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6 Nov. 1996
The Last Shout: Part 1
While Paolo, Saffy's short, self-centred boyfriend, proposes to her, Eddy and Patsy go on a skiing holiday. There they end up in a fight over the lack of glamorous facilities, celebrity guests, and their constant dependency on each other - even in a past life they were conjoined twins in a circus. Eddy later goes skiing and has a near death experience where God appears to her and tells her that it is not yet her time. Meanwhile Mother goes to the airport with a sign to welcome her visiting friends - 'It's Me, Dears' - but in her confusion gets mistaken for a terrorist...
7 Nov. 1996
The Last Shout: Part 2
Mother's very hip friends turn up and stay in a camper van in the street but extract electricity from the house. Eddy is unusually supportive of Saffy as the wedding nears, largely because Paolo's parents are extremely wealthy. When his mother, Kalishia, turns her nose up at Saffy as not being good enough for her son, Patsy changes her mind by reminding her that they were once co-stars in a porn film. Later, just as the bride and groom are about to exchange vows Eddy has another vision of God, who indicates that the marriage should not take place, so she interrupts ...
24 Dec. 2003
Cold Turkey
Patsy is angry when Eddy refuses to go away with her for Christmas, preferring to stay at home with the family and ordering a tree so large Patsy gets her hair caught in it. Patsy collapses - due to an unseen hand sticking a pin in an effigy of her - and is rushed to hospital, where at least she can spend Christmas on drugs. Eddy welcomes both her ex-husbands, Justin being quizzed on his sexuality by John and Bo and Marshall promoting their slimming product, and a family Christmas is indeed the order of the day - until the hospital informs Eddy that 'Miss Stone has ...
25 Dec. 2004
White Box
Eddy wants to redecorate. She calls on interior designers Bettina and Max, for advice.
25 Dec. 2011
Fresh out of prison after serving two years for (innocently) providing asylum seekers with false passports Saffy is unusually garlanded as a heroine by Patsy. Until Saffy brings her cell-mate Baron to stay and it turns out that Baron is Patsy's old drug dealer, to whom she owes £50,000 and Baron will not leave until she gets it. Fortunately there is a way out, though it means that Patsy will have to face up to being a pensioner and not thirty-nine, as she has claimed for so long.
1 Jan. 2012
After Saffy berates her for being lazy and useless, Eddy decides to impress her daughter by representing her favourite French film star, screen legend Jeanne Durand, and booking the Albert Hall for her to give a concert. Unfortunately Jeanne either cannot or will not sing and Bubble must save the day. Mother/daughter harmony is restored even if the future looks bleak for Jeanne's Carnegie Hall debut.
22 Jul. 2012
Returning from Africa, where she spends half the year with her husband and daughter, Saffy finds that Edina has let the house to film star Michael Douglas for the Olympic Games but has forgotten when they start. Eddy and Patsy - who now needs incontinence pants - doll themselves up for their guest but instead find themselves hosting Marshall,to whom Michael gave his tickets when they met at a sex addiction group,and Bo. However when Marshall drops his tickets for the pre-Olympic party they use them to gate-crash,their gaucherie inevitably getting them thrown out,...

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