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Great! What are you all talking about?
hlookie15 August 2001
I'm wondering if everyone who reviewed this was watching the same film that I've seen because there is no way this movie can "endanger your mental growth." This movie is great! It's got a funny script and an interesting storyline...I don't know if people were expecting some kind of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" challenger, but you all need to see this movie for what it is...somehow I doubt it was meant to deliver some deep message about society or help you delve into your's a comedy that is meant to entertain! Lighten up, people....
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Enjoyable light fluff
KevinBeckett18 August 2002
Ok, I admit to a guilty pleasure at 1)enjoying and 2) recommending this movie.

The plot is weak, the situation implausible and the secondary characters are weak. So why do I give this movie a 7/10?

Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger, who have some of the funniest lines in any movie.

They are both excellent as 'fish out of water' he as a nerdy social misfit and she as the space travelling investigator who has to find out how Dan Aykroyd's character was able to contact her planet from a primitive Earth.

It is a movie that definitely grows on you with repeated viewings.
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Still delivers big laughs, one to watch when your world has some gray skies
inkblot1129 May 2008
Widower Dr. Steve Mills (Dan Ackroyd) is a two-bit astronomer who wants desperately to send a light beam "out of" the solar system. He fervently believes there is life on other planets but his experiments have been known to damage expensive equipment. Therefore, his boss has told Steve that he will get the boot if he breaks anything else. Needing lightning to bolster his beam, Dr. Steve begins his next attempt at intergalactic communication in a thunderstorm when the system suddenly gets a "superboost" of power, which he can't explain. The result is that the radar shows his light went into another GALAXY, hurrah, but, soon after, the entire system goes south. Steve gets thrown out on his ear, of course. He goes home to his thirteen year old daughter, Jessie (Alyson Hannigan) and contemplates his next move. His womanizing brother, Ron (Jon Lovitz, absolutely hilarious) throws a party to cheer him up, too. But, crashing the get-together, is a beautiful blonde, Celeste (Kim Basinger) who flirts with Steve and wants to know his science secrets. That's because she is an alien whose planet was damaged by Dr. Mills' light beam. She has only a short time to get the good astronomer to send the jolt again so that her world will be saved. But, naturally, Steve must not know she is not an earthling. From alien "eyes" in handbags to drinking car batteries to convincing Steve to marry her, will Celeste succeed in her rescue attempts? If you are world weary, I heartily recommend this old charmer. It is very funny, probably Richard Benjamin's best effort, and it has a terrific cast, too. Ackroyd is wonderful but, then, so is Basinger in a role for which she has probably never garnered any praise, which is a big shame, for she is very funny and sweet. As for Lovitz, he could make a stone laugh and he is in excellent form in this one. All of the other cast members, including Hannigan, in her first big role, are fine. There is an abundance of terrific sight gags and special effects and the script is humorous, polished, and offbeat. As for the costumes, they are impressive, with Basinger looking like a dream. In short, do not be an alien to this film. There have been many films in cinematic history which have been praised high above this one but there are very few that actually deliver the laughs and enjoyment of this truly winning flick.
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Not bad at all (if you can accept something totally silly).
lee_eisenberg23 February 2006
During the period when Richard Benjamin wasn't acting in any movies, he turned to directing, and "My Stepmother Is an Alien" was one of the results. It features nerdy astronomer Steven Mills (Dan Aykroyd) accidentally doing something that causes alien Celeste Martin (Kim Basinger) to get sent to earth. Naturally, she has to learn about everything step by step, causing some really wacky situations.

This movie's nothing special, but good for a laugh. You probably really like the scene where Celeste asks her purse "What is sex?". Also starring Alyson Hannigan, Jon Lovitz, and Seth Green. Oh, and most of us probably know that Aykroyd had already played Mr. Conehead on "SNL".
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Awesome 80's movie
chrystal-lozano7 November 2005
I thought this movie was hilarious! I don't understand how this movie got an average of 4 stars. I remember liking this movie when I was a kid and I still love this movie today. I bought the DVD and watch it often. Kim Basinger and Dan Akroyd are wonderful in this delightful film together. Not too many movies can make me laugh out loud. Sure this may be a cheesy film but what 80's movie wasn't cheesy? The eyeball is also hilarious! One of my fav scenes in the movie is when the eyeball is teaching Celeste what sex is, both of their reactions throughout that scene are so funny and unforgettable. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedies.
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Hey, it's not that bad!
neekfenwick11 March 2002
I rate this film as "so bad, it's kinda good". It reeks of everything I feel the Eighties was trying to get away from when it became the Nineties, however nostalgia will forever hallow certain themes, in a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" sort of way.

