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26 Mar. 1989
Super DuckTales: Part 1 - Liquid Assets
Scrooge hires accountant Fenton Crackshell to keep track of his fortune. When Fenton hears Scrooge wants his assets kept 'liquid,' he ends up dumping the entire fortune in Lake Dobegone, where the Beagle Boys soon find it.
26 Mar. 1989
Super DuckTales: Part 2 - Frozen Assets
After recovering his fortune, Scrooge asks Gyro Gearloose to build a security robot, which ends up keeping even Scrooge away from his fortune.
26 Mar. 1989
Super DuckTales: Part 3 - Full Metal Duck
Gyro creates a wearable suit dubbed "Gizmoduck," which accidentally finds it's way into Fenton Crackshell's hands. However, Fenton soon uses the suit to become Duckburg's newest hero, much to the chagrin of the Beagle Boys.
26 Mar. 1989
Super DuckTales: Part 4 - The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club
The Beagle Boys manage to take control of Gizmoduck, and use him to make off with Scrooge's fortune.
26 Mar. 1989
Super DuckTales: Part 5 - Money to Burn
Scrooge tries to rescue his money bin from under the sea, but before he can get to it, the bin is taken away by alien robots.
18 Sep. 1989
The Land of Trala La
Scrooge has a nervous breakdown from all the money problems, so he sets out to find a mythical Land of Trala La, where there is no money. But running away from money is not as simple as it sounds.
19 Sep. 1989
Allowance Day
Huey, Dewey and Louie's plan to make Scrooge think it's Saturday to get their allowances causes a global crisis.
20 Sep. 1989
Bubbeo & Juliet
Bubba falls in love with a girl next door. Unfortunately for both of them, their parents are engaged in a petty war with each other.
21 Sep. 1989
The Good Muddahs
The Beagle Babes kidnap Webby for ransom, but then decide to keep her.
22 Sep. 1989
My Mother the Psychic
Fenton's mother is zapped by a TV set and gets the ability to predict the future, which quickly becomes a burden.
2 Nov. 1989
Metal Attraction
Gyro builds a robot maid and gives her emotions so she could do her job better. But things get out of control when the robot falls in love with Gizmoduck.
3 Nov. 1989
Dough Ray Me
Gyro invents a device, which can duplicate any object. But the duplication process has an unexpected side effect, which puts Duckburg in serious jeopardy.
6 Nov. 1989
Bubba's Big Brainstorm
Tired of being dumb, Bubba uses Gyro's Thinking Hat to become smarter, only to discover that he has more value as a prehistoric goon.
7 Nov. 1989
The Big Flub
Fenton uses one of Gyro's half-baked inventions, a levitating bubblegum, to make a fortune, but the success doesn't last.
8 Nov. 1989
A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity
Fenton longs for the recognition of his heroic deeds as Gizmoduck. The situation really goes out of hand when people come to believe that Gizmoduck's secret identity is Launchpad.
9 Nov. 1989
Blue Collar Scrooge
Scrooge gets amnesia and ends up working at one of his own factories in terrible conditions. Eventually, this makes him realize the error of his ways, and become a more generous employer - well, at least a little bit.
10 Nov. 1989
When trying to steal the prize money for a Rock and Roll contest, the Beagle Boys sing a song titled 'The Boogie Beagle Blues,' and end up impressing the crowd and winning the prize money! They soon become a music sensation.
13 Nov. 1989
Yuppy Ducks
After Scrooge is quarantined, his nephews take over the business with disastrous results.
14 Nov. 1989
The Bride Wore Stripes
Ma Beagle pretends to be Scrooge's wife to get half of his money.
15 Nov. 1989
The Unbreakable Bin
Gyro invents an unbreakable glass, which Scrooge uses to protect his money bin. But the glass has one weakness, and Magica DeSpell finds out about it.
16 Nov. 1989
Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby
Webby turns into a giant, after discovering a magic spring during an expedition to the jungle.
17 Nov. 1989
The Masked Mallard
To improve his public image, Scrooge becomes a superhero. But that gets him in even more trouble.

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