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Gay and hilarious martial arts movie!
Jimmy-8628 May 1999
This is a fun action gung fu movie where Sammo plays a detective investigating the murder of homosexual men. In order to apprehend the killer, Sammo and his partner has to dress up in gay fashion, act gay and pretend to be a gay couple. Sammo's character is homophobic, therefore he has a difficult time coping with the people he meets at the gay bar. But he knows in order to get clues for the murder case, he has to change teams. Sammo is also a great athlete, believe it or not, he does his own stunts and fighting scenes. Great martial arts and hilarious scenes! Enjoy! 8/10!.
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A unique martial arts movie
spiney-419 May 2007
This Sammo Hung action-comedy is often cited as his most politically incorrect film, along with the more recent flick 'Don't Give a Damn'. This is a fair assessment, although this minor classic of Hong Kong cinema should not be dismissed for this reason.

The story involves the search for a serial killer of gay men; crude and often amusing jokes come thick and fast as Hung and cop partner Alan Tam go undercover as homosexuals. Thankfully, the movie never truly degenerates into homophobia, and remains fairly agreeable throughout.

The fight scenes, as choreographed by Sammo himself, are mostly on the short side but masterfully performed and extremely powerful. However, the violence in the film is graphic and occasionally shocking- so be warned.

Overall, if you can stomach the heady mix of controversial comedy and hard-hitting action, you'll have a rollicking time.
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A silly action comedy flick.
OllieSuave-00718 January 2016
This is a silly Hong Kong comedy flick starring Sammo Hung and Alan Tam as two undercover policemen. They pose as a gay couple in order to investigate a ring of homicides plaguing Hong Kong.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was pretty excited to see it. Alan Tam acting gay was hilarious, and him partnering up with Sammo Hung is something I haven't seen on the screen before - pretty entertaining to see.

The film does drag on a bit toward the middle of the movie, then it's more of the usual kidnapping and action that becomes pretty cliché in these movies. It's not all a bad a movie, just more of the same.

Grade C
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Lost Hong Kong classic!!
Movie-Misfit2 July 2014
Pantyhose Hero deserves so much more attention!

This dark comedy starring the phenomenal Sammo Hung and hilarious Alan Tam as two cops, undercover as gay men to catch a killer, is packed with a severe mix of killer fights, crazy stunts, daft comedy and serious drama.

As a fan of HK cinema for over 30 years, this to me is quite normal. But if you are new to the genre, then be warned.

That said, it is one of Sammo's best and should have hit the UK on DVD a long time ago!

The fight scenes are just brutal, with the speed and power we all expect from a Sammo Hung film. Alan Tam is just hilarious and holds his own in the action department, with the end fight scene worth the price of the film alone!!

One of the best from Hong Kong's golden age, and should be seen by all fans...
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