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5 Jan. 1996
Friendship Cycles
Urkel wants to learn to ride a bicycle, and enlists you know who as his teacher. Carl is frustrated at first when Urkel can't seem to get the hang of things, but the nerd keeps trying.
12 Jan. 1996
South of the Border
Urkel and Eddie are forced to travel to a small island country near Mexico, where Waldo has landed in jail for violating the country's little-known customs.
26 Jan. 1996
Life in the Fast Lane
Laura becomes worried about her figure and invests in some diet pills. She doesn't count on Urkel mistaking her pills for his vitamin supplements, and in the process, he is nearly involved in a tragic accident as he unwittingly destroys the Winslows' garage.
2 Feb. 1996
Random Acts of Science
Carl has had it with Urkel's constantly backfiring scientific contraptions and demands they be placed in storage. One night while they are putting everything away, a gang of robbers breaks in and demands everything. Carl and Urkel trick the thugs into letting them demonstrate the transformation chamber ... and they emerge as Bruce Lee Carl and Bruce Lee Urkel to defeat the bad guys.
9 Feb. 1996
Tips for a Better Life
Urkel (transformed into his Stefan alter ego) gets a second job playing saxophone at a local coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Eddie has a bout with alcoholism, and it has an adverse effect on the family.
16 Feb. 1996
Swine Lake
Eddie enrolls in a ballet class to improve his basketball skills. He is invited to participate in an upcoming recital and chooses Greta as his parter, but on the day of the show, Myrtle shows up instead.
23 Feb. 1996
My Big Brother
In this episode paying tribute to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program, Urkel is paired with a streetwise youth named 3J, whose smart mouth is the cover for an embarrassing secret: He can't read. Urkel vows to help 3J learn how to read and discover the worlds that are opened up through books.
8 Mar. 1996
Eau de Love
Urkel creates an aphrodisiac that accidentally gets sprayed on Laura. Laura falls head-over-heels in love with Urkel, but what happens when the potion wears off? Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette encounter nothing but frustration at the airport when they try to book a flight for their second honeymoon.
15 Mar. 1996
Twinkle Toes Faldo
To improve his self-esteem, Waldo enrolls in a tap-dancing class.
29 Mar. 1996
A con artist tricks Eddie and Waldo into going to an exclusive sports bar where Chicago Bulls' players hang out, then leaves them with the bill. Eddie decides to go to his father for help, and Carl is easily able to recover his son's losses.
26 Apr. 1996
Dream Date
When their respective dates are unavailable for the prom, Urkel offers to take Laura to the senior dance. The night is Urkel's dream come true ... and a wonderful time for Laura as well.
10 May 1996
A Ham Is Born
Carl lands a job as security guard at a movie studio ... and in the process, gets a leading role in a big-time movie. However, one of the scenes involves his character passionately kissing the movie's beautiful leading lady, leaving the portly cop with a moral dilemma.
17 May 1996
Send in the Clone
While Urkel is working on a cloning experiment with his transformation chamber, the contraption goes kablooey. The aftermath has Urkel cloned, creating double trouble for the Winslow household! Laura decides to make lemons out of lemonade and suggests that one of the clones be made into a permanent Stefan.
20 Sep. 1996
Paris Vacation: Part 1
Steve, Stefan and the Winslow family spends a vacation at Paris with his Urk-Pad after accidentally sending Carl in place of cheese to his pen pal, Nicole. All is not well when they first arrive, Eddie accidentally damages the café that his parents were eating at and is forced to work there to pay off the damages. Then Nicole is blackmailed by her opportunist cousin, Gilbert to get the plans of the Urk-Pad. Meanwhile Stefan looks to Steve and asks him to help him build his family tree (per Laura's recommendation). The nerd not only helps him build his using the Urkel ...
20 Sep. 1996
Paris Vacation: Part 2
Stefan poses as a model for a French version of Coca-Cola and decided that modeling is his career choice. He makes his successful debut in the runway show. Meanwhile, Steve is taken with Nicole to Gilbert where he learns about her cousin's intentions to get filthy rich.
27 Sep. 1996
Paris Vacation: Part 3
Steve is held hostage in the opera house and Glibert gives him an ultimatum, either build him an Urk Pad of his own or else. The nerd reluctantly gives in to his demands and builds him the Urk Pad of his own. He's upset with his pen pal for her involvement with her cousin and her betrayal of her word to keep his invention discreet. Then Nicole reveals that she is sorry for what she did and explains why Gilbert has been blackmailing her for some time. He wanted to make a fortune off Steve's invention and will stop at nothing to get his own way. After that, she warns ...
4 Oct. 1996
Movin' On
Steve finally attends the college he wants to go to MIT and fits in very well there. Quickly, he starts missing Myra's company right away and transfers to her college to be with her.
11 Oct. 1996
3J in the House
When 3J goes missing from the orphanage, the Winslows tries to find him. They are unaware that Richie is secretly housing him in the attic and begs Steve not to tell anyone about it. The truth is later revealed by the nerd as he uses one of his devices and finds 3J in the attic. Carl and Harriete adopts him when they reveal that they care about his well being. Meanwhile, Laura starts dating around with Curtis to take her mind off of missing Stefan who is in Milan.
18 Oct. 1996
Getting Buff
When Steve tells Eddie that Greta has been posing nude in his art class, he explodes in anger. He demands that she never poses nude again and she responds by not seeing him anymore. As he begins to miss Greta, Laura sets her idiot brother straight by telling him that her father gave her an ultimatum "Either stop seeing Eddie or Be cut off without a cent". She chose to keep dating him and she struggled ever since. Later on, he apologized to her for his yelling, not realizing why she taking the job as a nude model. Meanwhile, Nick and Carl's feud with each other takes a...
25 Oct. 1996
A ventriloquist's dummy, which looks exactly like Urkel, comes to life and terrorizes the Winslows and Steve must stop it.
1 Nov. 1996
Karate Kids
A street gang takes over the local park to deal drugs and play rap music, only to be confronted with 'Karate-Kid' variants of Urkel, Richie and 3J.
8 Nov. 1996
Home Again
Steve has received six free tickets to see New Edition's Home Again tour because he knows Johnny Gill. He, Eddie and their dates attend with Laura to the concert. To their shock and excitement, New Edition, calls out Stefan onto the stage and she's excited to see him again. Meanwhile, Richie and 3J feel bad about having Carl and Harriette staying with them because they knew that they wanted to go to the concert. Both kids pull some strings with Steve to have New Edition perform at the house.
15 Nov. 1996
Nightmare at Urkel Oaks
Eddie Winslow, after finding out Myrtle Urkel is rich, dreams that Big Daddy Urkel offers to pay Eddie $10 million to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi. His girlfriend, Greta is going to make sure that the wedding doesn't happen because she knows it's a farce.
22 Nov. 1996
Myra inadvertently sprinkles Urkel's mini fireworks on stuffed chickens she made for dinner in an effort to help Carl impress his boss.
6 Dec. 1996
The Jury
Steve must prove a defendant innocent when he and Carl serve on a jury together.
13 Dec. 1996
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Steve and Carl heads out into the woods to get a Christmas tree. The nerd annoys him by rejecting some of the trees until he snapped and tells him they are taking this tree. After they cut it, the were trying to hurry back before the snow got really heavy. Unfortunately, it obliterated their tracks and they end it lost. While sitting by the fire, Steve and Carl apologizes and bond. Then the nerd is able to use the constellation to get them home. Meanwhile, Eddie and the rest of the family are exchanging gifts until Harriette tells them Stefan is here. Laura finally ...

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