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1 Mar. 1989
Sins of the Fathers
Emma and John meet a traveler to York, Alistair MacDonald, who is friendly until he finds out their name is Campbell. He stays to seek revenge on Dr. Campbell for his ancestors' actions at the Glencoe Massacre 140 years ago in 1692.
15 Mar. 1989
Sweetest Song
The Campbells befriend an old traveling fiddler named Fergie and are concerned about his health.
22 Mar. 1989
Blinded by Love
Neil Campbell is smitten by Rebecca Sims' cousin Amanda who comes to spend the autumn with the Sims. Rebecca believes Amanda returns his feelings and is quite jealous, but actually Amanda's feelings are for someone else.
29 Mar. 1989
Desperate Remedy
Mrs. Sims is exposed to smallpox on a visit to her aunt, but there is no vaccine in the area. Dr. Campbell, Neil and Sims search the neighboring farms for a sick cow so a smallpox vaccine can be made from the fluid in the cowpox blisters.
12 Apr. 1989
Dr. Colt of Calcutta
Samuel Colt brings his Traveling Science Show to town but two strangers are more interested in stealing his invention - the repeating revolver - than in his science demonstrations.
19 Apr. 1989
A Matter of Distinction
Sims is intent on winning the 5th annual Logan's Derby, a horse race and tomahawk toss. Previous years the Skerrit brothers have won the contest with dirty tricks and poor sportsmanship. Larry decides to try to stop them this year.
26 Apr. 1989
Kith and Kin
Jane, a black baby girl, is left at the Campbell's door. Her grandfather, a runaway slave named Matthew, comes to claim her and wants to settle in the community, but he experiences discrimination when he tries to acquire land.
3 May 1989
Living Legends
Joshua Powell and son Nathaniel stop at Logan's Inn on their travels. Joshua impresses the crowd with tales of his great uncle, Daniel Boone. When area farms are raided by strange Indians he is asked to use his tracking skills to find them.
10 May 1989
Room at the Inn
Capt. Sims searches for an innkeeper after receiving a note from Maddie Todd that she has left town. Mary McTavish wants the job, but Capt. Sims is not impressed by her. Meanwhile someone has been breaking into the inn and stealing food.
17 May 1989
The Legacy
Dr. Campbell rescues Molly, a trapper who is being accosted by two men. They instantly dislike each other, but Emma thinks that means they belong together like Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, and tries to throw them together.
31 May 1989
Cabin Fever
Suffering from cabin fever, Emma and Rebecca set out for Logan's Inn on horseback in the snow. The horse runs off. They try to follow, but they're pursued by a man with an ax and get lost in the woods. They fear freezing to death overnight.
24 May 1989
Miss Quincy
Everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the school teacher, Miss Quincy. Miss Caroline Quincy turns out to be Lady Caroline. Sims thinks a noblewoman cannot teach "peasant ruffians", but Dr. Campbell wants to give her a chance.
7 Jun. 1989
Rough Justice
While hunting Neil falls through the ice and is saved by a fugitive from American bounty hunters. The Americans shelter at the Campbells, behave boorishly, and refuse to leave. The Campbells must find a way to reach Constable Ames.
14 Jun. 1989
The Siege
John is feverish. Emma goes to the barn to get him extra blankets and finds Black Water, a wounded Iroquois. Dr. Campbell removes a bullet from his shoulder, but Five Claws and several other Iroquois show up to claim him for a blood feud.
21 Jun. 1989
Mr. Stevenson
Dr. Campbell tries to teach his reluctant kids to curl. The Scottish farmers have planned a curling 'bonspiel'; however, Sims needs a crowd to meet Mr. Stevenson, an important Tory, who he hopes will jump start his own political career.
18 Oct. 1989
Capt. Sims and Dr. Campbell plan to run the deserted Logan's Inn together. After they put a lot of money and work into improving it, Charlotte Logan shows up and claims her uncle willed her the inn. Her young son Thomas feels neglected.
25 Oct. 1989
Stand and Deliver
Neil has been deputized by Constable Payne to witness serving routine summons. While out they see the York coach robbed by the ruthless outlaw Sam Carver. Carver and his men kidnap Harriet Sims. Neil and Constable Payne must rescue her.
1 Nov. 1989
Gateway to the World
When Cleghorne raises his price to cart produce to York, Capt. Sims and Neil build a raft to go down the Grand River to Lake Erie to connect to a barge to New York. Their trip is plagued with setbacks and several Iroquois are watching them.
8 Nov. 1989
And in the Spring
Neil and Larry hope to get jobs with the railroad and travel to Baltimore, but Neil starts to lose interest in travel when he falls for a young woman staying at the Campbells'. The Sims contentiously celebrate their 5th anniversary.
15 Nov. 1989
Dreams Stay with You
Everyone is busy preparing for Neil and Christine's wedding. Afterwards they plan to go to Baltimore where Neil and Larry have railroad jobs waiting. Christine's father arrives claiming she is engaged to another man and takes her home.
22 Nov. 1989
Peter Was a Saint
Emma and John are pleased when their cousin Peter comes from England since he fills the void caused by Neil's marriage and move. Peter, a city boy, is eager to learn about farming, but he has secrets. There is a rash of thefts in the area.
29 Nov. 1989
The Face of a Stranger
Captain Sims' pretentious nephew Kevin comes to visit. Sims' horse Hector dies from a mysterious illness. A strange young woman wearing a dark, hooded cloak is hiding in a deserted old cabin in the woods. The farmers fear she is a witch.
6 Dec. 1989
When the Bough Breaks
Sims awakens to the sounds of a break-in and finds a baby downstairs. Sims wants to give him to the authorities, Harriet wants to keep him and Mary McTavish offers to take him; but Dr. Campbell has a hunch about who he really belongs to.
13 Dec. 1989
Eyes of Angels
Dr. Campbell treats two different men on one day for gunshots - one an escaped slave and the other a slave owner pursuing him. John is so taken by the two former slaves' tales of the joy of life on the road, that he runs away to join them.
27 Dec. 1989
Something's Rotten
The tax collector is collecting tax from the farmers. One cannot pay and may lose his farm. Two actors arrive and want to help the community put on a production of Hamlet, but Peter suspects the play is just a cover for their real plans.

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