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I'd pay Cash to see this Tango
ODDBear2 December 2005
Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone are the reason why this run-of-the-mill action flick actually works. There's nothing innovative or special about the film, it's nothing we haven't seen before (maybe just Russell in drag) but the film is entertaining as hell thanks to it's two stars.

Stallone is Tango and Russell is Cash, two cops who get set up and sent to jail. They break out and go after the bad guys to clear their names.

The film has got some excellent action scenes, particularly inside the prison and during the break out. It's got some nice eye candy courtesy of one Teri Hatcher. The script also delivers some very funny lines now and then. Couple that with the fact that I actually do like Stallone do comedy and Russell has always been somewhat of a mini favourite; Tango and Cash is very worthy of my time every once in a while.

Downsides; Excellent actor Jack Palance is horrible in the cliché ridden bad guy role (I can't figure out if he's trying too hard or not at all) and the film has a really silly final 10 minutes where the action goes from cool to basically slapstick. Still, early 90's action fans should enjoy this flick.
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not real in the least...but still fun
mcfly-3117 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of the reviews for this film use the word "fun", which is code for "unreal", "ridiculous", "silly". That pretty much sums up this umpteenth foray into the cop/buddy flick. The slight difference is the two guys aren't partners, but city rivals. But, as usual, they detest each other, battle a big bad guy, and have a sexy girl caught between them. One of the zillion unreal elements begins with these two guys constantly grabbing headlines in LA. Now, I've lived near LA all my life. Not once has there ever been an officer who was a superstar/celebrity type of superior abilities. And, as we usually see in movies, these guys are non-uniformed, fancy car driving studs. Anyway, off to the plot. The two guys are hated by an aged, wealthy drug runner (Palance). For reasons only known to him, he doesn't want the two simply capped in the head and out of the way. I assume he wants to physically and mentally torture them, so he orchestrates a, yet once more unreal, frame-up that lands the two in jail. There's even an obligatory "You're goin' down for this" from a fellow officer at the scene of the crime. Then, on the inside, ALL the guards are corrupt, which allows prisoners to roam the grounds at will, the powerful drug guy to pay visits, Russell and Stallone to be tortured in a boiler room, etc. Each guy has a friend on his side, Russell the warden, Stallone his captain. Now it's odd that the captain, who knows Stallone is innocent, fails to share this with other authoroties. Even the address of a henchman that he's obtained. After a prison break, there's the big bad finale where the two take on armies of machine gun blasting toadies of Palance's. Then a dopey final gunshot that puts an exclamation point on the list of unreal moments. Now, with all that said, why did I still like this? The dynamite script. Feldman provides a ton of one-liners and comic moments, which aided the implausibility of the proceedings. Not to mention some nicely shot moments of action. So, for a good "turn off your brain" adventure where you'll be asked to go easy on quality, give this a shot.
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Lovely piece of kitsch from the 80's
The_Void4 June 2005
Back in the 80's, kitsch cinema had two main sections - gory horror movies and daft action films, of which this film obviously fits into the latter. While the gory horror movies of the eighties often lacked credibility, that section of kitsch movies beats the daft action films because of the much higher content of inventiveness; but more often than not, the daft action movies make for good entertainment, even if they're somewhat less than brilliant. Tango and Cash is a notable action movie because it stars two of the eighties most popular action stars - Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell, whose antagonistic partnership makes up the core of this movie. The plot device to get the maverick cops to work together is hardly important, but nevertheless it follows the two as a corrupt state buys into a plot by a criminal kingpin to land them both in jail, which promptly sees our hero's in with the masses of criminals they themselves have sent to the clink. As you can imagine, they're not the most well liked of inmates. Especially not by 'Maniac Cop' himself, Robert Z'Dar...

The action in the movie comes thick and fast and this, when combined with the one-liner packed script make the movie feel more like a parody than a serious take on the genre. This is all good, however, as this movie is pure entertainment, and seeing two of the 80's hottest action stars fire off silly dialogue at one another is a treat to say the least. The action is over the top, and we get to watch our hero's do such things as slide down electrical cables and drive a souped up SUV around an explosion packed warehouse, and it makes for great entertainment. Of course, what the movie packs in action and snappy dialogue, it lacks in other areas such as credibility and depth; but nobody tunes into a kitschy 80's action movie for plot depth and sophistication, so blaming the movie for not offering these things is ridiculous. On the whole, if you're after a good two hours of solid action fare, you could certainly do a lot worse than Tango and Cash. This movie packs a lot of punch, delivered by two strong leading men. Thumbs up!
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Just Who's The Best Cop In LA?
bkoganbing23 August 2009
It looks to me like everyone was having one rollicking good time making Tango&Cash. This is the kind of film that you have to take as seriously as an Indiana Jones adventure. After all their can be only one Indy.

But in this case we've a pair of cowboy cops who work in different parts of Los Angeles. Sylvester Stallone as Ray Tango and Kurt Russell as Gabe Cash are certainly known to each other however due to the headlines they've gathered smashing various criminal enterprises. They're also known to master criminal Jack Palance the Professor Moriarty of the film and he's rigged one elaborate plan for their disgrace and downfall and death.

As much as Stallone and Russell are enjoying spoofing their own action images, this film is absolutely stolen by Jack Palance. With tongue firmly in cheeking and hands twirling some imaginary mustache ends in the best Snidely Whiplash tradition, Palance is having a ball with his part.

Of course even when they're in the worst of trouble there's still that oneupsmanship that Russell and Stallone can't shake. And when Russell shows an interest in Teri Hatcher whom he later finds out is Stallone's sister, things could really have gotten interesting if it weren't for the joint problems they both were having.

