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Has some funny moments
bayernfussball23 March 2005
I'd give this movie an 8 for an original story, good acting, and some funny moments. The movie is certainly not a classic, but Jeff Daniels and Catherine O'Hara are both excellent and the movie has some genuinely funny moments.

The thing that really makes this movie, though, is the supporting cast. Jeremy Piven has a funny, albeit small role. Hector Elizondo is funny as a scheming husband. Chazz Palminteri shows off some comedy chops and has some funny moments. While the gangsters are stereotypical, it does result in some laughs.

Overall, this movie won't be among the all time greats nor will it necessarily make your top 10, but it is a good, funny movie to watch and worth the price of a rental.
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Sleazy & A Bit Stupid But Entertaining Overall
ccthemovieman-118 January 2007
A deep cast playing wacky characters makes this a fun film for most of the way, except the last 20-30 minutes when the sleazy jokes, sleazy situations and stupid stereotypes go overboard and almost ruin the entire viewing experience. (Why do movies usually overdo things in the last 20 minutes, whether it's comedy or an action film?)

All the sex jokes are not untypical of today's comedies in which marriage is made out to be nothing but a joke, morals are at their lowest and we have to listen to 10-year-olds are smart-mouthed kids.

However, to be fair, there are a lot of funny scenes and remarks in this film. I liked Catherine O'Hara in here, along with Hector Elizondo and Chazz Palminteri. I never realized the latter was such a good comedian as I had only seen him play gangster roles. All the characters are meant to be absurd and biggest example of that was Elizondo's character, "Norman Rutledge" who had the best lines in the movie.

In all, ludicrous and stupid but entertaining enough to recommend a rental.
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Really Funny
foure17 April 2001
This movie is one of a kind. It was portrayed by funny man Jeff Daniels and also great actress Catherine O'hara. With a funny surprise ending it will keep you guessing. AT the end you'll say "That was a funny good movie"
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I love this movie
penny_lane08626 December 2018
The first time I watched this movie was on Comedy Central in the 90s. I recently thought about it and watched it again. It holds up. Also, Jeff Daniels is a complete babe in it. It's also great to see Johnathan Banks in a comedy. He's great in it too. This is a classic 90s comedy!
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Why has this movie been erased?
bill_dovernmand17 January 2020
I can't remember the last time this movie was on premium tv. Maybe TBS IN '97! Such a fun movie.
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great cast limited laughs
SnoopyStyle21 January 2018
Prison psychologist Willis Embry (Jeff Daniels) is told by dying inmate Tricks about a hidden mob loot. Lyle Corrente (Chazz Palminteri) overhears the conversation and escapes with Handsome Harry (Jonathan Banks) and Marvin Boyd (Harris Yulin). They almost kill Willis. The three criminals take over the home of the Rutledges (Hector Elizondo, Judith Ivey). Willis convinces divorcee Jessie Lodge (Catherine O'Hara) to dig in her basement. Their married suburban neighbors Lydia Nunn (Rhea Perlman) and Jeffrey Babitt (Dabney Coleman) start to notice the commotion.

This is a great diverse cast. There are some good comedic actors but the laughs are limited. While it's not overtly awful, it does fall flat for the most part. Writer/director Bill Phillips struggles to put together some traditional jokes. It's a lot of slightly quirky situations in a comedic crime story that never amounts to actual laughing. Hector Elizondo's reveal is head-scratching. I don't think it works and it leaves the flow bumpy.
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Silly and entertaining
vchimpanzee9 January 2018
Willis Embry is a psychologist who works at a prison. He has a group of prisoners he works with who seem to have problems but aren't too far gone.And when he finishes working with the group, he visits Trick, who is near death and has a last request. His loot, worth many millions, is buried in a nice New Jersey neighborhood where the same contractor poured all the foundations and was apparently aware of what happened. Trick wants Willis to uncover the loot and give it to Trick's girlfriend.

But Willis visited Trick in his cell, and there is no such thing as privacy. Several members of the group are in the next cell, and one of them writes down the address but gets it wrong.

In the nice neighborhood, there are some nosy people. Jeffrey and Lydia are the worst, even using binoculars. Lydia's daughter Swan doesn't like her stepfather and is very demanding. And she has a paper route and uses her inadequate bike to go around collecting from her customers.

Jessie and Albert are divorcing, and their arguments get violent. They are selling the house and dividing everything. Albert uses a chainsaw on the piano. Realtor Marty, who is very annoying as he shows off the house, points out that this is a rare split piano, a work of art. Albert leaves, and Jessie is left to encounter Willis trying to get in her basement to get the loot.

Meanwhile, Norman is a workaholic whose commute is long, but he likes where he lives. Wife Peedi is not feeling satisfied. And when the landscapers--actually escaped prisoners Harry, Martin and Lyle--show up with guns demanding to get the loot out of the basement, this represents an opportunity for Peedi. She's not happy in her marriage and she falls for Harry.

The loot is difficult to find, especially for those who have the wrong address. There are plenty of situations where people have to lie to keep their secret. For example, Jessie claims Willis is her cousin. And Jeffrey and Lydia find it curious that the landscapers take so long to get the job done--some of them do have to appear to be doing yard work. And why can't they hire them? These people are so rude.

The prisoners are not all that scary. Lyle needs his medication so he does go over the edge sometimes.

