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21 Sep. 1989
In the series premiere, Charles "Corky" Thatcher tries to mainstream in a regular high school with his sister, Becca. But his first few days in Grade 9 take a serious turn when he is accused of cheating off of an exam.
24 Sep. 1989
Corky for President
Encouraged by Rona Liberman, Corky runs for freshman class president with the help of smart, but very unpopular classmate, Lester. Thinking that Rona likes him, Corky doesn't know he was only nominated by her as a joke.
1 Oct. 1989
The Baby-Sitter
Corky gets his first babysitting job. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned when classmates Tyler and Russo show uninvited up at the house where he is watching young Billy Graber.
8 Oct. 1989
Break a Leg, Mom
Libby has a chance for a comeback of sorts, at the community college's "Autumn Follies". Meanwhile, Corky is having troubles in math class, but doesn't want to take arithmetic tutoring with kids ten years younger than himself.
15 Oct. 1989
Becca's First Love
Becca falls in love with Gabe, the bad-boy lead singer of a garage band who encourages her to stay out past her curfew which resorts Becca getting into trouble with her parents.
22 Oct. 1989
Paige's Date
Drew sets up Paige with a charmer named Larry whose head is in the clouds; unfortunately his sense of responsibility seems to be mired in quicksand.
5 Nov. 1989
Paige's Mom
Paige's actress mother returns to town and has a great time together. But like many of their visits, they're full of big promises that never come true.
12 Nov. 1989
Call of the Wild
Just as Drew begins a construction project on sacred Native American soil, the spirit of a long-gone brave appears to Corky.
26 Nov. 1989
Corky Witnesses a Crime
Corky tries out for the football team. But when the coach hits a student, one of his former players, and all the team stands up for the coach except Corky who is compelled to tell the truth.
3 Dec. 1989
Ordinary Heroes
A frustrated Drew decides to quit his construction job and wants go into the restaurant business. Later, he joins Libby in counseling a couple whose newborn daughter has Down Syndrome.
10 Dec. 1989
Pets, Guys and Videotape
Paige goes to work for a divorced veterinarian who is very kind with suffering animals but kind of insufferable with humans. Meanwhile, Becca videotapes a hectic day in the life of her working mother.

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