Clarissa (TV Series 1991– ) Poster

(1991– )

Saskia Wickham: Clarissa Harlowe



  • Clarissa : I cannot admire a man with no morals.

    Anna : Clarry, men put on their morals as we put on our stays!

  • Clarissa : I could have loved him.

  • Clarissa : Do not be sad. I am not sad. Rejoice with me that all my worldly troubles are so near an end.

  • [refusing Lovelace's marriage proposal] 

    Clarissa : I would not bind myself in covenant with you for a thousand, thousand worlds.

  • Lovelace : [after he has raped Clarissa]  I love you.

    Clarissa : Some new strategem?

    Lovelace : Believe me.

    Clarissa : Again? Like I believed Captain Tomlinson and Lady Betty? How you all must have laughed. Such a witty masquerade.

  • Clarissa : I have always heard that you prefer not to confine your pleasure to more than one lady entirely.

  • Bella : You know the rules. No letters.

    Clarissa : Not even to Anna?

    Bella : Your go-between to Lovelace?

  • Clarissa : [writing to Anna]  You once told me adversity was my shining time, and so I think it is.

  • Clarissa : Dig a hole deep enough to conceal this unhappy body for I fear that those who would not stir to protect me living will move heaven and earth to defend me dead.

  • Clarissa : I should as soon die here as anywhere.

  • Clarissa : You tell me that my uncle, a man I never knew to lie, now requires me to pretend I am already married?

  • Clarissa : Look at me sir, not at him.

  • Clarissa : My soul is above you, man. Do not urge me to tell you how much I know my soul is above you.

  • Clarissa : Kindness, Bella, would suit you better.

  • Anna : How cruel of you to rob Bella of the only lover she ever had.

    Clarissa : Me? It wasn't me. She refused him.

  • Clarissa : Was Lovelace here?

    Belford : He's gone now.

    Clarissa : Can he never leave me in peace? Will he pursue me to the grave?

  • [Talking about Lovelace] 

    Anna : Don't you like him at all? Not even a teeny bit? He's so handsome.

    Clarissa : So wild!

    Anna : So vain!

  • [after Lovelace has raped Clarissa] 

    Clarissa : What further evils are reserved for me? I find I am your prisoner.

  • Lovelace : I trust you slept well.

    Clarissa : I did not sleep.

    Lovelace : Scribbling? Is that wise? Letters can be traced.

    Clarissa : As you should know.

    Lovelace : I hope at least you used an alias.

    Clarissa : I leave all such subterfuge to you.

  • [as Clarissa is dying in prison, her coffin is brought into her cell] 

    Doctor : What shocking sight is this?

    Clarissa : Why shocking? Are we shocked in church to see the monuments of our ancestors with whom we hope one day to rest in peace?

  • Bella : Don't Mr Lovelace say you have fine eyes?

    Clarissa : Is that what he told you?

  • Clarissa : [on arriving at the Sinclair house in Dover Street, Clarissa is welcomed as Mrs Lovelace]  *Mrs* Lovelace?

    Lovelace : The lady is a very moral woman. What more could I do?

    Clarissa : I would rather you did less, Mr Lovelace, not more.

  • Clarissa : Do you think to make me your whore?

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