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1 Jan. 1988
'Till Nephews Do Us Part
Scrooge's plans to merge McDuck Enterprises with Vanderbucks Industries soon includes a proposal of marriage when he falls for CEO Millionaira Vanderbucks.
24 Nov. 1988
Time Is Money: Part 1 - Marking Time
Glomgold sells a useless island to Scrooge, but upon learning that the island is rich in diamonds, he gets it back by trickery. Scrooge decides to travel back in time to prevent this from happening, but ends up in the distant past.
24 Nov. 1988
Time Is Money: Part 2 - The Duck Who Would Be King
Scrooge tries to return to the present, after being stranded in prehistoric times. On the way he discovers stowaways - a cave duck named Bubba and his pet triceratops Tutsi.
24 Nov. 1988
Time Is Money: Part 3 - Bubba Trubba
After returning to the present, Scrooge get his hands on the diamond mine, stolen from him by Glomgold in the previous episodes. Meanwhile, Bubba tries to get used to living in the modern world.
24 Nov. 1988
Time Is Money: Part 4 - Ducks on the Lam
Scrooge still has to pay 10 million to Glomgold for the diamond island. Glomgold will stop at nothing to sabotage Scrooge's attempts to pay him.
24 Nov. 1988
Time Is Money: Part 5 - Ali Bubba's Cave
Scrooge has one last chance to pay Glomgold and get the diamond island, but he is running out of time.

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