And of course there is lots of physical comedy. Norman has a secret which, once it is determined the prisoners came to the wrong address, leads to even more laughs and a really big development. Hint: an underwater photographer is in the credits.

This movie has lots of big-name actors. Sure, it wouldn't have won any Golden Globes or anything. Yes, I saw the ceremony right after I watched this. Many movies were honored for real social significance and important lessons. None of that can be found here. It's just good clean fun--well, cleaned up, apparently, because there were some sound editing problems that reminded me of network broadcasts that had been sanitized. Actually, this movie is close to being family-friendly.

Hector Elizondo, who I know best as the man who built an outdoor products empire with the help of his marketing genius, gives the standout performance here. He seems to be a fairly standard professional man until he starts realizing what an opportunity he has, and then he kind of goes off the deep end.

Heidi Ziegler also stands out as the annoying little girl. Everyone else is good, but the performances are nothing innovative. Just entertaining.

The writing is silly and good for plenty of laughs.

If you just want a good time, this might be for you.
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film reviews
mcallisterIII26 March 2003
maybe I don't have good taste in movies, but lately everything everyone else hasn't liked I have thoroughly enjoyed, this movie included. I think that people have forgotten that movies are meant as entertainment regardless of whether or not their IBM laptop is compatible with the Alien's mother ship or if the scriptwriter is trying to make a social statement.Maybe once in awhile, forget about how you're supposed to feel and just sit back and enjoy the show.
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One of a classic good comedy, good plot, Killed by Unpaid critics.
callmemrbwana8 January 2017
Did you ever see a comedy that is realistic? Comedy is usually an exaggeration of a situation that makes us laugh. When critics call it stupid, watch out. Most likely they did not get paid under the payola system. Here is another one movie that was killed by the critics that was sabotaged,,,,"Trapped in Paradise"

If all comedy have to make sense, then from good Bob Hope movies up to the best ones in the last 30 years are all bad.

People have your own freedom of thinking. IF YOU REALLY HATE IT on your own that's OK and better than listening to the so called experts or critics.
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Fun but not a classic
vchimpanzee21 June 2011
Dr. Willis Embry is a psychologist in New Jersey prison. His girlfriend just left him and he's not having a lot of success with the group of prisoners that includes Marvin, Lyle and Marty.

So when Trick Bissell, dying of cancer, confides in Embry about where his millions in stolen money is buried, Embry wants to take advantage. Of course, Lyle was in the next cell and got all the information ... well, almost all. He knows which Chicago suburb and the name of the street, but the house number is a little off.

The actual location of the money is the house of Albert and Jessie Lodge, who are going through a violent divorce. Jessie wants to sell the house and split everything with Albert. So there are prospective buyers coming in all through the movie, and what they see isn't always what they should see.

Embry sneaks into the house with tools and eventually convinces a reluctant Jessie to let him wreck her basement. Meanwhile, Lyle's gang terrorizes the Rutledges next door as they too turn that house into a disaster area. And the nosey neighbors Lydia and Jeffrey, and obnoxious teenager Swan, make trouble for everyone as well. And poor Lyle, though the toughest acting of the bunch, gets bossed around and ends up doing all the hard jobs.

It's not exactly "Ocean's Eleven" because the crooks are all bumbling idiots, but it's a fun movie and quite funny at times.

Hector Elizondo and Heidi Zeigler have some of the standout moments.

Apparently some language had to be cleaned up for TV, but the V-chip rating when I saw it was a plain-vanilla TV-PG. It's almost a family-friendly film in the version I saw. Almost. There's some violence but it's mostly of the slapstick variety.
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Not even with a gun to my head!
noefresh9 August 2001
This is one they roll out when there is absolutely nothing else to show on Cinemax daytime. You know a movie is bad when you can easily recognize a near total ripoff of the opening music from Beetlejuice during the opening credits along with a similar looking font and the appearance of Catherine O'hara. Tim Burton this aint. Avoid at all costs.
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worse than mediocre
waia20009 October 2001
This so-called comedy is a waste of time for all involved. The assembled cast is certainly capable of better things, but the writing is subpar and the direction is inferior to that of many tv shows.

The plot, which consists of a number of people seeking a treasure, has been done many times, nearly all of them better. This is a project that says nothing and goes nowhere. Slowly.
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The Pool and Ending Scenes... Classic!
lawnmowermantx8 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The thing that stood out in my mind, is the pool scene between Marty and the new buyer of the house. Marty was in therapy, groping the wife's leg, only to find she is in therapy too, asks if it hurts, then she returns the favor. ;) How dumb was the husband? HA HA. Then 'hubby breaks the pool' like it was hubby's fault. ;) The struggling of Mary Gross's character (of the attention she was getting) as she fell for Marty's ploy and her groping his thigh, wish I find a woman like that. It was my favorite classic scene of the whole movie. This movie did help Catherine O'Hara in being picked for the "Home Alone" movies. Jeff Daniels character proved himself in love for a woman to be betrayed by his girlfriend, only to be with Ms. O'Hara. :)

Good love ending. P.D. or Penelopy Diane sweet blond wife wanting a man with money vs good girl Catherine O'Hara and Jeff Daniels wanting happiness with or without the money. (Which proves love wins out over ill gotten wealth.) I think I want to be a real estate agent! ha ha. :)
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