Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1988) Poster

Merrill Gruver: Karen


  • Richard : Karen, why are you doing this?

    Karen : I was constipated.

    Richard : Oh, you liar!

    Karen : Don't tell mom and dad, Richard.

    Richard : Why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I tell them? You are ruining my life!

    Karen : If you do, I'll tell them about you and your "private" life.

    Richard : You say one word to them, one fucking word...

  • Richard : Karen, wake up. Come on, we've got fifteen minutes.

    [discovers laxatives by Karen's bed] 

    Richard : What are you doing with these?

    Karen : Oh, I'm so sleepy.

    Richard : How many laxatives did you take?

    Karen : I hardly remember.

    Richard : What are you trying to do? Ruin both our careers? Now, get up. Drink some coffee. Now, come on! We've got fifteen minutes! Redo your makeup! You're a mess!

  • Karen : Where am I?

    Mother : You're in the hospital, Dear.

    Richard : You collapsed on stage.

    Dad : From exhaustion and malnutrition.

    Mother : You'll be here five more days.

    Dad : Then home for plenty of rest.

    Richard : You're going to be under Mom's constant care.

    Mother : I'll cook for you.

    Richard : She's gonna fatten you up. NO-MORE-DIETING.

    Dad : No more laxatives.

    Mother : And we'll ALL be together again.

  • Karen : How's your meat?

    Richard : Fine. How's your salad?

    Karen : Horrible. I can't eat it.

    Richard : Send it back.

    Karen : I'm not even hungry. So sick of road food.

    Richard : Just 2 more months to go, then we'll be

    Karen : I know, we'll be home, for 2 weeks. It's just wearing on me.

    Richard : Well you don't take care of yourself, Karen. You don't eat. I really think this diet of yours is the problem. I mean Karen, you look really thin.

    Karen : I like the way I look.

    Richard : Karen, you starve yourself, all you ever eat is salad and iced tea.

    Karen : I really don't know why you're making a big deal out of this.

    Richard : [pushes his plate over]  Here, eat this, I just want to SEE you take a bite, come on, Karen.

    Karen : I don't want to, stop it!

    Richard : Why? Why can't you take just ONE bite?

  • Richard : We are still catching up from the setback you had 6 years ago! Karen, people are talking about you, your fans are worried, I can hear them gasping when we walk on stage! Now what the hell are we supposed to do about that?

    Karen : Richard! I know, I know I'm sick. I know something's wrong, I need help.

    Richard : What do you mean sick? Mentally?

    Karen : Richard, have you ever heard the word anorexia?

    Richard : Of course, I've heard people call you that.

    Karen : Richard, I am that. And I guess I'm just beginning to realize that it isn't something good.

  • Mother : Did you notice the way she cleaned her plate?

    Karen : Mother, didn't you know there are children starving in Africa?


    Richard : But it's true, she's even back to her old favorites now: chili and tacos.

    Karen : And that 3-course meal at St. Germain's, after the Grammy reunion.

    Richard : You haven't lost a pound.

    Karen : Or gained.

    Mother : A hundred and eight!

    Mother , Karen , Richard : [clink glasses]  1-0-8!

  • Mother : I will not ALLOW Karen to move to some apartment an hour away from here after what just happened to her. Why can't she find a nice place in Downey? Why does she have to be out in the middle of...

    Karen : Because SHE doesn't WANT to live in Downey, ALRIGHT?

  • Mr. A&M : Who else has heard this tape?

    Richard : RCA, Columbia, uh Dekka.

    Mr. A&M : And they all turned you down?

    Karen : They said it wouldn't sell.

    Richard : That hard rock's in.

    Karen : And wholesome's out.

    Mr. A&M : What's your name?

    Karen : Me? Karen.

    Mr. A&M : Karen, I like your voice. Tell you the truth, I think you kids have really got something here. Karen and Richard Carpenter, just a couple of kids next door. Now listen to me, you kids are young, fresh, and it'll just be up to me to make young and fresh a happening thing. I know it's a rough road out there and the stakes are high, don't you worry, we're a real family here at A&M, we'll take real good care of you, all you have to do is put yourself in my hands.

  • Mother : [taking Karen's measurements]  Waist, 28, thighs, 20.

    Karen : Why do you need thighs?

    Mother : For the pants suit, the hip hugger.

    Karen : I thought we decided against the hip hugger.

    Mother : The pants suit's adorable, you can't just wear long dresses, Karen, I don't care what you read about the midi or the maxi.

    Karen : I will NOT wear the hip hugger thing, Mother, it makes me look really fat.

    Mother : [laughs]  Fat! I swear, ever since that stupid columnist called you, hardy or something.

    Karen : They called me chubby.

    Mother : Whatever, chubby, you have just been so fanatical about your weight. I mean that thing really went to your head.

    Karen : Oh it did not, I just want to start watching what I eat.

    Mother : Karen, you lost plenty of weight on the Stillman diet and you look just fine now, alright? Now that's all I want to hear on the subject, you just concentrate on your career.

    Karen : That's what I AM doing, but you've got to look good in my career.

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