When you watch this film, do not for one instant take it seriously and I guarantee a real hoot.
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Cheesy, dated, clichéd, predictable and basic but the lead performances and silly dialogue make it silly fun for those in the mood
bob the moo6 June 2005
Tango is a smooth cop who dresses like a banker, deals in stocks and shares but loves the action. Cash is a rough and ready action man who lives life fast and dirty but is a better cop for it. Each man serves on opposite sides of the LA and both are thorns in the side of crime kingpin Yves Perret – accountable for losing him millions in seized drugs and weapons. Rather than just have them killed, Perret sets them both up for the murder of an undercover cop supposedly in a sting operation. With all the evidence against them they cop a plea for minimum-security sentence – which they don't get. With a violent and angry welcome for them, Tango and Cash decide they need to escape soon or be carried out – plus, bringing down Perret is now their sole focus.

Although I know just what this film was going to be like, I thought I'd try to give it a chance and watch it again with a fresh pair of eyes. Nothing about the plot summary would lead you to expect anything other than a clichéd action movie and all that comes with it. And that is almost exactly what you get with this. The plot is predictable and really you are just watching it go through the motions and do just what you expect it to at almost every stage. The action is typically over-the-top and lacking the touch of realism that is usually needed to make it really engaging and exciting – instead it is noisy and overblown, managing to be quite fun but certainly not gripping or involving. The character dynamics are also clichéd – it is love/hate, bantering, mismatched cops stuff but ironically it actually works pretty well. The main reason for this is that the script shows that at least Feldman wasn't taking it too seriously – the dialogue allows both to mock each other and stops them settling into their macho images too much.

Happily both Stallone and Russell buy into it and let themselves be made fun of as much as they get to give it. Neither are brilliant but at least they seem to have got the joke and avoid playing it too straight or just going along with the macho clichés. Of course they eventually get back to basics and (along with the film) eventually just gets down to big bangs and action movie traditions but for the majority of the film they just about do enough to make it fun – albeit fun in a silly, rather guilty way. Hatcher doesn't add a great deal but it is interesting to see how good she looked then and how well she has aged in the past 15 or so years. Palance hams it up something awful and is a little painful to watch – but he is matched by equally poor bad guys from James, Hong and a few others. Pollard does his usual stuff and is typical comic relief.

Overall this is a dumb action movie and if you hate that type of film then you will hate this. I must admit that, by the end, the sheer cheesy stupidity of the whole thing had started to grate on me somewhat but up till that point it had been silly and quite fun. The amusing banter is one plus and at least Stallone and Russell aren't taking it too seriously for the most part and provide enough to stop it being a totally predictable genre film – even if it is a close run thing.
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Fun and suspenseful actioner
Elswet17 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent action, intense suspense, and a great action/comedy story line.

This is an excellent fast-paced action/comedy. I truly enjoyed all aspects of this production, from the screenplay to the set design.

Russell and Stallone turn in top notch, professional work in this enjoyable endeavor. While the action was good, fluid, and well executed, the movie never once loses its main focus: that wonderful plot. The plot is extremely well written. While there are two major flaws to the credibility of the story line, I found this attempt to be at least as good as Lethal Weapon 2.

I found this production to be innovative, fun, and highly entertaining. It had everything a good action movie needs to make it successful; excellent character development, imaginative direction, professional performances by the cast and crew, a clever and witty screenplay with intelligent dialog, and action...lots of good fast-paced, well-delivered action. It had a fresh comedic element, and, even though at times, director Andrei Konchalovsky does turn to juvenile antics to solicit a chuckle from us, the comedy was mostly about as intelligent as you can expect from Sly and Russell, and expertly-delivered.

It rates a 6.3/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Unadulterated Sheer Brilliance, the Perfect Film…..Tango and Cash
MacGyver_5518 December 2005
This masterpiece of Americana is perhaps the Greatest film ever made. The amalgamation of Sylvester Stallone's sheer magnetism, and Kurt Russell's commanding stage presence, has yielded a sonnet the likes of which all Films aspire to be. Stallone portrays "Raymond 'Ray' Tango" a highly decorated narcotics detective from Beverly Hills, who penchant for the stock market, has granted him not only the finer things in life but also a means to express his sophisticated nature and aspirations of financial independence. Stallone masterfully shows the dichotomy of a character who is highly educated and well mannered, yet is beset in a cesspool of crime and depravity, Tango yearns for a better society yet will not rest on his laurels of law and order. "Gabriel 'Gabe' Cash" portrayed by the immaculate Kurt Russell, is the antipodean of Stallone's level headed Tango. Cash is pugnacious, assertive, and zealous yet his diligence to enforce law and order at all cost define this tortured soul. Although this crass inner city detective has a disheveled appearance and tough exterior he is simply trying to hide his true feelings and desires for true love in an otherwise barbaric society.

The story begins as these two rival officers are competing for the title of LA's best cop. Although their methods and approaches differ, their goals are the same; to imprison Yves Perret a diabolical drug lord who catches wind of the duos escapades. With his Criminal Empire in danger of being toppled, Perret masterfully played by Jack Pallance, enacts his plan to destroy the two. In an act of carnal malevolence he frames them for the murder of an undercover FBI agent. Perret's corruption and debauchery know no bounds, as he weaves a duplicitous web of conspiracy the likes of which have not been seen since the Warren Commission. Evidence is tampered, so-called experts bribed, and in an attempt to save their lives, Tango and Cash agree to a plea bargain, under the guise that they will be sent to a Minimum Security prison, not amongst the general population. Perret then has them sent to a Maximum Security faculty amongst inmates that have been jailed by the two supercops, in an attempt to have them assassinated. Tango and Cash must then set aside their petty differences and discover the true meaning of friendship to escape the prison to clear their once proud names, and stop Perret once and for all, in a conclusion that will rattle even the sternest of men.

