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Possibilities unrealized
TVholic5 May 1999
I first saw Nightmare Cafe when NBC had a special Wednesday "sneak preview" some weeks before it premiered in its fatal timeslot in the graveyard of shows, Friday nights. The pilot seemed stylish and imaginative, although the effects were less than state-of-the-art even for that time. Taking place all in the span of a single night, it had a very closed-in feeling. The two leads were convincing and capable, but Robert Englund seemed just a bit too smarmy, trying too hard to distance himself from his infamous Freddy Krueger role. Still, it was a fine beginning for a fantasy show, or as one reviewer termed it, the flipside of Fantasy Island.

The remaining five episodes were uneven in quality, but it's unfair to expect a new show to find its voice in only weeks. "The Heart of the Mystery" was one of the better ones. But by the end, the show had abandoned the night setting and the mysterious waterfront the cafe was on. It just didn't feel right to have a "nightmare" show taking place in broad daylight.

Overall, it was a set of intriguing possibilities mostly left unexplored. I have the pilot on tape, and it's a good reminder of what could have been.
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One my favorite shows....
dancinflowers18 March 2005
I was 12 yrs old when this show was on. I remember it was one of my favorite shows back then. I watched it religiously. One day I realized it never came back on. It had been canceled, but I was still always looking for reruns. All I can remember from it is the sense of fantasy, and spookiness. You can only find those good, supernatural shows during Halloween season. And hardly even then these days. But with that show, you got that Halloween feel every week, even though it wasn't Halloween season.

Looking on this website, I saw for the first time that it was created by Wes Craven. As soon as I saw that, I knew why I liked it so much. I loved how when they opened the door to the café, there was nothing but space....literally....Outerspace....nowhere. That was awesome for a young mind to fathom. I just really loved that show and I wish that I could see it again.
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"Touch that remote, and you die."
Tics8 April 2001
The tv-series Nightmare Cafe was one of my favourite shows when I saw it by mistake one saturday night. Great characters and one of my at the time favourite actors, Robert Englund as a mentor figure helping the dead man and woman to help other lost souls. Funny, imaginative and with this nice everyday halloween scare to it. But not totally satisfying, mostly because the possibilities are not explored enough. Except for that Nightmare Cafe is one fine treat.
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Nightmare Cafe On DVD Petition
IanP197821 September 2015
This is one of the most awesome, underrated shows, from the great Wes Craven. Starring Robert Englund, Lindsay Frost, and Jack Coleman, and many guest stars, it is a great sci-fi/horror series from 1992. Please sign this online petition I made and we can have Nightmare Café on DVD! Also, please spread the word around too if you could. Here is the website link: This is one of the best hidden gems from the early 90's and one I remember vividly. Right now, there are only fan made sets of the whole show available, VHS quality, recorded in 1992. If we get this released on standard definition DVD, I would be 100% satisfied. Again, please try to spread the word around if you can, thanks for reading my post!
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I can barely remember it...
dr_foreman24 August 2006
...but I think it was cool.

Sometimes I like to surprise people by bringing up obscure TV shows from the 1990s that even I can barely recall. My two favorite programs to cite are "Nightmare Cafe" and "Covington Cross" - both short-lived, and both with a cool premise. Generally speaking, nobody I talk to has seen or heard of either one of them.

I remember "Nightmare Cafe" better. If memory serves, it was about a creepy café (of course). People stumbled in and had weird things happen to them. Oddly enough, I recall that the café was not strictly evil - sometimes, it would help people resolve conflicts in their lives. But in a creepy, cryptic way, naturally.

Mostly I remember the tone of the show, which was eerie, in a "Sapphire and Steel" sort of way. I also found Robert Englund very charismatic, and it was nice to see him out of mutated makeup for a change.

Of course the show was canceled, for the usual reason - it had a lousy time slot! I wonder if, given a chance, it might've been another "X-Files."

Apropos of nothing, one person I spoke to once did actually remember this show. And she was really, really hot. What does this say about the quality of the show itself? Nothing, but I thought it was worth mentioning!
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