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8 Jan. 1991
Shine on Sparta Moon
A teenage girl is killed and her boyfriend blinded in a car accident caused by spiked moonshine.
15 Jan. 1991
An Execution of Trust
A psychiatrist, bound by her own rule of confidentiality, holds information proving that a man about to be executed for murder may actually be innocent.
5 Feb. 1991
A Child of Promise
A promising high school student is determined to encourage his younger brother to make positive choices in his life.
12 Feb. 1991
Paper Castles
Virgil puts himself in a compromising position when he uses inside information to inform a friend that he was cheated when he invested in a building project.
19 Feb. 1991
Laid to Waste
Parker finds himself attracted to the main witness of a murder investigation, a beautiful blind girl who overheard her neighbor's murder.
26 Feb. 1991
First Deadly Sin
Althea's colleague is the latest victim of a serial rapist who preys on single, blonde women.
19 Mar. 1991
Just a Country Boy
Bubba travels to Los Angeles to extradite a prisoner to Sparta to stand trial and finds himself the target of the man's accusers.
26 Mar. 1991
No Other Road
Harriet's son tries to have his father's death row conviction overturned.
30 Apr. 1991
A Turning
Althea is starting to feel the strain of being the wife of one police officer and the daughter of another.
1 Oct. 1991
A Woman Much Admired
Gillespie receives a life altering shock when an old flame comes for a visit and is later murdered.
8 Oct. 1991
Baby for Sale
Bubba discovers that his cousins have adopted their baby under questionable circumstances.
22 Oct. 1991
A promiscuous high school teacher is stalked by her dangerous ex-boyfriend.
29 Oct. 1991
Liar's Poker
A man hosting his annual high stakes poker game is murdered.
5 Nov. 1991
Ruda's Awakening
When Virgil's estranged aunt is eyewitness to a teenager killed in a botched arrest, her resentment for Virgil clouds her better judgement as to what really happened.
12 Nov. 1991
Unfinished Business
Bubba returns to Los Angeles to tie up some loose ends from his last trip there.
19 Nov. 1991
The More Things Change
Cyrus Chambers threatens to sell his business and leave for an extended trip with his wife Irene, to the dismay of his junior partner, Tom Dalton, who is having a torrid affair with Irene. Chambers also has financial problems with his illegitimate African-American daughter, Faith Todd. Subsequent events bring disaster and redemption.
26 Nov. 1991
Sweet, Sweet Blues
A local jazz musician reveals information about the murder of Officer Sweet's grandfather, which reopens the 40-year-old case.
3 Dec. 1991
Sparta Gold
Bubba stumbles upon a marijuana growing operation, later found to be led by a Sheriff's Office deputy.
10 Dec. 1991
An Eye for an Eye
D.A. Darnell's daughter is kidnapped by the father of a man Darnelle sent to prison, who committed suicide.
17 Dec. 1991
The Littlest Victim
Lonnie Jamison is saddened to discover that his high school girlfriend is now an impoverished, single mother.

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