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  • The two teenagers Jimmy and Rose spend their vacation at the small Irish sea-resort Bray. Out of boredom they observe other people and imagine wild stories about them. One day they observe the blonde Renee, and Jimmy is immediately fascinated by her and even follows her home. She, too, seems to like him, but for a mysterious reason keeps him at a distance.


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  • Best friends Jimmy (Niall Byrne) and Rose (Lorraine Pilkington) live in Bray, a tired old seaside town not far from Dublin. During summer vacation, out of boredom they observe people and contrive intriguing stories about them and the lives that they may lead. Jimmy finds himself so absorbed by a sophisticated and alluring blonde woman, who stands out so imposingly from the drab townsfolk, that they decide to follow her. After a few short brief meetings, the two finally become acquainted. Renee Baker (Beverly DAngelo) is a leading lady in a theatre company in Dublin, and at first seems to return Jimmys feelings for her. But when she hastily detaches from him he becomes confused and suspicious. Is Renee is hiding something from him and will her secrets threaten to destroy Jimmys peaceful world?

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