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Season 2

15 Sep. 1987
Moving Violation
When a cop is killed, there's a hint that he may have been crooked. And for the sake of his wife and son, Lundy sets out to prove his innocence. The trail leads them to a ring of car thieves where LaFiamma discovers his car that was stolen in Chicago.
22 Sep. 1987
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
An armored car is stolen and signs point to a gang whose leader is in jail. Lundy seeks out the help of a retired Texas Ranger who arrested the leader. LaFiamma tries to prove that a man is a serial rapist. And when the case gets thrown out, he gets frustrated.
6 Oct. 1987
A man robs a bank, he then proceeds to give the money away. Lundy and LaFiamma investigate and discover that Lundy helped the man about a year ago. They learn that he's striking back at the bank because they foreclosed on his property. And he ropes the daughter of the owner of the bank who also has resentment for her father into being his partner.
10 Nov. 1987
Diminished Capacity
A man who was convicted of killing a wealthy and beloved philanthropist nearly 6 years ago has just been released. It's evident that the man's not welcome in Houston so he's being brought to Oklahoma and Lundy and LaFiamma are tasked with bringing him there. Before going he wants to see his sister. But he takes her car and bolts. Later he is found dead of an apparent suicide. But Lundy and LaFiamma don't believe it and after they're suspended because they let him get away they decide to look into it on their own. Now the reason he killed the philanthropist is because ...
8 Dec. 1987
Lundy goes to his hometown and asks LaFiamma if he wants to join him. He refuses but when his doctor asks him to see him about some tests, he goes with Lundy. When they get there someone he knows got mixed up with the wrong people, Lundy offers to help. And he asks the Sheriff who's a friend for help but will he.
22 Dec. 1987
Somebody to Love
Mexican cop Esteban Gutierrez returns and again is crossing paths with Lundy and Lafiamma this time over a baby who was kidnapped in Mexico who they believe was sold to a couple in Houston. They investigate and suspect a lawyer of being a broker. When they discover which couple has the baby. the couple employs a little underhanded tactic to keep the baby, so Esteban employs a little tactic of his own.
2 Jan. 1988
There's One Born Every Minute
A con woman takes La Fiamma, so he sets out to find her. He and Lundy go to her old address and find a woman dead. It seems she just moved out, so the killer thought she was still there. They learn that she conned a man out of money that belongs to the mob, so he is trying to find her to get what she took from him. They try to find her before he does.
9 Jan. 1988
A man who spends a lot of time in the Middle East comes home when he learns that his step father was killed when someone robbed his home. Upon arriving a punk tries to mug him so he dispenses some Mid Eastern justice by cutting off his hand and writing something on his forehead in his blood. When La Fiamma and Lundy find the punk they learn that what was done to him is done is a country in the Middle East, so they try to find out if anyone from there just came to Houston. Later the man is going after everyone who was involved with his step father's death by hanging ...
16 Jan. 1988
The White Hand
Some racists feeling that there are too many Mexicans where they live, decide to get rid of them. And one of the persons they killed is a prominent man. And a Council woman who is Hispanic goes to the police and ask them what they are doing. Lundy and LaFiamma say they are doing what they can. The racists eventually target the Council woman.
3 May 1988
Bad Paper
Some kids break into a safe and steal the money that's inside. The owner calls someone who sends someone to handle it. The kids spend the money, the guy who's sent to handle it finds one of them and does something to him before he dies. Lundy and LaFiamma investigate and learn what was done to the boy is the signature of a wise-guy from Kansas. They later learn about the safe but the owner denies it. Later they get some of the money and learn that it's counterfeit and not good quality.

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