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An Almodovar film is always an exercise in style, but High Heels also generates narrative energy and mystery, and provides what was, for me, a genuine surprise at the end.
Chicago Tribune
It's an admirable attempt, though a less than completely successful one. The film's disappointments lie not so much in Almodovar's controlled, respectful direction as in the strange gaps and displacements of his screenplay, which never seems to supply the scenes we most want to see. [20 Dec 1991]
A stylish but disappointing spoof which lacks the satiric gusto of director Pedro Almodovar's earlier works.
We get a mother-daughter murder melodrama even more farfetched than the Joan Crawford classic, Mildred Pierce, on which this would appear to be loosely based.
High Heels becomes mired in its own best intentions - primary colors and all.
Chicago Reader
Those who miss the wildness of his premainstream work will probably be only partially appeased.
The story is stylishly filmed and acted with high spirits, but there's not much going on in many of its colorful shots.
Boston Globe
Mostly it's Paredes' imperious - then surprisingly generous - high-handedness that carries High Heels. [20 Dec 1991]
The New York Times
High Heels has no real mirth and not even enough energy to keep it lively.
Washington Post
It feels more like a prosaic knockoff than a classically inspired original.

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