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Season 1

4 Oct. 1991
Mirror, Mirror
Young introverted student Anna has a crush on professor Stillman. When she goes missing, her mother finds love letters from Stillman, but he claims innocence. In Anna's room, he and his partner Laura discover a portal to a parallel world.
11 Oct. 1991
The Doppelgänger
A man is plagued by nightmares that turn out to be the reality of a traumatized cop, who's his exact double or doppelgänger. Laura and J.J. must determine which one of them is "the original" and what is causing the nightmares.
18 Oct. 1991
Miracle Worker
Laura and J.J. investigate a miraculous healer, whose powers are fading now when he needs them the most to help someone close to him.
25 Oct. 1991
Return Visit
Teen girl believes that her missing mother is about to return to her, when she receives a vision of her. J.J. and Laura discover that the mother disappeared at the time when the number of reported local UFO sightings was unusually high.
1 Nov. 1991
Intimate Shadows
A librarian asks Laura and J.J. for help. She thinks a ghost is haunting her. It turns out it's an astral projection of her husband who left her years ago, but still cares about her. She undertakes a highly risky action to find him.
8 Nov. 1991
Echoes of Evil
A holocaust survivor claims that a Nazi war criminal has been reincarnated. Laura and J.J. interview the young man in question and realize that he's after the survivors of the death camp the Nazi ran. They make him face his crimes.
15 Nov. 1991
Range of Motion
Quadriplegic's limbs start moving on their own. J.J. and Laura suspect they've become possessed. The spirit turns out to be benevolent, but misguided.
22 Nov. 1991
The Cold
A woman discovers that her cryogenically frozen dead ex-husband might be alive and conscious. She tries to convince his last wife, who made this arrangement, to release him, but she doesn't believe her. J.J. and Laura jump in.
29 Nov. 1991
The Bridge
A boy, who misses his dead father very much, hears his father's voice telling him to join him by killing himself. Laura accidentally sees ans saves the boy when he tries to jump from a bridge. She and J.J. investigate what is going on.
6 Dec. 1991
Black Magic
A businessman starts having strange sudden pains and horrible painful wounds appear on his body and then disappear. J.J. and Laura suspect that he's a victim of black voodoo magic. It might have something to do with his girlfriend.
14 Dec. 1991
Enemy in Our Midst
A teen is having a disturbing reoccurring vision in which his new stepfather brutally kills his mother. Both him and his mother are confused by this. J.J. and Laura investigate. Things are not always what they seem.
20 Dec. 1991
A doctor asks J.J. and Laura for help. One of the patients in the asylum he works in claims to be a slave from 1858 and the doctor has reasons to believe that the man might not be insane. However, things are more complicated than that.
27 Dec. 1991
Killer Instinct
Laura and J.J.'s student, Cindy, is conducting an experiment focused on human and animal telepathy. She manages to link the mind of a man and a wolf, but the man uses this to go on a killing spree.
17 Apr. 1992
Sins of the Father
A little girl has a nightmarish vision of her father killing someone. Her worried mother takes her to J.J. and Laura to help them get to the bottom of things.
24 Apr. 1992
Nightmare Without End
Celia joins the team. Also, a woman asks J.J. and Laura for help. She was raped and now she's forced to relive the horrific event over and over again in her head. The rapist is clearly a telepath, so Laura trains her to fight back.
1 May 1992
Master of Darkness
J.J. and Laura are invited to play a Dungeons and Dragons type role playing game. However, the masked Dungeon Master sends them into the game itself. If they die in the game, they die for real. Laura must outsmart the D.M.
8 May 1992
Siren Song
J.J. starts dating a female colleague just as a string of unexplained murders begins. Laura thinks that succubus, a lust demon, is behind it. Their new young assistant, Celia, helps her investigate.
15 May 1992
An innocent man on death row, who knows who the real killer is, realizes he may be able to escape using an astral projection. Laura and J.J. help him, but the violent prison guard might kill him before he puts his plan into action.
22 May 1992
The Fire Within
Young woman asks J.J. and Laura for help. She's concerned that the spirit of a Chinese warrior, who was one of her ancient ancestors, has possessed her brother, who's joined a gang. fascinated with Chinese mysticism.
29 May 1992
The Color of Mad
A disturbed woman is having nightmares about a monster. An artist who's unknowingly psychically linked to her draws a painting of the monster and endangers both of them.

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