Certainly by today's standards this movie is very corny and lacks any real depth sought by movie lovers everywhere, but it has a lot of tongue in cheek charm that other movies lack. It's possible I only say these things because I first saw the film when quite young and I remember liking it... that's a great way to end up liking films that other people really cannot get along with.

As a summary, I couldn't sit down and watch this film with any of my friends, but it would be a perfect companion on a slow evening when I'm ill and had a few beers and need my mind taking off things. Like this evening.
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charming little story
babeulous26 October 2001
This movie was fun. I don't know why everyone is ragging on it. Deserving, nerdy guy gets the girl and saves the world. Nice salutes to movies of the '40s. If the plot's weak, it's because there's not much conflict, no diabolical scheming bad guy. The characters are all sweet and real enough that you care about them. Ms. Basinger is pretty, but if you want to see her do sexy, see _Cool World_.
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Great comedy ,Great science fiction and great characters
James-20225 April 2000
My stepmother is an alien is a wonderful comedy packed with great jokes and great characters.Dan Arkroyd plays Steven Mills a scientist who believes there is life on other planets one night he makes an experiment that will change his life forever.Kim Basinger plays Celeste an alien from an other planet who comes to earth to try to save her planet with the help of Steve Mills.Alyson Hannigan is also great as Jessie Mills who suspects Celeste is not quite normal.9 out of 10.
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"Oh, Dr. Steve, that was sooo good."
honkus9 March 2005
This movie definitely falls under the "so bad it's funny" category. It is easily one of the most absurd Hollywood movies ever. Some of it almost feels like a Bugs Bunny cartoon starring SNL alums. The writer and director were either in the middle of a massive hallucinogen binge or had just gotten done watching like forty billion bad 1950s movies in a row.

Akroyd is mostly boring, but the look on his face when the ultra sexy Basinger puts the moves on him is priceless -- you can tell he's been in that situation before. The best acting in the movie probably comes from the dog, but as far as human actors go, Alyson Hannigan (the daughter) is an entertaining and refreshing break from the pouty, "my parents are so lame" cardboard cutouts found in most 80s and 90s comedies.

One of the funniest things I've ever seen comes at the party after the wedding. It lasts about a split second, but the band's keyboard player does the goofiest, most ridiculous 'pretending to make music' acting job ever.

Bottom line: the story and dialogue are so completely ludicrous that depending on how goofy a sense of humor you have, this will either be the worst or the funniest movie you'll ever see.
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Now That's A Nice-Lookin' Alien!
ccthemovieman-13 November 2006
I don't believe in aliens, but one ever existed and I ran into it, I hope it looks like Kim Bassinger!

Ditsy but humorous in spots and a generally likable movie is how I saw this film. Basinger hardly ever looked better, which is saying a lot. At the time, it was unusual to see her in a comedy after viewing her in tough crime or sex-type movies for awhile. (I didn't see this film until 10 years after it had been released.) She's a decent comedienne, like her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) has turned out to be, too.