The chemistry between Stallone and Russell is reminiscent of Redford and Newman, if not greater, with snide remarks being made by both parties. The action, adventure, and violence are non-stop, yet the humanity of the characters is prevalent throughout the film, adding a much needed dimension to an otherwise cliché and tired genre. Tango is not just a mindless cop, he is multidimensional protagonist, who hearkens to the days of Bogart and Cary Grant. Cash desires the admiration of a women to complete himself, which he finds in Catherine "kiki" Tango, he is not simply a generic action hero who shoots guns and makes wise ass remarks, Cash has a quintessence and Russell pours his soul into the character.

All in all this film is the crowning achievement of Stallone and Russell and the Hollywood film industry. It is a cut of history, when master Artisans the like of Russell and Stallone are brought together at their peak with visionaries leading them to produce what is their destiny……..FUBAR!!!!!!!!!
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Take time and watch this, you won't regret it!
anfield_liverpool0117 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Despite what the rating says here at IMDb, take time and see this action flick, you'll enjoy it. Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabriel Cash (Russel) are two rival Los Angeles cops, considered the best, that get framed for a murder they didn't commit. They get put away in prison, facing some of the criminals they've busted! Tango and Cash become, um, sort of "buddies" while in jail. The convicts have their fun with the both of them for awhile until they devise an escape plan, and do get out. Once Tango and Cash escape, they must find out who it was that framed them and find a way to clear themselves from that crime they've been wrongfully accused of while trying to not get caught.

This is a good action flick, with a lot of comedy put into it, perhaps more than the directors would have anticipated. This movie will keep you glued to your television. It is predictable but it has good action and as I said very good comedy. 7/10, recommended!
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Despite a very problematic ending, Tango and Cash still has plenty to make it an at least enjoyable film
TheLittleSongbird21 February 2015
Tango and Cash is one of those films that people can get a huge amount of enjoyment out of when taking it for what it is, or there will be others who'll find it not to their taste. From personal taste, there are a number of shortcomings but I cannot bring myself to hate it.


It's stylishly made, if very 80s, and competently directed, nothing comes over as amateurish. The soundtrack does pulsate with energy and is easy to remember, if a little intrusive in places(not that that is uncommon in action films). The script is snappy and delivered like dynamite, the banter between Stallone's Tango and Kurt Russell's Cash is a lot of fun. The story on the whole while very silly and predictable but it doesn't really ever become dull and it is easy to follow, the standout scenes being the opening, which is one of those scenes that sets things up so well it makes one excited for what will happen next and the brilliant prison escape, the prison scenes in general are among the better scenes in the film actually. The action, while very over-the-top, is decently edited, cool and endearingly kitsch without feeling too much. Sylvester Stallone is charismatic and effectively low-key and shows that he is at ease in the action scenes, his comic timing while much criticised in general is pretty good here, while Kurt Russell is a witty, soulful partner, the two of them being a well-matched pair. It is not everyday where you see Russell in drag, don't worry it is not as weird as it sounds.


Tango and Cash does have problems. The biggest problem is that it falls apart in the final 10 minutes, an ending so disappointing that it's easy to bring the film down more than one notch. It loses the energy that the rest of the film has and it goes well overboard in the silliness factor, with the slapsticky final fight feeling out of kilter. The main villain Perrett's comeuppance is also very anti-climatically handled. Teri Hatcher is probably at her sexiest here but her acting feels vapid. More problematic are the villains, here are very stereotypically written(especially Perrett, the drugs baron stereotype has been done a number of times and nothing interesting is done here) and only Brion James, here looking as if he is having so much fun, is memorable. You'd think that Jack Palance, a master of suavity, deadpan and intimidating menace, would be, but here he gives one of his weakest performances but it is not helped by that he is very underused and that he is the most clichéd character in the whole film. Palance was a great actor, and excelled better than most in villain roles but this is a portrayal where he does try way too hard that he's almost pantomimic, it also manages to be quite bland compared to his usual standard. His henchmen are even more blandly written, and sees James Hong in a rare completely uninvolved performance.

All in all, won't work for some and it is a long way from flawless but still incredibly entertaining and has a good deal of charm. Don't expect sophistication, anything new or depth, you'll be disappointed. In its defence though Tango and Cash never strived to be that kind of film. But if you are looking for an enjoyable, switch-your-brain-off-at-the-door film, there is a good deal to like. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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This film is NOT F.U.B.A.R.
MrBark17 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This film is not F.U.B.A.R. However, it did teach me what that term means. It's not often that a film this cheesy, this good can enter your heart. "Tango & Cash" isn't just a movie. It's an institution.

The common mistake many people make when they view this film is that they judge it in a conventional way. Bad move. Why? Because when you judge it in a conventional way, you get a seemingly bad film. For example, one-dimensional characters, cookie-cutter plot, one-liners every minute, etc.

However, this film rises above the conventions of film making. Sly and Kurt have a good chemistry, and that more than carries the film. However, this film has the added benefit of cheese.

Why are cheesy films looked down upon? Sure, in real life criminal masterminds can't lease/buy a former military base. Of course they never have a mechanized infantry. Surely even if they did, two men with a fully armed SUV wouldn't be able to conquer such a criminal empire.

