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  • While detective Liz Donaldson cashes her entire life savings to go to Rome, she meets Dr. Harry MacCrey on the plane. They both lie about their jobs and they fall in love in Rome. But, when they come home they have to try to keep their little white lies to themselves and not let either of them who's who.

  • A policewoman goes to Paris on vacation and meets a doctor who is also on vacation. She tells him she's a woman of means while he says he's from humble means. When they go back home, they continue to see each other and don't tell each other the truth. Eventually one of her cases involves one of his patients and she wants him to tell her what he knows about the person but he refuses to divulge anything not knowing that she's the cop and vice versa.


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  • Ann Jillian is terrific at this comedy that borders on slapstick. No wonder, she has worked with the best o the old timers like Bob hope, Milton Berle, Red Buttons, George Burns, & Danny Thomas to name a few. Police Detective meets Doctor on their way to Rome! This is a lovely romantic, tongue in cheek comedy. When I watched it, Ann Jillian was top billed star, and so the credits herein are incorrect. It's a cute romp with the great scenery of Rome. Did you know the former patient of Tim M. is Andy (Ann Jillian's real life hubby), scene plays at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome and the hubby (former Chicago Police Sgt. is not a bad actor! I strongly recommend this fun movie.

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