee. Who will help Scrooge after the way he treated them? How will he reclaim his former wealth?
23 Dec. 1987
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck
Uncle Scrooge uses a strange perfume he bought in an auction, which makes him go crazy. His nephews must find an antidote with the help of a famous British detective.
18 Nov. 1987
Time Teasers
Gyro invents a time-stopping device, which gets stolen by the Beagle boys. The chase after the thieves brings Scrooge, his nephews, and Gyro centuries into the past, where they are all caught by pirates.
2 Nov. 1987
Catch as Cash Can: Part 1 - A Drain on the Economy
Flintheart Glomgold hires the Beagle boys to steal Scrooge's fortune, so that Glomgold could win the title of the richest duck in the world, and an amazing prize that comes with it.
3 Nov. 1987
Catch as Cash Can: Part 2 - A Whale of a Bad Time
Glomgold tries again to stop Scrooge from being declared the richest duck in the world, this time using a stolen submarine.
4 Nov. 1987
Catch as Cash Can: Part 3 - Aqua Ducks
Scrooge must go to the bottom of the sea to recover his fortune, which was sunk in the previous episode.
5 Nov. 1987
Catch as Cash Can: Part 4 - Working for Scales
After recovering his money from the bottom of the sea, Scrooge has very little time left to deliver it to Macaroon and be declared the richest duck in the world. Glomgold and the Beagle boys will stop at nothing to prevent this.
6 Nov. 1987
Merit-Time Adventure
A sea monster is attacking ships, and even abducts uncle Scrooge. It's up to the junior woodchucks to stop the monster, but only one of them knows how.
31 Dec. 1987
Ducky Horror Picture Show
Werewolf, Dracula, and other monsters come to Duckburg for an annual convention, wreaking havoc on the town and on Scrooge McDuck.
16 Nov. 1987
The Golden Fleecing
Scrooge, his nephews and Launchpad must fight their way through harpies and a dragon to steal the legendary Golden Fleecing.
29 Oct. 1987
Horse Scents
Flintheart Glomgold bets against Scrooge McDuck on horse racing, in a hope of becoming the richest duck in the world, and he is willing to use any means to ensure his victory.
27 Nov. 1987
Duckworth's Revolt
After Duckworth is fired so he can find his own fortune, he and the nephews are captured and enslaved. How will they get back to Earth?
17 Nov. 1987
Ducks of the West
Scrooge's oil reserves are suddenly dried up. He goes to the land of the cowboys to find out why.
16 Oct. 1987
Pearl of Wisdom
A couple of thieves steal a huge pearl from Banana Island inhabitants and sell it to Scrooge. But the pearl turns out to be far more valuable than they thought.
24 Dec. 1987
Once Upon a Dime
Uncle Scrooge tells the story of how he made his fortune.
7 Oct. 1987
Dinosaur Ducks
Scrooge and Launchpad go to the Lost World to get a dinosaur for Scrooge's zoo.
22 Sep. 1987
Sphinx for the Memories
Donald is mistaken for an Ancient Egyptian ruler, known as the Garbled One, who's spirit later takes over his body.
25 Nov. 1987
When a spy who looks exactly like Launchpad is caught, Launchpad is offered to impersonate that spy in order to foil an evil plot.
27 Oct. 1987
Micro Ducks from Outer Space
Tiny aliens visit Earth and leave one of their machines behind. When Scrooge tries to use this machine, he creates a very small problem.
25 Sep. 1987
Robot Robbers
Gyro creates giant robots for construction work, but Beagle Boys find another use for them.
21 Sep. 1987
Send in the Clones
Magica De Spell transforms the Beagle Boys into Scrooge's nephews and sends them to retrieve Scrooge's Number One Dime.
1 Oct. 1987
Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
Scrooge and his nephews must beat other treasure hunters and recover the lost crown of Genghis Khan from the Abominable Snowman.
23 Nov. 1987
The Right Duck
Thanks to Launchpad's stupidity, he and Dufus find themselves in a rocket heading for Mars. How will they get back?
19 Nov. 1987
Back Out in the Outback
Someone of something is attacking the sheep on the Scrooge's farm in Australia. He goes down there to investigate.
6 Oct. 1987
Sir Gyro de Gearloose
Fed up with just being considered a "Gadget Man," Gyro uses his time-tub to go back to medieval times to become a brave knight. However, his penchant for invention soon gets the better of him.
20 Nov. 1987
Raiders of the Lost Harp
Scrooge discovers the Lost City of Troy, in which he finds a magic harp. But his claim on the harp is challenged by Magica DeSpell and the Minotaur.
30 Dec. 1987
All Ducks on Deck
8.0 (81)