The comedy is more chuckles than guffaws. There is the usual too-liberal "values" espoused here, in which sex on the first date is "cool," even considered that b the teen daughter! The latter, however, "Jessie" (Alyson Hannigan) is a cute kid and not annoying as most teen girls on in modern-day films. The casual sex and general secular attitude toward everything including that "science is everything" were all annoying to me but it's still a likeble movie. The profanity isn't too much, except by Jon Lovitz, who provides much of it. In all, a dumb story but a nice, feel-good ending helps.
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Hey... it's not THAT bad! It was really kinda funny! =)
SoCalGal4 June 1999
I rather enjoyed this film! I actually thought that it was a crack-up! Okay, so it's not the funniest movie that was ever made. So what?! Not every comedy was written by Neil Simon or Woody Allen. Of course, the fact that I saw it when it was first released (more than 10 years ago) might have something to do with my enjoyment factor. The special effects, especially by today's standards, are pretty corny. But, all in all, it was enjoyable. And hey, after all, where else can you get to see T.V.'s Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars, Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green, when they first appeared as boyfriend and girlfriend, years before their television romance began?!
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One of the funniest scenes ever
bigar-411 August 2000
This is a movie that I like except for one thing: the horrible Mr Lovitz, who is never really funny. Luckily all the other actors are very good and extremely funny. This movie even has the one of the funniest scene I ever saw in it: when Celeste goes up on the satellite dish and needs a crash course in kissing. This scene always cracks me up and I even need to put the movie on hold just to stop laughing. This movie does just what it should do: make you laugh.
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Buffy fans should revisit this one
jg_rat8 December 2000
Look, this is a very silly film, but it's worth another look on video for this reason: Buffy stars Allyson Hannigan (wicca Willow) and Seth Green (the werewolf with the puppydog eyes) are in it, dating, I think.
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Possesses some charm, but is ultimately just a very poor entry
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews30 August 2005
I'm not much for the 80's. I was too young to remember them(was 4 when they ended), and listening to the music, looking at the hairstyles and watching the movies... it's just not the same. This particular brand of 80's comedy hits a particularly bad note with me; the fish-out-of-the-water, combined with ridiculous sci-fi and with many of the jokes heavily, pitifully overdone. As such, this movie is hard for me to objectively review... so you will have to forgive me if this turns a tad too cruel. Having seen this at least once before, a few years ago, I mainly watched this to see the popular teen actors at a younger age... Lewis, Hannigan and Green. It was quite amusing to see them so young, and I don't regret investing a hundred minutes of half-attentive time on it... again. The film itself is OK... the plot is about as far out as they go, but I guess it's somewhat original and surely an interesting idea. The pacing seems mostly off, and you're often pondering when a scene will move on. This may be that I'm used to newer, more fast-paced movies... but I have few(if any) problems with Hitchcock's films, even his oldest... so I suspect that it's the direction rather than my attention span. The humor is mostly poor, or at least overdone. The gags are maybe funny at first, but when you get down to it, it's basically one joke told over and over, and it's just not that funny or original. The acting seems somewhat shoddy, as well. The characters are mostly one-note jokes, walking clichés, stereotypes, whichever expression you prefer. All in all, this is a fair comedy, considering the time it was made, but it's not really worth watching unless you're a big fan of some of the actors. I recommend this only to very big fans of several of the people involved in making it. 5/10
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Easily one of the Fifty Worst Movies Ever Made
squeezebox28 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
It's easy to say a movie is "one of the worst I've ever seen." Often, the person saying it doesn't really mean it. They're just exaggerating. I've done this myself, when speaking of movies such as BRAM STOKER'S Dracula or BAD BOYS. I'm fully aware that they are not nearly as objectively bad as, say, ROBOT MONSTER or CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON, but I personally found them awful.

The same can not be said for MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN. It is a genuinely dreadful waste of time, money and talent, so much so that it's existence seems to defy the laws of reality. How did this moronic trash heap of a movie ever get made, or even released? How did the negative of this movie not wind up burning in an incinerator somewhere? I need not go into the plot, which is basically summed up in the title. Literally, that's pretty much it. It's SPLASH with an alien instead of a mermaid.

The fact that this movie is actually derived from an original (dramatic) screenplay about a girl unable to cope with the fact that her father has a new girlfriend in the wake of her mother's death staggers me. It just goes to show that the people who make the decisions at big studios about how to make screenplays they've acquired more marketable are a bunch of clueless idiots.

It lumbers along like a wounded walrus until the unbelievably idiotic finale, in which Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger convince the aliens that she should stay on Earth by performing a duet of a Jimmy Durante song. I am not kidding.

This is one of those movies in which the studio barely hides its contempt for its audience. Theoretical studio meeting dialog:

"Let's see. This thing's kind of a downer. People prefer to laugh. Dan Aykroyd's funny. Oh, and so is Jon Lovitz. Put them in there. Hmmm. This whole new stepmother thing is king of leaving me cold. Ooooo, what if she were an alien! Kids love aliens. E.T.? STARMAN? Can you say 'Box Office Hit'? Oh, Kim Basinger's really popular this month. Put her in there. The screenplay? Ummm, I didn't think of that. Whatever, get the usual hacks to throw something together. Oh, and my kid saw Jimmy Durante in TV the other night, so figure out a way to stick that in there, too. I don't care if doesn't make any sense, do it. I guess that's it! Meeting adjourned."
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Lame '80s humour
Leofwine_draca28 January 2016
MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN is one of those films with a great title but little in the way of a real plot to go with it. It's a typical lame '80s comedy in which a bunch of dated aliens beam down on Earth and one of them adopts the rather unlikely form of Kim Basinger in order to infiltrate mankind's society. What follows is an endless barrage of dated jokes, unfunny jokes, and just plain weirdness.

