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This is the real thing.
capo-424 January 2000
If you want to see the Vietnam War as it was experienced by a real Platoon Leader, this is it. Authentic, down to the mannerisms, slang, terror and disillusion of it all, this film has none of the wierd phantasms of Apocalypse Now or the left wing political hype of Oliver Stone's Platoon.

Richard C. Caporiccio, LTC, US Army, Retired, former Platoon Leader, 3rd Battalion, 503rd Infantry (Airborne), LZ Uplift, Republic of Vietnam from Jan 2 to December 24, 1969.
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Fairly Entertaining Stuff
actionpro12 August 2003
This movie is underrated probably because of the prejudices held by critics against Michael Dudikoff. Though his acting is widely thought to be mediocre (it is), he shines in this movie. "Platoon Leader" is gripping fare and deserves more respect than it currently garners. It is not just another throwaway Vietnam movie. It is, in fact, entertaining and is required viewing for any fan of action movies. 5/10
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one of Dudikoff's best
MichaelM2411 April 2002
PLATOON LEADER is one of Dudikoff's best movies, perhaps because, since it was a rare theatrical release, more attention was given to make sure it was well-done. You really get a sense of what the war in Vietnam was like for the soldiers there, with hair-raising jungle ambushes and close calls. Naturally, the guys at the base don't take too kindly to Dudikoff when he first arrives, but ultimately grow to respect him, something I've really grown tired of seeing in the movies. But the battle scenes are well-executed, the direction by Aaron Norris (Chuck's brother) nothing special but good, and the music heroic and uplifting. War movie fans should enjoy it.
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I can't believe Platoon Leader is rated 4.4!!
XPunisher0221 December 2000
First of all I'd like to state my opinion that this movie does not deserve the 4.4 rating that has been thrust upon it. I read the book "Platoon Leader" by James McDoughal (I'm not sure if that's how you spell his last name), and it's one of the best "Vietnam experience" books I have ever read. Upon that note, I saw this movie at the video store and picked it up, not really knowing what to expect. Well, let me tell you that this is one of the better war out there. Especially when compared to a movie like Apocalypse Now (which is in my opinion one of the worst depictions of the situation in Vietnam ever produced). It realistically depicts the trials of a new infantry platoon leader in Vietnam as he arrives fresh out of West Point and must quickly learn the ropes of being a PL and at the same time earn the respect of his men.

Bottom line: this is a damn good movie. If you have any interest in Vietnam or war movies in general, I highly recommend it.
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the read deal
Beowolff293 February 2009
i was there. plain and simple, this movie gives a very accurate account of the times during the Viet War... you would have had to be there to appreciate that fact.

