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MPAA Rated R for language, and violence, and for a scene of sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Cleavage is shown regularly in the scenes with prostitutes.
  • In the opening scene, a man and woman are shown having sex with sounds and movement, though no nudity is shown. When they are interrupted, the woman's bare legs are shown as she puts on her dress. The interruption: a man threatening a woman with knife in the brothel. No nudity.
  • Brothels are a major plot device, but is not used as a way to sexualize the story, rather to advance the plot.
  • One scene of sex. No nudity in this film.

Violence & Gore

  • Many scenes are shot in dark lighting, making the blood less visible.
  • A prostitute is cut several times in the face (with bloody results) until a man holds a gun to the head of the attacker.
  • Two brutal beatings. The first one slightly more violent than the other. In both, the victims' faces are bloody.
  • A man's face is seen bloodied for some time.
  • A large gun fight occurs in a bar lots of men killed with some bloody results e.g. a man is shot in the neck blood clouds, a man is shot in the back blood sprays and so on. You see the aftermath of the shootout with a brief close up of a man covered in blood.
  • A man shoots a wounded man moaning in pain(bloody).
  • A man is shot in the head with a shotgun (heard but not seen).
  • A man is whipped on the back (bloody scrapes are briefly visible). We are later told this man died (off-screen) and further on we see his body outside the saloon twice (with a little blood on the shirt).
  • William has a slightly bloody nose after his horse throws him.
  • A horse is shot. The rider has an offscreen broken leg and is shot once in the stomach afterwards with a bloody bullet wound and some blood shown on his hands.
  • A man is killed by a few shots to the chest (bloody). His friends pursue the attacker and shoot back.
  • A man shoots another man as retaliation for decorating the bar with a body (a large bloody bullet wound is briefly seen as he flies backwards from the force of the blast).
  • A man morosely describes his past killings, sometimes in graphic detail.


  • 8 uses of "fuck", 20 uses of "shit", 18 uses of "bitch"/"son of a bitch", 10 uses of "whore", 35 uses of "damn"/"g*dd*mn", 9 religious exclamations, 40 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "bastard". There is also many slang terms for the human anatomy and coitue ("ass", "dick", "pussy", "pecker", "humping").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Various people drink whiskey throughout the film.
  • William stops in a saloon where he ends up getting drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two scenes where a man brutally beats another in a self-righteous and sadistic manner. They are both shown to be significantly injured afterwards.
  • The attack on the prosititute may disturb some viewers. Some characters talk about it and add more gruesome, but untrue details to the story.
  • A man is whipped and threatened by another man. We later hear this man died off-screen.
  • A man hallucinates and speaks about seeing men he's killed with graphic detail.

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