I'll admit from the outset to not being a fan of Basinger, although she's well cast as an alien character here; there's always been something a bit weird about her, after all. Dan Aykroyd is stuck in the 'everyman hero' type role and can do little with it, although there's novelty value that arises from seeing future stars like Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green, and Juliette Lewis when they were but children.

The special effects in the film have dated, not to mention the fashions and hairstyles, and overall it only raised a few chuckles along the way. Overall I think the '80s wave of alien comedies (such as MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE and EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY) was a disappointing one, an assembly of movies that did little to progress either the sci-fi or comedy genres in any way.
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popculturethoughts6 April 2019
This goofy comedy by "Mermaids" director Richard Benjamin is not exactly Masterpiece Theatre, but it's just so much damn fun that you find yourself going along with it, warts and all. Although they're a preposterous onscreen pairing, Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger have a lot of chemistry, and that goes a long way to selling the movie's silly story and rather lowbrow humor. Really, nothing in this movie should work given the cartoonish storyline, but Benjamin knows how to craft a crowd pleaser - the music is well selected, the pace is fluid, the score is surprisingly operatic and the overall cast seems to be having a good time. At 105 minutes, it's a bit on the long side for a narrative with such a thin story, but there's something undeniably entertaining about this little slice of 1980s nostalgia.
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Ohh To Be Young and Horny and Getting It On With My Alien Stepmother !!
tbills230 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
To start, I'd like to make a perfectly casual, and completely complimentary stark observation, as evidently clear as it may be that Dan Aykroyd seems like a really horny dude. Jon Lovitz too. Omg, look, it's a young cute Alyson Hannigan! Me too. I've never watched My Stepmother Is an Alien before and I've usually seen a movie at least once before I go into writing a review for it, but I only seen that one hot scene with Kim in the bedroom (obviously) in this years ago that I somewhat remember where she's wearing like a white negligee or something and I'm definitely looking forward to that scene again now and anything else My Stepmother Is an Alien has to offer. Kim Basinger in this makes me horny. I'm watching it now, Kim is gonna be the best part of this movie I feel, so far, so right. Mystic Pizza is the only other movie I reviewed while watching it the first time, thus explaining the review title and this sentence. This is a good, cute, funny, sexy movie that I think I already knew before watching. Hold on for further comment...I'm enjoying the movie. Oh, look, a little one-eyed alien in a purse. (note to self - potentially use little one-eyed alien in a purse reference momentarily when discussing that hot upcoming Kimmy scene I'm so looking forward to, or anything else that My Stepmother Is an Alien has to offer) Kim doesn't talk a lot in this. She's busy learning how to kiss, and relate. Thank God for it, genuinely, I love it. (note to self - resist urge to use little one-eyed alien in a purse reference now as Kimmy kisses up on Danny boy and stuff because you may need it later you doofus!) This scene reminds me of her from the end of Batman when's she's kissing up on the Joker trying to distract him in that bell tower. Okay, now she's talking more. Thank goodness. I love you Kim Basinger. It's not even fair how sweet and gorgeous you are it's really not! Watching the movie remember that Wayne's World sketch where they'd do the Top Ten Hottest Babes, Kim Basinger would be my number one top hot babe, ch'ya, Kim breaks the human mold for epic hot babe sexuality like she's an alien from another planet or something, as if. (do you remember Kim from Wayne's World 2?! I almost forgot) Oh, she has to learn about sex, that's funny. (note to self & to you - i think the scene is coming) Oh here's the scene.....................speechless with my mouth open just like Dan is. OMG this' way hotter than I was expecting. That's definitely not a negligee........My Stepmother Is an Alien = Kim + sheer white nightgowny thingy / my love x her beautiful passion. I set myself up to be all cute towards Kim then she bombards me with her explosive sexual hotness. That's not fair Kim you goddess temptress enchantress you! That's eeevil. Do people know how hot Kim is in this, holy God? I love her. Oh yes. Kim's sweet sexual spiritual essence formed into actual beautiful womanly embodiment ramming into Earth's airy atmosphere during a rarefied and special solar moon phase one 1988 eve for My Stepmother Is an Alien. That actually happened one December 8, 1953 eve when Kim was born. Ah, the universe's most precious gift, horniness. I want to stick my little one-eyed alien in her purse.
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its supposed to be stupid, dont you get it?
MadRaina10 December 1999
If there is anyone out there who takes this movie seriously has real problems. Your not supposed to take this movie seriously, its a comedy, a COMEDY, cant you just laugh at how dumb it is? The lead cast is god, but its a cool movie because there are a lot of bit parts from people who are now stars in this film. Juliette Lewis has one line, and is the flower girl. Seth Green and Alison Flannigan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer have roles as well. Its not as bad a movie as people say, just dont take it literally.
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Not Bad
GreyRoBoT5 August 2003
This movie wasn't that bad. I saw this with my friend while I was home flipping through the channels. It had some funny parts, but mostly i found myself thinking, "What the hell is this?" Weird movie, but I thought it was worth it to see younger versions of Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan. Don't go out and rent this movie, but if its on tv, you might want to take a quick look.
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Sci-Fi Comedy Junk for the Dim-Witted 1980s Crowd.
tfrizzell3 November 2003
Astronomer Dan Aykroyd unwittingly puts a planet in danger and they send down one of their own (in the form of Kim Basinger). Naturally the typical fish-out-of-water story starts with Basinger finding she has a thing with sex and of course Aykroyd tries to accommodate her desires. Aykroyd's daughter (a very young Alyson Hannigan) is immediately suspicious, as is Aykroyd's brother (Jon Lovitz). But a bond starts between Basinger and Hannigan while Lovitz develops a serious crush on her as well. Will Basinger stay a human and live on Earth or go back to her native planet? Silly and somewhat stupid venture for everyone involved as the direction is out of this world (and not in a good way) and the screenplay feels like it was thrown together by a Trekkie at a boring weekend convention. Basinger's sexual antics are not enough to endear this one to me, but it may be enough with some others. 2 stars out of 5.
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What is the point of this film?
JamesHitchcock27 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It is sometimes said that men are from Mars and women from Venus, and "My Stepmother is an Alien" is a romantic comedy about two lovers who are, quite literally, from different planets. Dan Aykroyd plays Steve Mills, a scientist searching for extra-terrestrial life. Kim Basinger plays the extra-terrestrial life he succeeds in finding. The basic idea is that one of Mills's experiments results in a beam of light being sent to a distant planet where, by some unexplained freak of physics, it causes catastrophic damage to that planet's gravitational system. By an even odder freak, that damage can only be reversed by another beam of light, so the planet's rulers dispatch the beautiful Celeste to Earth to try and persuade Mills to repeat his experiment. Mills, a lonely widower with a teenage daughter, ends up falling in love with, and then marrying, Celeste, not realising that she is not of this earth. The only person who does realise- hence the title of the film- is Mills's daughter Jessie (played by Alyson Hannigan of "Buffy" fame in her first film appearance).