I suppose I should have labeled that a spoiler, but is it? Is there any doubt how a movie like this is going to end? No, and that's the beauty of it.

If you like cheese, you will LOVE this film. If you don't like cheese, then you should probably watch your copy of "Titanic" for the 100th time.
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An immensely entertaining late 80's buddy cop action comedy treat
Woodyanders11 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Neat, dapper, suave Ray Tango (a pleasingly wry performance by Sylvester Stallone) and loud, boorish, scruffy Gabe Cash (Kurt Russell in peak slobby form) are the two top cops in Los Angeles. The mismatched "Odd Couple"-style pair get sent to prison on trumped-up charges by cunning crime kingpin Yves Perret (essayed with deliciously hammy brio by Jack Palance). The duo escape from the joint and go after Perret. Director Andrei Konchavlovsky, working from a witty script by Randy Feldman, keeps the snappy pace hurtling along at a nonstop breakneck pace, stages the rousing action set pieces with rip-roaring verve (a protracted prison breakout and the wild pull out all the stops explosive finale rate as the definite heart-pounding highlights), and maintains a cheerfully ridiculous tongue-in-cheek tone throughout. The excellent cast of familiar faces further energize the lively proceedings: Stallone and Russell have an absolute blast sending up their larger-than-life macho screen images, the insanely foxy Teri Hatcher lights up the screen as Tango's sweet hottie dancer sister Katherine, Brion James sports a red ponytail and an alarmingly atrocious British accent as Perret's slimy limey henchman Requin, the enormous Robert Z'Dar displays all the galvanizing ferocity of a rabid pit bull as vicious hoodlum Face, and Michael J. Pollard contributes an amusing turn as flaky weapons master Owen. Moreover, we've got nifty support from Geoffrey Lewis as Ray's disapproving superior Captain Schroeder, Eddie Bunker as the gruff Captain Holmes, James Hong as smooth crime lord Quan, Marc Alaimo as antsy fellow underworld boss Lopez, and Clint Howard as deranged psycho convict Slinky. Better still, there's even a hysterically over-pronounced streak of rampant homoeroticism complete with the inevitable prison shower scene and an especially gut-busting piece of cross-dressing courtesy of Kurt Russell. Donald E. Thorin's slick cinematography gives the picture an attractive glossy look. Harold Faltermeyer's jaunty, rousing score likewise hits the exciting spot. A really fun flick.
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Although a poor man's Lethal weapon, this is a lot better than you might think
andy_lancs16 March 2000
Okay, so this isn't the greatest film ever made. In fact, it isn't even remotely the best buddy-buddy flick ever made. But surprisingly enough, this is actually quite a winner, and succeeds far more in being a parody of the Lethal-Weapon style films than say... Loaded Weapon does. This is for several reasons.

Firstly, Stallone is the star of the show here, turning in a self-mocking parody of his own screen persona. He is flash and indestructable, yet the film acknowledges and exploits this to comedic ends. Secondly, Palance is excellent as a sneering and menacing bad guy, plotting the two cops downfall. He deserved more screen time than he actually got, and actually did a good job of being the obligatory stereotypical bad-guy.

However, the best thing of all about this film is the snappy dialogue. There is so much good banter between the two-cops that no matter how bizarre the film's scenario's get, the dialogue rescues it.

The first time I saw this, I enjoyed it and was only really let down by the ending, which feels hollow and unsatisfying in comparison to the first two reels of the film. However, this nagging problem alone, I have no hesitation in recommending this to any fan of the action-genre.

Overall: 6 1/2 out of 10.
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A Terrific,Action-Packed And Hilarious Buddy Cop/Action-Comedy. Sylvester Stallone And Kurt Russell At Their Best.
jcbutthead8622 December 2013
Tango & Cash is a terrific,Action packed and hilarious Buddy Cop/Action-Comedy that is filled with great direction,wonderful performances from Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell,fantastic Action,laugh out loud Humor and a memorable score making Tango & Cash an entertaining Action film from the late 1980s and 90s and is Stallone and Russell at their best.

Set in Los Angeles,California,Tango & Cash tells the story of LT. Ray Tango(Sylvester Stallone)and LT Gabriel Cash(Kurt Russell),two L.A.P.D cops who are considered two of the best L.A.P.D cops in L.A making many drug busts and capturing criminals which angers crime lord Yves Perret(Jack Palance)who frames Tango and Cash for the murder of a fellow cop. Now,Tango and Cash have to team up together and clear their names with thrilling and funny results.