i (or any other vet) hardly expects the great unwashed masses that's never been to a hell hole like that or never been fired at or never picked up a weapon to do battle against a merciless foe to understand it. so naturally bad comments like, Worst Movie Ever, etc, etc...are to be expected. those sorts want only pure ENTERTAINMENT---and any historical value or memorial value or 'happened like REAL LIFE' value means NOTHING to them. :-( MD did a good, solid, very realistic job of portraying a young, green, Platoon Leader barely hanging onto his job AND his life (and that of his platoon's)in a VERY frightening (read impossible) good in fact that he reminds me of several of my own "Lutes" that i fought with (most of them died, sadly.) no, the film isn't perfect, but it's good solid fare for people REALLY interested in how it was in 'Nam. the rest of you clueless cats can eat it and die...who cares anyway what "YOU" think. you weren't there so you don't know jack-C--P about REAL war! btw...the 'grenade' comment is again obviously from somebody that has never fired a gun (or thrown a grenade) in anger. we only saw a FEW guys toss grenades in the film. quite possibly they were 'other' soldiers out of eyeshot ALSO tossing grenades! ---or possibly there were unseen explosives that the exploding grenades set off? d'oh! give this movie a break. and give it a look, cause it ain't bad at all for Hollywood combat. like the other fellow said...cause the Vets say it...and cause "I" say it! :-)
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Good look at the grunts in their back yard
jsb17330 March 2006
A Vietnam veteran who has been in the bush and actually experienced combat will tell you that this film is very close to actually being there. Having viewed almost every film made about the "Nam" this film was very well written and directed. I viewed the film with some of the guys I was with in country with and we pointed out a number of small technical flaws, such as the 173rd Airborne patch on some of the uniforms did not have the Airborne tab over it and the lack of jump wings over the US Army patch stood out. The "LT" should be taking direct orders from his company commander the captain who shows up later in the film not from a major at the battalion headquarters. Other from that the film rates high marks and we were glad to see that the military adviser was Airborne.
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A rare good one from Cannon
BrianG19 January 2001
Most of Cannon Pictures' product is pretty much junk (they make Chuck Norris and J-C Van Damme movies, so what do you expect?), but this one is different. It doesn't have the rock-bottom cheapie look of most Cannon pictures, and the script, for once, actually makes sense (amazing, considering that Harry Alan Towers was one of the writers). The story concerns a young army lieutenant on his first combat assignment in Vietnam, and how he comes to earn the respect of his men. Michael Dudikoff is surprisingly good as the young officer who arrives at his post not knowing quite what to expect but determined to do his duty, and Robert F. Lyons is outstanding as the platoon's veteran sergeant who doesn't want a new lieutenant to get any of his men killed. The action scenes are very well staged and give you a real sense of being there, as opposed to the cardboard pyrotechnics that Cannon usually grinds out. All in all, a refreshing change from the usual Cannon crap. Recommended.
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Well-done and underrated
Tin Man-524 September 1999
Originally entitled "Nam," this film was released as "Platoon Leader" to cash in on the success of "Platoon," which had been released the previous year. Unfortunately, this sank it, and most everyone dismissed this is an imitation of the latter film. However, I feel that this might be one of the finest films about the Vietnam War around, and that's due to the fact that it knows the genre of war films and it knows what to take seriously and what to regard as pure action.

In war films, particularly ones about the Vietnam War, there has always been a question about which angle to approach: a human, emotional story or a pure action-adventure. This film handles the question well, and it shows us both. The film covers a new U.S. captain joining a platoon that is set up on a hill with orders to protect a small village. The story of how he must earn the right to be called the captain of such a motely group, and how the men themselves must struggle about just what they are fighting for in this war, is extremely moving. The writers choose to represent many different attitudes, all of which were present in the war: fear, reluctance, discontent, indifference, and honor. Each character is painted vividly and with wonderful acting, and through their tragedy and suffering, the viewer gets a better understanding of what went on during America's darkest hour.

On the other hand, this film also contains some nicely-directed action sequences that know how to get the heart-beat going. They don't neccessarily glorify war, but they are very Rambo-esque, and made in an effort to satisfy action fans. It is the essence of these action scenes, combined with the human characters who have to pick up the pieces of each battle and move on with their daily, emotional struggles, that really makes this film tick.

This film was directed by Chuck's brother Aaron Norris, who lost a brother to the Vietnam War. Indeed, this must have been a difficult film to shoot because of that, but he certainly paid his brother a fitting tribute in this underrated war epic.

**** out of ****
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Excellent! Vets say so & I say so. So watch it.:)
The-Mighty-Vindicator27 July 2008
Having seen many war flicks (including the Cannon Group's Chuck Norris attempts) about the Vietnam War, this one tops them all. They even include the horrible effects of the illegal drugs some troops took in the field. If Vietnam Vets give this a great rating - I mean, come on, they were there! - no one should question their expertise and thumbs-up on this movie.

I wasn't sure when I saw this, but I thought, "Man, this seems so realistic, I wonder if things were like this over there?" The vets' comments here confirm that.

I only add my comments here to bolster this great war movie and commend the vets for confirming my thoughts. Thank you to them and to the great team that put this film together.