Celeste has supposedly been briefed about life on Earth before her mission, but although the inhabitants of her planet are supposedly very wise their information about Earth is either ludicrously out-of-date or ludicrously inaccurate, and most of the jokes in the film arise from Celeste's misunderstandings about earthlings and their ways. (For example, at a party she helps herself to an ashtray full of fag-ends in the belief that these are something to eat. Her own race appear to subsist on a staple diet of battery acid). During the course of her stay on earth, Celeste discovers a number of things that do not exist on her home planet- most notably sex (her people reproduce asexually), but also sandwiches, Shakespeare, sneezing and Jimmy Durante.

Scientists in comedies are often portrayed as batty, eccentric, absent-minded professors (e.g. Robin Williams's character in "Flubber"). Despite his background as a comedian, however, Aykroyd does not play Mills in this way. Indeed, he generally seems to be playing straight man to Basinger's funny woman. Celeste's wayward behaviour does not arouse Mills's suspicions; he is so besotted with her that, whatever she does, he explains away as a Dutch custom (Celeste has told him that she is from the Netherlands) or puts down to lovable eccentricity.

Kim Basinger can be a gifted comedienne, as she showed in films like "Blind Date" and "Nadine", but a comedienne is only as good as her material, and here much of the humour falls very flat, although there are some amusing scenes, such as the one where Celeste discovers what kissing is. (She is enlightened by her companion Bag, a talking, one-eyed snake-like creature who lives in her handbag, who shows her a series of film clips involving kissing, all of which she re-enacts with Mills).