By the late 1980s and early 1990s,Action-Comedies and Buddy Cop Movies were becoming popular sub genres with Action fans thanks to the Box Office successes of Action classics such as 48 Hrs(1982,The film that started it all),Beverly Hills Cop(1984)and Lethal Weapon 1(1987)and 2(1989)and then after the releases of those films came Tango & Cash in 1989,an entertaining,Action packed and hilarious Action-Comedy that was the only film where Sylvester Stallone(Rambo series)and Kurt Russell(Escape From New York)teamed up and while Tango & Cash doesn't match the greatness of the other films I mentioned above it's a solid and underrated Buddy Cop/Action-Comedy and one of the better Action films of the late 80s and early 90s. For 104 minutes,Tango & Cash is a wonderful movie that while not very groundbreaking or revolutionary gives viewers an Action film that keeps you glued to the screen with solid entertainment and a good time with Action,thrills and laughter and is one of those films when you're watching television and they're is nothing on you watch Tango & Cash,a movie that is not a bad way to kill time. One of the things that I like about Tango & Cash is that it's an Action film that defines an era of Action films in 1980s and early 90s with elements like a the buddy cop duo,an over the top villain,big Action gunfights and explosions embellishing every Action trademark in the book and never taking itself seriously. The Action scenes in T&C are amazing and explosive with each Action scene being loud and fast never slowing down or taking a break with non-stop intensity and wild energy that Action movies of the 1980s and 90s were known for and you can tell that every cent went into making every Action sequence work. The Comedy and laughs in the film are fantastic whether it's the back and forth banter between Tango and Cash or the interactions they have with other characters and some of the dialog and situations that happen in the movie are so over the top and silly that will make you laugh until you have tears rolling down your eyes. Tango & Cash combines Action and Comedy with great perfection and The characters Tango and Cash are a great duo that you will love and are very much in the wonderful tradition of Lethal Weapon's Riggs and Murtaugh and 48 Hrs' Jack Cates and Reggie Hammond the two don't have much in common in terms of personalities and styles(Tango dresses in suits like a banker where as Cash is more rugged dressing in t-shirt and jeans)but as the film goes on the two begin to like each other and start to work together. The scenes Tango and Cash have together are hilarious and fun with both characters spouting off great one-liners and dialog that is sarcastic and memorable. Tango and Cash are one of the reasons if not the main reason the movie works. The ending of Tango & Cash is amazing and filled with great Action and explosive thrills and will make you smile and cheer at the screen. A brilliant conclusion.

The whole cast is great. Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell are excellent,hilarious ans at their best as Tango and Cash,with Stallone and Russell having great chemistry and wonderful scenes together. Teri Hatcher is wonderful and sexy as Katherine 'Kiki' Tango,a dancer and Tango's sister. Jack Palance is terrific and memorable as Yves Perret,a crime lord that doesn't like Tango and Cash. Brion James is outstanding as Reguin,Perret's right hand man. James Hong and Marc Alaimo are great as Quan and Lopez,associates of Perret. Geoffrey Lewis is fantastic as Captain Schroeder,Tango's commanding officer. Michael J. Pollard is funny and memorable as Owen,a friend of Tango's. Robert D'Zar is menacing as Face,a criminal Tango busted. Lewis Arquette(Wyler),Eddie Bunker(Captain Holmes),Clint Howard(Slinky),Roy Brocksmith(Fed. Agent Davis)and Phillip Tan(Chinese Gunman)give good performances as well.

The direction by Andrey Konchalovskiy and Albert Magnoli is fantastic and stylish,with Konchalovskiy and Magnoli keeping the film going at a great pace while doing wonderful jobs with the Action scenes. Fine direction,Konchalovskiy and Magnoli.

The score by Harold Faltermeyer is great,intense and memorable matching the energy and pace of the movie. Fine score,Faltermeyer There is also a song during the end credits by Bad English(Best Of What I got)Great song.

In final word,if you love Action-Comedies,Buddy Cop Movies,Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell,I highly suggest you see Tango & Cash,a terrific,entertaining,Action-packed and hilarious Buddy Cop/Action-Comedy that is Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell at their best. Highly Recommended. 9.5/10.
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Lethal Weapon Knockoff VIII
gazzo-215 January 2000
This is pretty good for what it is-Stallone and Russell's take off of Lethal Weapon. Stallone does a pretty good job being the low key guy here, Russell the loose cannon, there are gun fights, fights, escapes, the great prison getaway, fun byplay between the two leads, oodles of belief suspending needed and scads of stunt doubles used all through here.

My memory is mostly of Sly in the glasses, the Pickup from Hell, a lotta car chases and a real 'this is a spoof' air to it all.

Palance chews the scenery, Brion James does his usual good villain work....what more could you want?

*** outta ****, you get what you pay for here, and a little extra...
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A very entertaining turn, that actually looks better 20 years later
dan_c9923 August 2009
2 major stars, at the top of their game, having a little fun.

Stallone and Russell had already proved their worth as actors, so why not do something fun? A very entertaining movie that is not meant to be taken seriously. All the so-called film critics on IMDb love examining a film like this for logic. There is none to be found, so please spare me all your 'seriousness'. Not every movie is meant to be "On The Waterfront".

It's a comic book with real actors, meant to divert and entertain, noting more. Nothing thought-provoking here, and not meant to be. Just relax and enjoy...
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Last Tango in Paris.
morrison-dylan-fan22 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Searching round for an Action movie that I could give to a friend as a Christmas present,I suddenly remembered hearing about a Kurt Russel Action movie,shortly after seeing him star in John Carpenter's delightfully animated Action film Big Trouble In Little China.Talking to a family friend,I discovered that the movie which I was trying to find out about was one which had Russel star opposite Sylvester Stallone,which led to me excitingly getting ready to discover how much "big trouble" Stallone and Russell could cause for each other.

The plot:

Returning to his flat delighted that he is one of two LA cops, (the other being Ray Tango) who are successfully chipping away at infamous crime lord Yves Perret's empire,Gabriel Cash is attacked by a would be assassin,who shots Cash in the chest.Surviving the attempted assassination,thanks to wearing a hidden bullet vest,Gabriel grabs the surprised would-be assassin,and begins to unleash his own brand of negotiations.

Giving in to Cash's negotiating skills,the assassin gives him Yves's current location.As Gabriel rushes to the hideout,Ray receives details from a fellow officer that Perret's latest shipment of drugs will be reaching a hide out later tonight.

