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The original script had many differences, some that were filmed but cut out. These scenes remain in the novel and comic book adaptions and bits heard in the soundtrack.
Originally in Hell Bill and Ted met a demon who pulled a rat out of his mouth and made Bill and Ted break rocks. On the soundtrack, in the song Reaper Rap by Steve Vai, you can hear some of the lines that were cut. "Dude, I totally broke a rock!" "excellent!" "I kinda like this!"
A scene in the future that was cut showed De Nomolos explaining more about his book, including who Missy was to marry in his version of history. The line in the finished movie made by Evil Bill when he knocks out Missy, "Catch ya later future wife!" is a reference to this.
When the Princesses ask Evil Bill and Ted who they are, a scene was cut where Evil Bill says, Actually I'm Evil Ted" and Evil Ted says, "and I'm Evil Bill." They then unzip their clothes and skins to reveal what they said. This helps explain how Rufus was Miss Wardroe. In the released film, when the evil robots go to answer the phone at Missy's, the skin and clothes can be seen on the floor in the background The original ending was changed, possibly to make it more final.
Originally the evil robots left devices which make your worst fears come true. Bill and Ted then meet up with monstrous versions of Oates, Granny, and the Easter bunny that they had met in hell. They react nicely and face their fears. The evil creatures slowly get smaller and smaller then vanish. This was then their original Battle of the Bands speech which can be heard on the soundtrack song Reaper's Rap, "Kiss your fears, dude." "Offer them a honey bun or something?" "They'll get smaller and maybe even go away!" "Yeah, they weren't that bad dude, so don't get programmed by anybody but yourself." Also in the song Reaper's Rap: Bill says: You totally killed us you evil metal dickweeds!" Evil Bill: That's right lesser developed human prototype us's" This was cut from the film.
In the television version of the film, the scene where Station is building the good robot Bill & Ted in the van on the way to the concert is extended. Death is sitting in the passenger's seat and asks Bill if he likes him. Bill still driving the van, replies 'Yeah' and offers Death a stick of gum. Death graciously accepts and shoves the piece (wrapper and all) in his mouth. He then spits it out saying, "I don't like gum".
The Orion Pictures logo animation has been removed from the DVD release thus the first few seconds of music is missing, though it was restored to the Shout! Factory Blu-ray release.

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