Well done.
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"There's been enough killing for one day".
lost-in-limbo20 February 2011
After making his directorial debut with his brother Chuck Norris with "Braddock: Missing in Action III" (1988), his follow-up would be another Vietnam War feature with Cannon productions starring Michael Dudikoff. The man with the poker face. All jokes aside. Norris' presentation might feel like a poor man's version of Stone's "Platoon", but it turned out to be a very solid nitty gritty portrayal of a war that was hard for the soldiers to come to grips with (nothing but pure propaganda). The performances are acceptably creditable (Robert F Lyons, Michael DeLorenzo, Brian Libby and William Smith chew it up in a major role) and a convincing Dudikoff actually brought across some emotional weight to the part. The script really does illustrate the dramas along with the horror in some arresting scenes ("What do you say to a girl with her arm shot off?") --- especially the transformation of Dudikoff's character throughout his duty, where at the beginning he was naïve to how things work but after an incident that sees him hospitalized he returns an improved soldier, better equipped for the experience and from this starts to gain respect. Comradely is formed. Norris' direction moves at a fast clip, if quite clichéd (cue in the patriotic sounding score) but the impulsive action is competently staged and fairly exciting in its tension fuelled fire-fights with glorious slow-motion and graphic violence. Pockets here, pockets there which leads up to the big explosive assault ala "Platoon" style. Filmed in South Africa, Norris gets a real earthy and humid authenticity which has you also caught in the thick of it. Despite the low-budget it's reasonably well-presented.
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Above AverageWar Film, That's At Times Intense And Well Made, With An Excellent Lead Performance From Dudikoff!
callanvass20 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is an above average war film, that's intense and well made, with an excellent lead performance from Dudikoff!. It's got lots of great war action, and all the characters were great, plus i really enjoyed the musical score!. It did take a little while to get going, and some of the dialog was bad, however Dudikoff is quite intense as the lead, flick, however it is quite entertaining, and even exciting at times, plus the ending was cool and very emotional. The character development wasn't too bad, and the story is pretty interesting, plus it had it's shocking moments. This is an above average war film, that's at times intense, and well made, with an excellent lead performance from as he carried the film, it also helped that the rest of the supporting cast was solid as well!. Granted it's your typical low budget War Dudikoff!. The Direction is good. Aaron Norris does a good job here, with good camera work, during the war scenes, good angles, and keeping the film at an interesting pace!. There is a bit of blood. We get lots of very gory wounds, and some gunshot wounds. The Acting is very good. Michael Dudikoff is FANTASTIC as always, and is fantastic here, he is extremely likable and intense, had good chemistry with Robert F. Lyons, and was just tons of fun to watch! (Dudikoff Rules!). Robert F. Lyons is great here, as the Sarge, he is very likable, and had good chemistry with Dudikoff i liked him lots. Michael DeLorenzo is good as the weasel. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall well worth a watch!. *** out of 5
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a war movie worth seeing
madeazy10 July 1999
Platoon Leader isn't a Saving Private Ryan or a Platoon type of movie, but it's a movie worth seeing. The action scenes are very well done. This movie captures the essence of what young officers in our armed forces have to go through to earn the respect of their enlisted counterparts.
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If you liked platoon, you may like this film
roadkillproductions8 February 2003
We,of Road Kill Productions really like this movie. The effects are very good and the acting is good as well. This movie was made two years after Platoon was made and we must admit this movie is very dramatic and very striking in some scenes. We still think Platoon is better if course, but if you are a fan of platoon or any other War related flick. Odds are you might enjoy this movie.
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Disappointing , dreadful war drama
Maziun31 October 2016
Originally filmed under the title "NAM" before being changed to "Platoon Leader" to cash in on the success of Oliver's Stone "Platoon". A young officer, just out of West Point is sent to Vietnam, where the men don't respect him until he gets wounded and returns to be a wiser soldier and a better commander. Sound's like a good idea for war movie , right ? Sadly this is a dreadful movie Some people who defend this garbage claim that this is a good movie , because it's a realistic description of Vietnam War , compared to the "Apocalypse now " . I wanna tell those people that "AN" is a masterpiece on every level - acting , dialogue , plot . music , direction etc, etc . As a work of art it has every right to take some liberties to send it's message .

