Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Poster

Austin Nagler: Kenny


  • Ernest P. Worrell : [Rimshot's been turned to wood]  Rimshot! Oh my God.

    Kenny : Don't worry, Ernest, we'll figure out some way to beat this.

    Ernest P. Worrell : I'll tell you how we beat this thing, I'll tell you how we beat it. My great great granddaddy put him in that tree and so can I. Somebody with a runny nose is going to die.

  • Kenny : Ernest I got it! What we need is a tree house!

    Ernest P. Worrell : I thought we needed dress shields.

  • Kenny : Isn't Joey here yet?

    Elizabeth : No, Joey never got home last night.

    Kenny : What? What're you talking about?

    Elizabeth : You said that Ernest came to your house last night yelling something about trolls, you think?

    Kenny : Come on, there's no such thing as trolls.

    Elizabeth : But Ernest saw something out of the tree, and he's never lied to us.

  • Kenny : Oh great, I have to defend the fort with a multiple personality!

  • Ernest P. Worrell : Sheriff Binder open up! It was awful, the thunder and the lightning, and it had great big teeth and things on its ears like this! It was at least this big and at least this long!

    Cliff : Whoa, whoa, Ernest, what's going on?

    Amanda : Ernest do you know what time it is?

    Ernest P. Worrell : Maybe Old Lady Hackmore was right, maybe it WAS a troll! Luckily I was there to beat it within an inch of its face.

    Cliff : Old Lady Hackmore?

    Ernest P. Worrell : Yeah the kids and I built a treehouse out there and she got REAL STEAMED.

    Amanda : You took Kenny and the kids out there? Trespassing on an old lady's property?

    Cliff : Yeah, but what happened?

    Ernest P. Worrell : Sheriff, I saw a troll! I really saw a troll!

    Kenny : Dad, something really weird WAS happening in those woods tonight!

    Ernest P. Worrell : Yeah, you gotta do something, Sheriff.

    Cliff : Now calm down, Ernest, you probably just had a bad dream. So pinch yourself.

    [Ernest pinches himself and screams] 

    Cliff : and go home.

    Ernest P. Worrell : Oww! I'm not dreaming, this really hurts!

  • Kenny : there really is a troll and ernest is the only one who trying to do anything about it.

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