Entering Yves den,Tango is left shaken,when he stumbles upon Gabriel searching around for Perrret.Following Gabriel,Tango enters a room which contains a dead man,who has a microphone taped to his chest.As they both attempt to get to grips with what they have just walked into,a gang of police officers rush into the room,and arrest Tango & Cash for murder.Relising that they have been set up from the start,Tango and Cash begin to plan their most ambitious tango yet.

View on the film:

Despite the behind the scenes work being an absolute nightmare,which went from crew members, (including future director Barry Sonnenfeld) being given the sack,to Stuart Baird being rushed in as an "emergantcy" editor by the studio,the screenplay by Randy Feldman surprisingly zaps along at a lightning-fast pace.

Opening with a delightfully bonkers action scene,Feldman creates a live action cartoon atmosphere by making all of the characters overly exaggerated, (with Yves Perret's being as closed to an end of level boss from an 80s console game as it possible to get)which along with giving the dialogue a real bounce,also leads to Cash & Tango's increasingly dangerous situations being given a real flight of fantasy about them.

Not receiving the most cheerful welcoming from Hollywood, (he got booted and replaced with director Albert Magnoli for the last stages of filming) director Andrey Konchalovskiy shows a real zest for the movie's off-beat cartoon feel,with Konchalovskiy making each of the films action scenes explosive by using an eye-catching,stylised slow motion rain effect,and also giving the film a charmingly "sun-kissed" appearance.

Delivering each of Randy Feldman's lines with a clear joy,Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone each give excellent performances,with both actors smartly staying away from showing signs of being "in" on their animated world,which happily allows the cartoon side of the movie to fully come alive,as Tango & Cash go from playing the stock market in prison,to having "intimate" moments with each other,which lead to this being a tango that you wont want to get out of.
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A total masterpiece.
artbauer-3245615 December 2018
Probably one of the greatest action movies of all time. I rate it a ten outta ten.
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If you really wanted to stare death in the eye, you shoulda gotten married.
hitchcockthelegend22 April 2019
Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell play polar opposite Los Angeles cops who are framed by an arch nemesis and forced to team up in order to clear their name.

Unashamedly macho and very much of its time, this is daft energetic fun that's full of octane inventive action and ever quotable one liners. Stallone is Tango, the smart dressed sophisticated policeman, Russel is Cash, the slobbish act first - ask questions later copper, both men very different but both excellent at their jobs.

Pic gets by mostly on the chemistry between Stallone and Russell, who put much zest into their respective characters bickering and bantering. Action is well put together by director Andrey Konchalovskiy, but unfortunately the final third of the piece starts to sag as our mismatched cops start to respect and befriend each other and the plot reaches the inevitable conclusion.

It doesn't help matters that Jack Palance's main villain is only a bit part player, or that his head henchman Requin (the usually ace Brion James) gives us a quite appalling British accent. Add in Teri Hatcher who is in it purely for dressage and as a cypher between the two boys, then it's a picture not without problems. Yet the script and star turns from the leading duo ensure this remains a favourite of many whom lapped it up back in the backend of the 1980s. 7/10
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Lost "Tango"....
Mister-614 September 1999
Ever been on a trip without a map?

That's what "Tango and Cash" feels like; everyone knows where they're going, but they just don't know how to get there.

There are a lot of laughs in this movie. In fact, the laugh ratio scores higher than the action, explosions and buddy elements do. That may not be what they had in mind, but it kept me entertained most of the way.

Stallone and Russell do what they can, Hatcher is window dressing and the worst fate is held for Palance (as it usually is). Does he look like an Yves Perret? No, he doesn't act like one, either. He just looks and acts like Palance: hitting his marks and saying his lines, earning his paycheck like a good trooper. He saved the good stuff for "City Slickers", most likely.

As far as good acting goes, look to Lewis as Stallone's commander and Pollard as a little guy who makes stuff for Russell to battle crime with. Do LA cops really need guys like Pollard? Maybe not, but they do come in handy.

The rest of this is just action scenes that are pretty boring if you're familiar with cop movies, buddy scenes that don't quite mesh and a shower scene in prison that, as far as laughs go, is the highlight of the whole thing.

Should you brave "Tango and Cash", you'll agree: as a cop buddy movie, it makes a great comedy.

Five stars, and don't flatter yourself...Pee-Wee.
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My favorite Buddy Cop movie from Stallone bad-ass 80's action movie of all time
NightmareOnElmStreetFan19 October 2019
This is my favorite favorite Buddy Cop movie from Stallone bad-ass 80's action movie of all time. They are a lot of buddy cop movies: Bad Boys 1 and 2, I come In Peace aka Dark Angel, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Red Heat, Lethal Weapon I enjoy those movies. Tango & Cash is a bad-ass action movie with humor. It come out the same year as Lethal Weapon 2, it was released end of the year 1989. Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell two action titans stars in an action buddy cop movie that takes no prisoners. It is a fun entertaining movie a lot's of action I enjoy and practical effects. I love this movie to death it is my childhood movie.

"Okay...Let's Do It."

Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell as mismatched LAPD narcotics detectives who reluctantly join forces to catch the individuals behind who set them up to take the fall for the murder of a federal agent.

In the opening scene we have a Ray Tango walks with a hand gun infront of the truck firing with his gun on a truck and two guys fly out of the window. That scene was in Police Story (1985) in which Jackie Chan shots with the gun in the air the bus stops and guys fly's out of the window. Great stunts of those two guys flying out of the window practical effect no CGI in here at all. I was 9 years old I saw on VHS Rocky IV that was my favorite movie back than in the 90's and when I saw Stallone on TV in this movie I shouted mom Rocky. I liked this film so much that I taped this movie.