"Platoon leader" does have some good scenes in it . However the direction is crappy. Aaron Norris doesn't know how to create tension in action scenes , he uses slow motion in embarrassing way , the drama scenes suck and the pacing doesn't exist here . The acting is also terrible . Dudikoff is likable and charismatic enough action star , but here the role requires someone with far bigger acting talent . Dudikoff tries , hell everyone tries , you can easily see it , I like the ambition , but the most dramatic scenes in the movie are so badly acted that it's just painful to watch . It's not even funny bad , just bad.

The production values are poor , the movie looks terribly cheap . The music is generic "war drama" music , nothing inspired .

The script sucks . The philosophical dialogues are rubbish and the character development is non-existent. Nothing really happens and I 've got a feeling that I was watching an action movie somewhat camouflaged as war drama. I could see potential here and there with some scenes , but it really felt like poor man's "Platoon" . And the very ending scene feels like it belongs to buddy-cop comedy.

Interesting thing - this is the only film directed by Aaron Norris to not have his brother Chuck Norris in it.

I give it 1/10. If you want to see a good and little known war movie better watch "Bat 21" with Gene Hackman and Danny Glover or "Siege of firebase Gloria" with R. Lee Ermey .
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bronsonskull7211 July 2003
Michael Dudikoff stars as Lt Jeff Knight a new commander in charge of the platoon who fight in Vietnam in this really bad and very tedious drama. The problem with Platoon Leader is that nothing happens, the drama is poorly done and Michael Dudikoff isn't the best guy to go with in this type of movie. Platoon Leader is a poorly written, wooden and witless bore.
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One of the lesser Vietnam flicks of its era, but has some positives
Wuchakk8 December 2019
A Lieutenant fresh out of West Point (Michael Dudikoff) is assigned to command a platoon at a remote outpost in the jungles of Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. His cynical men don't respect him until he returns after being wounded and has a little more wisdom at jungle warfare.

"Platoon Leader" (1988) was based on the memoir by James R. McDonough and mixes the plot of "The Green Berets" (1968) with style more akin to "Platoon" (1986). But this is noticeably low-budget by comparison and typical of 80's Dudikoff or Chuck Norris flicks. (Think of the contemporaneous "Braddock: Missing in Action III" by the same director, Aaron Norris, Chuck's brother).

Despite some dubious acting and a story that coulda been more compelling, there are worthwhile elements (like a couple of unique pieces on the soundtrack) and even some moving moments. Dudikoff is effective in the titular role as is Robert F. Lyons as the more-experienced NCO.

The film runs 1 hour, 36 minutes, and was shot on a farm in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, which is a decent stand-in for Southeast Asia.

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Shame about the village!!!
bcarruthers-7650022 March 2019
Platoon leader is often at it's most effective when when it reminds us that these men are human beings and not machines and that they will show emotion at times of stress. It's tense, atmospheric, and exciting at just the right times, with plenty of gunfire and explosions to keep the viewer entertained. Michael Dudikoff gives an excellent performance in this well above war movie from Cannon Pictures. Shame about the village though. bcarruthers-76500
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Cannon Pictures version of Oliver Stone's "Platoon" is exactly what you'd expect
a_chinn2 January 2018
Golan/Globus Cannon Pictures nonsense pretending it's a serious film about the Vietnam War. The American Ninja, Michael Dudikoff, plays a young officer (not a ninja), just out of West Point and sent to Vietnam. Dudikoff must then earn the respect of his battle hardened men. Nothing you haven't seen before and done much better, but on the plus side, there is a small role for my all-time favorite character actor, William Smith, as a commanding officer. FUN FACT! This was directed by Chuck Norris' brother and is the only film he ever directed that didn't star Chuck.
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Not prepared for the rules in Vietnam
bkoganbing10 August 2016
I guess to capitalize on the critical and financial success of Oliver Stone's Platoon, this other film Platoon Leader was made. Though hardly a classic, Platoon Leader is a film with grit and guts like it took to be in Vietnam and never knowing who to trust.

