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French video release has two scenes not present in the English one. First, it's when MacArthur gives tobaco to Fairbourne when MacArthur signs the deal. Second one it's a scene between Fairbourne and Mitamura; Mitamura explains his reasons to surrender to Learoy.
The US version of the film is different in quite a few ways to the European version. Despite being slightly shorter, it has some additional footage: the battle montage as the Japanese retreat is much longer (the entire battle at the river is cut from the European versions), while there's also a scene of James Fox reminiscing about a girl he knew in India that is missing from the European cut. However, there is a huge and fairly important scene cut from near the end of the picture, where Fairbourne (Nigel Havers) visits the Japanese general as he has his last meal before his execution. Otherwise there is a big structural difference with the prologue from the US cut showing Learoyd deserting and watching his companions being executed being much more comfortably placed in the flashback sequence when Learoyd is telling the story of how he became king in the European version. Among other small differences in the US version: the opening quote has been dropped and replaced with title cards specifying the date and location; the first scene between James Fox and Nigel Havers is slightly longer with a line of dialogue at the end to lead into the scene where he talks about the girl he loved in India; the scene with MacArthur is shorter in the US version, with the footage of MacArthur giving Fairbourne some of his tobacco deleted; the scene where Fairbourne betrays Learoyd by telling the Colonel about the salt has an extended ending with more dialogue; the end narration is longer ("I hope he finds his valley... somewhere.") with a slightly awkward edit in the final music cue to extend it; the end title music is different - the US version begins with a replay of the main title, the European version with part of Nigel's Trip.

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