Tango & Cash is about two cops who are opponents at first, they are on their own and they are just honest guys. I love Stallone's character Ray Tango with a glasses on it, he is a cop and a stockbroker. It is a different character Stallone plays. After he hits the truck, I love the guy with glasses yelling at Tango: "I want your badge, I want your weapon, I want your ass, who the hell do you think you are?". " He thinks, he is Rambo. Rambo is a pussy." bang he fires a tank and finds a drugs hidden in the tank. I love Gabe Cash played by Kurt Russell who is just in blue jeans and in a cowboy boots, has no girlfriend, no wife he is alone, he only lives for his work. This Asian guy breaks in his apartmant fires at him with a gun than jumps out of window. Cash jumps behind him and he chases him in garage and he saves old woman destroys two cars I love that old man in a garage "What did you do with my car?! I believe in perestroika!" and Russel goes "Welcome to America!"

I love the movie to death, I love the prison scenes and prison escape. They are surrunded with prison inmates and Tango & Cash are fighting those guys. They are almost electrecuted. I love Face (Robert Z'Dar) when he is fighting with Tango on the roof top in the rain. As a kid when I saw that practical effect when Tango and Cash jump off the roof and hung them selfs on a vire and slide down I try to do that stunt by my self and it was dangerous. No I couldn't do that. When Tango flys off an explosion in a FBI apartment that scene was for real. It was a real explosion and that was a stuntman, it wasn't Stallone but the explosion was for real and it was dangerous. The movie has ton's of action that stunts were dangerous. The prison scenes were excellent filmed and even the finale is great.

We have excellent cast Teri Hatcher as Katherine "Kiki" Tango she did Lois and Clark series, Jack Palance R.I.P. from a Young Guns was in here as the villian, Brion James R.I.P. from 48 Hrs. and Another 48 Hrs. We have Robert Z'Dar R.I.P. Matt Cordell - Maniac Cop him self in this movie. James Hong from The Prefect Weapon and Bloodsport II is in here. Geoffrey Lewis R.I.P from Double Impact (1991) is in here. Right after this movie Geoffrey started opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme and I review that film.

Excellent script from Randy Feldman, the script was more darker so they hierd Jeffrey Boam to re write the script for the movie and he made a great job. This movie should have been a box Office successfull but it wasnt a bigest hit. Andrei Konchalovsky directed excelelnt this film and brilliant. The chemistry between Tango and Cash is believable and excellent. I love the music score from Harold Faltermeyer, it is a lovely belivebale music score.

Sylvester Stallone plays diffrent character he is not Rocky Balboa or John Rambo or Marion Cobretti he is a different cop who takes care of his sister and he dresses like a banker.

Tango & Cash could easily get a sequel which is a bad-ass, kick ass action film of the 80's we could got Tango & Cash II. We got Bad Boys II but till today we have not yet see Bad Boys III. Now we got Escape Plan II and III but not Tango & Cash sequel. I hear that Sylvester Stallone wants to make now a sequel which is reallx too late. He approch Russell about the sequel for this movie, but Russell told him no. Hard to believe that this movie is 30 years old. One of the last few 'old school' action films in the same vain as Lethal Weapon, the buddy cop plotline. In fact the summer of '89 also brought back Mel & Danny for Lethal Weapon 2. Tango & Cash was a fun runner-up. Stallone and Russell do make a good pair in this there first and only outing together. It sucks we never go a sequel. Outside of Stallone's Rocky & Rambo series, this one and Cobra would be perfect for follow-ups, but they never happened.

Tango & Cash (1989) is a bad-ass 80's action buddy cop movie and I love to death. It is my favorite the best Stallone movie ever. I love it. I loved it as a kid, but as an adult I thought it would be a cheese movie I was wrong it is a damn good movie it surprised me. I love the acting, filming locations and the story. It is a damn good movie I recommend it for action fans.
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Maybe it's the passing of time but one of my old favourites...is simply not anymore
Robert_duder17 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I remember back in my early teens when my movie watching obsession really broke. I discovered Stallone and 80's action films and just was completely hooked. I remember Tango and Cash being paramount to that obsession. It was a buddy cop film with Stallone and Russell and it was just awesome. So I decided after probably a decade or more since I'd seen it last to try it again. Imagine my surprise when I was nearly completely disappointed. I still remember my favourite parts but they didn't have the same effect on me. I found the film really vapid, empty, pointless, silly and the constant barrage of homosexual innuendo humour was honestly more than I could handle. Maybe I was too young to notice it then but it was irritating. The story is so weak its unbelievable. Even the action scenes lack a certain punch and the final showdown in the gravel pit (which I fondly remembered being AWESOME) wasn't so awesome this time around. A lot of stuff explodes for no reason and it is so over the top that it loses credibility. The film starts strong because the opening scene with Stallone chasing a tanker truck is undeniably awesome as well as his "Rambo...was a p***y" line which was truly outstanding. There are many, many one liners in the film, some are good, some are forgettable so it has that going for it. But it was a total miss for me this time around sadly.