Michael Dudikoff is the newly minted lieutenant straight from West Point where classes on classic military theory don't prepare you for jungle warfare in Vietnam. But he's a quick learner and not eager to breakdown and spend the war in the dugout the way his predecessor did.

Like Platoon the men don't respect the newby until he's bloodied. Once he is and shows willingness to learn he earns the respect of platoon sergeant Robert F. Lyons on down.

In addition to Platoon some aspects of John Wayne's Green Berets are seen in Platoon Leader. The night attack on the base by the Viet Cong scene is almost a copy of one from Green Berets.

I should also single out Michael DeLorenzo who gets through his days in Vietnam with a little help from illegal pharmaceuticals. He's a most unmilitary soldier and his is a tragic end.

The best war films are usually with lots of historical perspective after the conflict. Platoon Leader is no exception.
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Jeff Knight Jeff Knight Jeff Knight Jeff
xbrad6830 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Platoon Leader reminds me a lot of the book Sand In the Wind by Robert Roth because there is a body going over a waterfall scene in both. I was just thinking about the character of Chalice Skating away near the thin tripwire of a new day. For the record I am nonviolent although in my ten years three months in the Canadian Forces I led some neat firefights using blank rounds. In one I spotted an ambush but did not break the treeline, had my guys go into the prone (laying down) and had my riflemen and machine gunner open up. Then because it was night time I could tell by the weapons flashes that we were up against a larger force led by a Regular Force Captain who ironicly broke contact and retreated. Low on rounds and outnumbered my force did not pursue. I may have earned Captain Miakowskis respect that night since that was the second of two firefights with his patrol. One night I had a guy in my patrol fall off a bridge into a creek in below zero weather. Luckily we had spare clothes and took him into an abandoned barn out of the wind. I let him use my combat scarf and he was OK for the rest of the weekend training. My French Canadien friends used to talk about the importance of the mish or mission and dream about having beers at the Zanz or Zanzibar Lady stripper club in Toronto where a Van Damme movie was filmed. One night at my Armories I was acting 14 platoon commander and had my troops work the phones notifying people about the next training night. From my Special Service Force Intelligence Course background I have always been obsessed with finding the other guys Orbats or Orders of Battle. This methodology has served me well helping Canada Britain and America. Check out the better Vietnam War film Hamburger Hill.
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Death is the ultimate alarm clock - it wakes you up.
Hey_Sweden21 January 2018
Frequent Cannon Group hero Michael Dudikoff does fairly well in the role of Lt. Jeff Knight, an officer fresh out of West Point who is immediately sent to Vietnam. His soldiers, including the much more experienced Sgt. McNamara (Robert F. Lyons, "The Todd Killings"), treat him with disdain until he is wounded in combat. He returns to the field a wiser and savvier man. His teams' mission is to protect a Vietnamese village that is important because it is the only one in the region not under the VC's control.

Originally given the simple title "Nam", this adaptation of a book / true story got its title changed to cash in on the success of Oliver Stones' "Platoon". While it might not take its place among the truly great 'Nam based films, it's still not bad at all, and is worthy of some respect. Certainly it doesn't sugarcoat the horrors of combat, with some very effective bloody violence bound to turn off some viewers. It's vivid, and believable enough, and benefits from location shooting (in South Africa!) and a haunting music score by George S. Clinton. It can also boast a solid cast of character actors, with veteran actor Lyons emerging as a standout. They are well supported by Brian Libby ("The Shawshank Redemption"), Michael DeLorenzo ('New York Undercover'), Jesse Dabson ("Death Wish 4: The Crackdown"), Rick Fitts ("The Hanoi Hilton"), Tony Pierce ("Stone Cold"), and the legendary movie tough guy William Smith ("Any Which Way You Can").

