Tune in Tomorrow... (1990) Poster

Peter Falk: Pedro Carmichael



  • Pedro Carmichael : Life is a shitstorm, and when it's raining shit the best umbrella is art.

  • Pedro Carmichael : I feel reality impacting here!

  • Pedro Carmichael : Okay, you've gone belly up in Shit's Creek. You need a paddle real bad. What do you reach for? ART! That's what I'm talking about. The very apex of your art! I want to hear your sinews crack and strain. I want your souls... to enter those microphones and emerge, like ghosts, in the homes of our listeners. There's an army of them out there, groping blindly, toiling in the darkness, waiting... For what? For YOU! For your incandescent, brilliant, palpitating talent to light up their miserable, impoverished, dull, and worthless lives. (pause) Okay gang, take five, and then we'll hit it.

  • Pedro Carmichael : Eat - or be eaten!

  • Martin Loader : That's my typewriter!

    Pedro Carmichael : Wrong, turd bird. It's mine!

  • Martin Loader : Are they really worth worrying about?

    Pedro Carmichael : Yes. It burns... it burns like love.

  • Pedro Carmichael : Ahhh... moose poop.

  • Pedro Carmichael : Like her? Hey... does Pinocchio have wooden balls?

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