I am a huge Sylvester Stallone fan and I did enjoy his Tango character. He is sort of uptight and proper and looks very dapper in his suit and glasses in the beginning. I found him sort of weak though further on in the film and really lacking that Stallone charisma. Kurt Russell is the wild and unpredictable Cash. He is good as the unhinged, scruffy and crude street wise cop. Together the two of them have decent chemistry but not outstanding. Their banter feels a little forced and his sarcasm almost becomes too much. Their moments when they work together are awfully cheesy (high fives?!) but with a better script I think they would have been great together. Teri Hatcher has a mostly small role as Stallone's sister and the object of Russell's fascination. Her role barely makes a blip in the film and she's only recognizable because of what she has become now in Television. Her character is to give them something to fight for and she does that and only that. The legendary Jack Palance should be the absolutely perfect 80's action film villain. He seems absolutely ideal and his few scenes are done well with his trademark suave personality. The problem is that he is underused and almost made comical instead of a worthy adversary. Brion James was almost a better villain and used far more properly as Palance's number one henchman. There is a great fight scene between him and Stallone.

Tango and Cash has become an 80's cult classic and I suppose I am being so hard on it because I remember loving it so much. Maybe I just have higher expectations now or maybe it doesn't hold up well to time. Russian director Andrey Konchalovskiy has a lot of credits but it would seem this was his only mainstream action flick so that a bit of an odd choice for director. I would hazard to guess that his heart wasn't really in it. I suppose when you're looking for the quintessential buddy copy films that in many ways this fits the bill but I just felt like I held in such high regard that seeing it now left a bad taste in my mouth. It has shoot outs, fights, a prison break, car chases and explosions galore but it all felt mostly empty. It has some killer one liners and some genuinely good action sequences but something was definitely missing. 5.5/10
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this film is among the worst I've ever seen... I love it!
toaster-811 May 1999
There are so many things which are terrible about this film, the stereotypical cops, the lame bad guy, the macho guys who dress in drag to escape, then a dumb, male cop hitting on them, but the best(worst) part of this film is the American guy trying to put on an English accent. The line "up yors you ahsole, I don't give a tawws!" Is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. And Tango and Cash is terrible in a good way, this is a film I can watch and laugh my head off. Unlike the painful Batman and Robin, which wasn't even funny.
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Classic 80's Action Comedy!!
treakle_197814 August 2019
This is a perfect example of a great buddy cop action comedy. Stallone and Russell are hilarious. 1989 was a great year for film. After being convicted of a crime they didn't commit they escape from prison to prove there innocence. Love the writing,directing,characters of this film. Definitely worth watching!!
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Macho buddy cop action roller coaster thrill - ride
NightmareOnElmStreetFan8 February 2019
Macho action roller coaster thrill ride with two action stars: Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. This is one of my favorite Stallone's action films it is a buddy cop action comedy. I grew up watching this movie I first saw this film as a 9 year old kid on TV. Rocky IV was my favorite childhood action movie at the time and when I saw Sly destroying bad guys in this movie I shouted "mom, Rocky!" That time I didn't know the actor's name who played Rocky and Ray Tango but I loved the action that was delivered in this movie and I taped the ending cause I loved seen Rocky in this movie so much.

As a kid I watched Rocky IV, Rambo III the most those movies I could got on VHS in a video store near my home, those are my childhood movies. Rambo Trilogy, Rocky IV, Rocky V and this movie were the only one I saw as a kid from Stallone. Sylvester Stallone is my favorite action star and Kurt Russell is also my favorite action star. John Rambo teaming up with Snake Pliskin.

Why I like this film? It is for two action stars who delivering this movie good. It is silly action but it is good. I like the prison setting in the film, I like the prison escape. I like practical effects and real stunt work. I like Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash who are the opposite and both competitive cops. The movie is original in which both rival cops are set up for a murder of an FBI undercover agent from a drug kingpin who didn't commit the crime. The movie has lighter tone and it also has comedy elements that work in it so is not brutal it is a decent action movie that I like and enjoy very much.

The movie also star: Teri Hatcher who plays Ray's sister, Jack Palance who plays Yves Perret a crime mastermind who set up those two cops because he is a drug kingpin and Tango & Cash are his competitors who takes down his drug operations and they become a treat to him. James Hong is also in this movie in which he co started with Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China and reunites with Kurt again. Brion James also plays Requin (Perret's henchman) and he is a decent villain. Geoffrey Lewis from Van Damme's Double Impact is in this movie who plays Tango and Cash's supervisor Captain. Robert Z'Dar is also in this movie who played Maniac Cop Officer Matthew Cordell in this movie he is simply called Conan who has a rough fight with Tango on the roof top who becomes electrified that was a good action scene my favorite in the film.

The music by Harold Faltermeyer who did an excellent music score for this movie he also made a lot of music scores on action movies like Beverly Hills Cop I, II, Top Gun, The Running Man and Kuffs.

This isn't my favorite Buddy Cop action film my favorite Buddy Cop action film is Showdown in Little Tokyo because it is Brandon Lee in it. Still Rambo films, Rocky films, Cobra, Demolition Man and Cliffhanger are in my opinion much better movies than Tango & Cash but this is a good decent action macho roller coaster thrill ride movie I like it, not my favorite action film but I like it.
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Delivers Nothing New Except Having Stallone And Russell In A Film
Desertman8419 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Tango & Cash is buddy cop action comedy film that features Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell in the title role together with Jack Palance and Teri Hatcher. It tells the story of two rival LAPD narcotics detectives - Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash.Both are forced to work together after criminal mastermind, Yves Perret, frames them for murder.Their partnership struggles at first due to difference in personalities as well as clashing egos.But they eventually learn to work together to bring down the drug lord who framed them.

The film was definitely a bad buddy cop movie that is definitely not at the level of Lethal Weapon as the action is overdone and the comedic scenes provides little laughter.Despite the fact that both Stallone and Russell play each other very well,it does not provide anything new and groundbreaking except the fact that we have both actors playing together for the first time in a movie.
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