It's often at its most effective when it reminds us that these soldiers ARE human beings and not machines, and that they WILL show emotion at times of stress. It's tense, atmospheric, and exciting at just the right times, with plenty of gunfire and explosions to keep viewers paying attention.

Seven out of 10.
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Soldier on elsewhere...
fmarkland3219 February 2007
American Ninja's Michael Dudikoff branches out to make a war movie about Vietnam and falls extremely short of making anything worthwhile, enjoyable or even interesting. The story follows Dudikoff as a tough new commanding officer who must win the respect of his men and wax philosophical on the war itself, while drugs and the Viet Cong are all around are soldier boys. Michael Dudikoff is certainly a credible action star with some screen presence and low key charisma but this type of movie requires an actor who can pull of emoting as well. Richard F. Lyons comes off best but really this is a repetitive war movie with no sense of excitement, authenticity or even a point. Really one is better of seeing Platoon or Full Metal Jacket for authenticity, while for entertainment one should look to Rambo or Missing In Action. Platoon Leader on the other hand is just a labored failure that offers colossal boredom.

*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)
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Sadly In the Shadow of Stone's Platoon
jlthornb5123 March 2015
Powerful, moving motion picture with uniformly superb performances from an excellent cast. The battle scenes are horrific in their realism and the technical aspects of this fine film are superior to many others that attempt to capture the hell our soldiers went through in Viet Nam. Working with a small budget but a stunning script, this is a film that deserves to be recognized along with Apocalypse Now, Go Tell the Spartans, and Hamburger Hill. Full Metal Jacket may be a work of genius but it has nothing to compare to a true, heartfelt effort such as this. Where Oliver Stone failed to really communicate the reality of war, Platoon Leader nails it with no compromise. Beautiful cinematography and a stirring score accentuate this small masterpiece and the director has never done better work. While it stands in the shadow of big studio releases and never received the attention or accolades that should have been afforded it, Platoon Leader is possibly the definitive motion picture depiction of the American soldier's brutal experience in that horrific jungle conflict.
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A toon
davideo-215 November 2001
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Before he went on to direct brother Chuck in the tremendously exciting action sequel Delta Force 2,Aaron Norris fools the potential punter with this totally unengaging and thoroughly cliched account of the true story of the 173rd ''Airborne'' Brigade in Vietnam,despite most of the action taking place in the jungles of South East Asia.No disrespect to the American GIs forced to participate in this no doubt barbaric sector of the Vietnam war,but it makes for rather tepid screen viewing,and the noticably charisma stripped Michael Dudikoff headbilling the show only adds to the unrelenquishing tedium.*
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Oh dear, what a mess...
uncledavey8010 December 2004
I had a lot of fun at uni fast forwarding to the frankly risible lines of dialogue, fantasy-world scenes and other complete bollocks. It is very entertaining because it is so rubbish. MD is terrible in it, the script stinks, the acting is appalling, there's a wafer thin budget, the location could be somebody's back garden. Was there a military adviser on this? If there was he did a bang up job of ballsing it up. It isn't authentic in the slightest.

However for all this, it is dreadful example of film making and war film making in particular, one which I would try and make everybody watch at least once all the way through. Then I'd get drunk and fast forward to the funny bits and wooden lines.

I'll leave you with this thought: "...some people are in the shoe business..."

Check out the bit with the heroin overdose and two sets of overacting, the 'oscar speech' (see above), the bit where he goes "deeeeeeead's gooooooood!!!!", the terrible pyros, just see it!!!!!!!!!! Coz it has to be seen to be believed.

Canon you say? I would never have guessed.
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