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  • Duane and his basket-bound mutant brother are taken in by a secret home for wayward freaks with journalists hot on their tail.

  • Frank Henenlotter's BASKET CASE 2 picks up right where the original BASKET CASE leaves off. After surviving the fall from their hotel room window, Duane Bradley and his misshapen, basket-dwelling brother Belial are taken to the city hospital. By now, their attempt at leading a secret life is blown, and the pair have become media darlings across the country. Meanwhile, Duane's long-lost Aunt learns of their situation and, along with her pregnant daughter Susan, helps them escape from the confines of the hospital and the eye of the press. Duane and Belial's aunt, known as Granny Ruth, takes them under her wing at her mansion, which serves as a safe haven for hideously deformed freaks of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of this dynamic duo don't remain secret for too long, and Duane and Belial team up with Susan, Granny Ruth, and her houseful of mutants to devise a plan to do away with the exploitative reporters once and for all.


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  • Duane Bradley (Kevin van Hentenryck) has survived to the fall from the condo where he used to live with his deformed brother. The newscaster (Judy Grafe) gives the description of handsome Duane but his brother is so ugly! Both lie at hospital, where the nurse feels disgusted. The nurse called Sherri (Alexandra Auder) doesn't realise that Duane has left his bed because she's so busy flirting with the police officer (Brian Fitzpatrick) at the door. Duane picks up his brother and they leave the hospital room killing the cop. The newswoman wants to talk to Duane and his brother Belial for five minutes, but another cop won't let her do so. Duane and his brother leave the building when two ladies appear with a truck lorry to help them out.

    At the ladies' home, Duane dreams with a whole family of deformed people. The ladies are Granny Ruth (Annie Ross), who is a kind of Duane's aunt 7 times removed, and Susan (Heather Rattray), her granddaughter. They put Belial in the nursery room. Ruth wants to give shelter and safety to him, saying that she heard everything about him from his mother, and that there are other like him. Ruth and Susan bring a basket so that Belial can live there. Apart from that, she tells him that as this is Ruth's home, they will have to live by her rules. They take Belal to the penthouse, where a crowd of Belial-like people are, among them Lorenzo, a tenor-voice huge head and mouth with almost no body to be seen. There, Belial meets Eve hidden under a blanket, who for a year wasn't able to talk to anybody, so maybe he can help to bring her out of her shell.

    Lou (Jason Evers) an editor, wants a journalist called Marcie Elly (Kathryn Meisle) to investigate where Duane and Belial are. Ruth goes to see a man who announces a monster, a mystery of the nature in a fair, but it's only a fake machier-paper home project. However, the journalist finds some alive person in a red liquid. Ruth works as a kind of psychiatrist for Belial, trying to convince him that "ripping faces off people is not in his best interest".

    Duane walks with a limp so he makes use of a walking stick. He sees deformed people doing things around the home, and he goes to talk to Susan in the kitchen, while she's organizing the groceries she's just bought. Duane remembers how his mother decided to separate Belial, attacked to his body, and left his brother for death.

    Duane feels that he's not like Belial or any of the other inhabitants of the home. Duane wants to talk to him. He discovers that Belial and Eve are caressing each other. He tells Belial that he wants to live free, join the outside world and leave him with Eve.

    Susan opens the door to the journalist called Marcie, who talks to Ruth. Duane enters, and the journalist recognises him, even though Ruth calls him "Michael". Duane won't leave until they are all safe at home. Ruth talks to "her children", urging them to fight.

    The photographer enters Ruth's. The monsters attack him... and take plenty of photos of him being killed. She tells her private detective friend Phil (Ted Sorel) about Duane. The detective later talks to Duane at Clarcy's Bar. All the monsters are at the bar, with masks, and as Duane states "we -Duane and the detective- are the freaks, the ones who don't belong here-". The detective runs away with a gun, but Belial kills him as he has killed the bartender.

    Up to now Susan, Ruth and Duane didn't know the name of the journalist, Marcie Elly, but now they know it because Belial took the wallet from the detective's pocket. Marcie is waiting for him. She was having a shower, and she starts receiving phonecalls, but nobody answers. Duane arrives to tell Marcie that Belial wants to give her an interview. All the monsters appear, but no Belial: he's not in his usual oblong basket. He jumps from the dirty clothes' basket at Mercie's bathroom. Belial doesn't kill Marcie, but causes her to become a freak with a disfigured face as well.

    The freaks are then seen celebrating a huge fraternity dinner together. Duane loves Susan, so he wants to leave with her. Susan tells him she's not normal. Meanwhile, Belial and Eve also kiss, they have passionate sex.

    Susan tells Duane her "particularity": she's been pregnant for the last six years, but the baby doesn't want to be born, so he'll stay at her womb until he decides to leave. Duane is so distraught that he pushes Susan out of the window, killing her. All the rest of the monsters go crazy, because Susan fell on top of their dinner table. Duane gets so distraught that he picks Belial up and sews him to his body again.

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