As other reviewers have pointed out, the plot of "My Stepmother is an Alien" resembles that of "Splash" (which starred the Basinger lookalike Daryl Hannah), but it lacks the earlier film's charm. When it was recently shown on British television, it was advertised as a Sunday afternoon family movie, but much of the humour- especially the love-scene and the scenes involving Mills's disreputable, womanising brother Ron- seems too sexual in nature for most family audiences. On the other hand, the overall tone is too mild and sentimental for the film to work as a bawdy comedy. It is not an outstandingly bad film, but it is difficult to see exactly what the point of it is. 5/10
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If Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie" were an alien
view_and_review10 February 2020
You can always tell when a narcissistic horny guy has written a movie. This movie was a thinly veiled attempt to make a movie about a nymphomaniac alien that loves sex with a largely undesirable and nerdy man.

Celeste (Kim Basinger), an alien, came to Earth and promptly flattered, kissed, screwed, and married Dr. Steve (Dan Aykroyd). Not only did she have sex with him, but she loved it and after marriage she cooked, cleaned, and everything else a man would want in a wife. I think "Beautiful Nymphomaniac Homemaker Alien" would've been too tacky of a title and they would've had to to make it no less than an 'R' rating.

Celeste did all of these favors for Steve ostensibly to save her planet. She needed him to send another transmission to her planet to save it, which didn't make any sense. How does a transmission from another galaxy save your planet?

All that aside, Kim Basinger is not cutout for comedy. She is not funny. She's better suited for... for... umm... something else. I didn't even finish the movie the absurdity factor was so high. It was bordering on fatal dosages strong enough to kill brain cells. I figured, you've already taken precious time from my life I can never get back, you're not taking my brain cells too.
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CHEER! - (7 stars out of 10)
Front-Row-Reviews26 April 2019
The stage curtains open ...

Thirty one years ago, on our very first date together, my future wife and I went and saw this movie in the theater. We both walked out of it feeling it was kind of stupid and not very good. I guess you could say, this movie was a good gauge to see how compatible we were. I watched it again to see how I would feel about it over three decades later - and yes, I still felt it was very silly, but I actually enjoyed it this time around.

After scientist, Steven Mills (Dan Aykroyd), unwittingly sends a radio wave transmission to a neighboring galaxy, an alien in the form of Celeste Martin (Kim Basinger), is sent to find the source. A second radio wave is needed to be sent to correct a gravitational problem on an alien world that the first wave caused. Meanwhile, Mills and his daughter are still coping with the loss of his wife - but soon after Celeste arrives on the scene, all memory of her seems to be forgotten. In a race against time to save her home planet, Celeste does all she can to get Mills back on the case.

This movie was very silly - especially with this advanced alien species learning our earthly ways. Even so, Kim Basinger's performance was delightful and fun. Aykroyd played the constantly dumbfounded-by-her-methods role well, as the two characters offset each other in a good way. Alyson Hannigan (before her American Pie years) was good as his devoted and supportive daughter. It was also fun to see early Seth Green and Juliette Lewis sightings, and I've always been a Jon Lovitz fan.

Perhaps I enjoyed this film for it's sentimental value. Perhaps it was the campy sci-fi comedy that only the 80's could bring us. Whatever it was that attracted me to this film all these years later, it comes with a recommend. Super silly, completely unbelievable - but totally enjoyable and entertaining.
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"Earthmen will fall to their knees, betray their country and give away valuable real estate for a desirable woman."
Bored_Dragon20 March 2019
Dan Aykroyd, an astronomer in search of extraterrestrial life, a widower and single father of a teenage girl, accidentally manages to send a signal to a distant galaxy. Kim Basinger is an alien sent to Earth to investigate this case. This leads to one of the silliest, most charming and funny film romances I have ever encountered. There are also Juliette Lewis in her film debut, Alyson Hannigan (Willow from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Lily from "How I Met Your Mother") as the daughter, Jon Lovitz, Seth Green, and they are all incredibly entertaining. The story itself is pretty sloppy, technically film does not have much to offer, but it's full of hilarious dialogues and excellent embarrassment transfers. Although the objective quality of this film does not exceed five or possibly six, I laughed out loud and at the end it almost made me cry. However, I'm not sure how objective I am, because I saw this movie at the cinema thirty years ago as a nine-year-old, so probably nostalgia somewhat boosted the emotional effect that the film had left on me. Guilty pleasure or one of the best romantic comedies of the '80s, it's up to you to decide, and from the bottom of my heart I'm rating it

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